⭐️PDR training with in-depth commentary and tips!⭐️👀IN DEPTH DENT REPAIR!!😎

hello world PDR coming at you here with
a 1988 4runner prerunner one of those old-school ones that you could take the
top top a really cool truck but as you see here it has a dent and it’s going
through the original factory stripe I’m getting it warm I’m not getting it super
hot because I don’t want to make that stripe fall off or roll up or do
anything weird so let’s grab number one I’ve got my wedge of my guard in there
and what I’m just gonna kind of talk you guys through the the dent that I’m doing
here I’m gonna start down here at the bottom the largest part and the pushes
that I’m making guys I’m I’m basically not even pushing I’m just finding my
tool knowing that I’ve moved that metal just enough to flex it and if you want
to know where my tool is it’s dead center
right underneath that piece of tape because I wanna hide that up I made a
pretty strong push there that’s okay he needs to be done we can get this Dan
out and then tap all this stuff down real nice car for a real nice person but
we all know that this thing in a show car so it’s somebody’s you know special
little truck we’re gonna make it look real good I’m gonna make some strong
pushes underneath that do I want to get it warm yeah let’s get a little bit
warmer as you can see him I’m starting from the bottom and I’m working my way
up to get up to this very top edge it’s gonna be a little bit difficult all
right that’s how I have my j-hook and ready in case I need it it does have
kind of a brow situation but before I even tap those brows down I want to get
some of this big dent out I’m gonna actually start right around here and come straight down that line and
make some real severe pushes my I’m pushing so hard that I’m
actually flexing where my guard and wedge are in the door but so every push
that I’m making guys I know you think I’m pushing hard well I think I’m
pushing hard but I’m telling you I’m not I’m really pushing so the key is
wherever you think you’re gonna make a push really just find that spot and make
ten pushes instead if you could do that with patience you’re pretty much gonna
guarantee that the dents gonna come out a lot cleaner the reason why I’m going
to segue this video into a couple of parts is because I’m gonna do just that
I’m gonna take a long time to take this little low out and I’m back in it again
I’m just gonna keep on heating it up and doing what I’m showing you here I’d love
to keep you guys in through the whole process but making a 45 minute video
right now is not in the plans and I do believe that this dent may take 45
minutes excuse background noise so yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna bring you
guys in for when I get close when I’m doing some brow tapping at the very end
and we’ll show you but basically I’m gonna be doing this until the whole
lower one gets out and then I’ve got a I’ve got a little bit more of a bend on
this tool I can come in from this angle and get up to there I can do it this way
and get up to there or if need be just go down with the j-hook come right back
up cuz this is just kind of a tough angle to make I don’t want to stress the
window so I’d come down come back up and come right up to that spot but either
way I’m gonna come back with you guys in just a moment and I sure do appreciate
you sticking with me for this part of the video we’ll come back when it looks
a little bit better hey if you would hit that subscribe button it really helps
out the channel and we will see you in just a bit when this is looking a little
bit better okay guys I thought I’d bring you in I haven’t only made a few pushes
through here but I’m actually gonna beat some of these brows down I want to
really get up here where it’s tight and break some of this stuff out I mean this
is gonna be what makes the dent look really good so I wanted to bring you
guys in I know it’s hard to hear me while I’m tapping but let’s kick some of
this high line out I don’t really like to tap on this stuff but I could do it
once or twice without really ripping it up and that’s about all I want to do on
those pinstripes and then if you see it’s got still this teardrop right here but I’m just gonna really widen out so
that when I push it it doesn’t make any little push marks right through the
middle here I mean this is only about 10 minutes
after when I said I’d be a Hutton so I only you know basically made about five
or ten pushes here and then I’m gonna get this really warm again and start
making some more pushes but I wanted to bring you guys here for this part
because this is that that highly sensitive area right around the
Pinstripe that needs to look good and it had that weird little brow to it so
obviously if if I didn’t show you what I’m doing right here you’d be like well
how did you take out that big-ass brow so that’s how I did it basically and I
almost had you guys in here for that whole brow removal and now that that’s
uh you know nice and accessible I can basically just come in here like this
and make some of these pushes which is what I’m gonna do both angles both
directions and I’ll bring you guys back for the final the look-see at it and
we’ll see what we got with the end result here that’s what we ended up with
the dent was right I can tell by the there it is right there there’s a slate anymore the dad’s pretty much gone I’d
say if we got the very finest angle on it you just be able to see a little bit
of fine orange peel but that what came out real nice I sure do appreciate you
guys sticking around for for this video really neat car if you would hit us up
with that like button on the way out otherwise these been PDR and I’m out

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22 thoughts on “⭐️PDR training with in-depth commentary and tips!⭐️👀IN DEPTH DENT REPAIR!!😎

  1. Excellent work. Excellent advice too. I think a cheap Chinese line board (the one with many lines) will show what's happening when you tap the crowns down. Keep up the GREAT work… As Usual>> THUMBS UP!

  2. You do great work. I have a Ford pickup that has hail damage on hood probably 25 dents and bought a PDR kit off Amazon to try and remove dents on my own, it takes so much skills and patients to do what you do. I hope to keep practicing and learn as much as possible from your videos. Thanks

  3. Great video! Most PDR guys always seem to use the small tip for knocking down. What situations would there be for using the wider tips?

  4. Nice work!! Your videos are getting better and better. Thx for taking the time to post it and showing us details and techniques.

  5. I got a few dents on my new car(some people just let their doors swing open). 2 doors, 1 fender, and some on the roof from road debris. Could I get away with just the glue style dent remover? Or are the rods a must?

  6. lve you peterson ye still my fave! just on with a new vw bodyshop told him he needed 2 new doors give a bit of peterson magic she,s already great made my job of painting it super easy ill probably only need some primer no filler(bondo) needed sweeeeet cheers bud!

  7. How much would a body line dent removal the side of my hand cost in a rear passenger side of a 2007 Nissan Murano

  8. Beautiful videos and great technique . Please do something to your Sound/mic/ Audio. Volume maxed out , still barely you can be heard.

  9. Buddy. Where can I learn fundamentals, reading dents, understanding the way the metal works, strike points etc….
    More of the ‘why’ before I learn the ‘how’
    Great channel. Subbed

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