Suspension modification/
Replace metal track and shock absorbers and springs Replace All Spring
Rear spring not replaced Changing the Shock Mount Location Cutting of the part where the road wheels are held to move more Cutting all inside original switch closed the hole. All magnetic mounts are designed to be removable. All have been modified to enable segregation. Lipo is mounted and the driver’s seat is preserved. upper plastic has been cut. I made a cover with fomex on the area. I painted and made a handle. I put a magnet on the lid.
It sticks fast. LED Job Completed All the modifications are complete. Mount the magnetic body and… LED front and back Good fitment. I used a low luminance led on purpose. I’ve told you before, but…
Suspension be converted
in a soft manner open the inside. be fixed with magnets so that the cockpit can be separated.
designed. And
The power switch rose upwards. This pull opens. There is a magnet inside the lid. Switch on and off It is no longer a toy. haha~ Inside…
Here’s the main board. It’s a weighting operation at the front and the back. battery can hold up to 6000mha of lipo 2cell. made plenty of room inside. Close it from the front and then…
Close the back. It sticks fast because of its powerful magnet. Metalcaterpillar, but very soft setting lipo is good power suspension is very soft.
I have an urge to go out to jump. was fun. slip Soft Suspension Please press [Subscribe, Good].

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