20 Instant Men’s Style Upgrades (AMAZING Fashion Tricks – Look Stylish With No Effort)

How To Polish Up Your Style
[0:00:00] So, my first set of tips to polishing off
your outfit, interject color where there isn’t any. So, you look at this outfit right here. I’ve got a gray jacket, white shirt. You want to bring in color. There’s a wide variety of ways you can do
this. First up, when you’re looking to buy your
suits, sports jacket, even leather jacket, consider a contrast inner lining, something
that stands apart from the outside fabric. There’s a wide variety of different options
out there. If you’re going custom, you can put together
a unique look like this. But, even if you’re buying off the rack,
guys, there are still tons of options. Next up, pay attention to the small things
such as the buttons. A mother of pearl contrast button or even
light-colored horn is going to stand out from the pack. And speaking of buttons and color, consider
contrast stitching. Any place you’ve got a button hole, any
place you’ve got stitching, you can go with the contrasting color that’s going to stand
out from the background. Now, let’s talk about color and pocket squares. Notice, I’ve got a very muted outfit. I’ve got the gray jacket, I’ve got the
white shirt, and you’re drawn to a little bit of color right here in the pocket square. Now, I can decide to amp this up. Boom! As you can see I change up the color and change
up the style and your eyes are drawn to the pocket square. And, don’t forget about neckwear. Right here, I’m wearing a silk scarf. I know a lot of you guys have never tried
this. Practice wearing it, see if you can pull it
off. If you don’t like it, you can always take
it off. Or, bring in a wool scarf for a bit of collar
and help you stand up from the pack. And, boom, gentlemen, just like that, we’re
already deep into today’s video talking about how you can take a good outfit to great
by bringing in the right accessories the right pieces to polish it off. [Music]
Now, let’s talk about neckties and how they’re going to polish off your outfit. So, like all the items we just talked about,
tons of color and pattern options out there. You can go with something that’s going to
be a bit dressier, something that has a bit of sheen maybe made from silk. So many guys have stopped wearing neckties,
but, guys, you bring in a casual necktie even with a muted or with a brighter strong power
color, you’re going to stand out from the crowd. And, the second reason, gentlemen, like a
really nice necktie, it brings the whole outfit together. And, in fact, if you go look at the history
of the shirt collar, it was made to go with some type of tying device. So, whether it’d be a necktie, a bowtie,
or a cravat, gentlemen, the right piece of neckwear ties the whole outfit together and
polishes it off. Now, having said that about neckties, now,
they complete the look of a collar, the issue is most of you guys do not want to wear neckwear. You want a strong powerful looking collar
that looks great on its own. But, look what you get most of the time, you
get this weak collar that just hangs right down here. Gents, if you want the perfect shirt collar
look in seconds, you need to check out Slick Collar, the paid sponsor of today’s video. And I love this company, they’re coming
out of Kansas. They’re founded by engineers. What these guys did is create a simple ergonomically
designed collar support that’s going to work with any neck size, on any type of shirt,
and is going to enable your collar to look great in seconds. They use an ultralightweight material with
calibrated flexibility, it’s nearly indestructible, and it moves in flexes with your body’s
movement. There’s no sewing, there’s no alterations,
and it can be further customize by trimming the tips and slightly bending it. What it does, guys, is it prevents the collar
from folding or collapsing even with a jacket worn over it. I’ve been testing it out. It’s a great product, it’s incredibly
simple. They’ve also got a slimmer version that
you can use on polo shirts. And, again, this is going to fix your collar
within seconds. Gentlemen, I’m linking to Slick Collar down
in the description with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. It’s a great company, a great discount code
which will not be around forever. Again, the link is down in the description
with the discount code. Next up, gents, we’ve got the tie clips. I like this. It’s a functional piece. The wearing of a tie clip is actually to keep
the tie next to your body, so if you’re eating food it doesn’t fall in. But, the tie clip is a great accessory, something
that’s going to help you polish off your outfit and standout from the crowd. Next up, let’s talk about hair products. So, my wife says she still likes me without
hair products, but I like hair product because it keeps my hair in place. So, whether I want no shine whether I want
shine, guys, find a hair product that’s going to work for you and basically polishes
off your look. Next up, let’s talk about cufflinks, a wide
variety out there. You’re going to see at the higher end using
precious stones precious metals, some are going to use just really nice metals. They’re going to have a nice very clean
look. Other times you’re going to see fabric knots
out there. Guys, find one that works for you. The key is to look at the cuff of the shirt. Now, ideally you’ve got a shirt with French
cuffs, but one way around this is to take your shirt to a tailor or to a seamstress,
have them put an additional hole in the cuff if it’s large enough and you can have what’s
known as a convertible cuff and you can go ahead and use it with cufflinks. Next up, gents, let’s talk watches. So, matching a watch with an outfit, it’s
a lot of fun and it can really polish off a look. Again, there isn’t a right or wrong here. I put out guidelines, I put out rules, but
when it comes down to it, you can wear — in this case, I’m wearing a Rolex Datejust
blue dial, I absolutely love this watch. It dresses up the whole outfit. That being said, wear the watch for yourself,
have fun with it. Now, I’ve got on this G-SHOCK. Yes, it’s a dressier G-SCHOCK. A lot of people aren’t going to like this
combination, but, again, guys, wear it for yourself, polish off the outfit how you see
fit. Next up, consider bringing in a boutonniere. This is something I think takes a lot of courage
to wear, but has a very interesting history. Soldiers going off to war would have flowers
pinned on their lapels by their loved ones to symbolize how fragile life is and how beautiful
it is. And that’s why I love menswear, when you
know the history when you know the why behind the style piece, all of a sudden you have
the courage to wear it. [0:05:10]
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you’re not getting the updates, make sure click on that bell notification so you know
when these videos are coming out. Next up, let’s talk about dry cracked peeling
flaking skin. It can happen on your hands, on your face,
on your lips. Take care of them by buying the products that
are specific to the actual body part because face lotion is not going to be the same as
hand lotion. Hand lotion is going to have more oil in it,
it’s going to be made a bit tougher, it’s going to stick out. You don’t want to use the same on there. Yes, in a pinch you can. The point is, guys, take care of your skin
the largest organ in your body and you want it to last. So, imagine this, you’re at a networking
event talking to the CEO of a company you want to go work for. He asks for a pen, he likes what you’re
saying, you go to give him a pen, it’s a plastic pen with his competitor’s name right
on it. Now, it’s probably unlikely that would happen,
but a plastic pen, guys, this is not going to polish off your outfit. So, look to invest in a nice pen. And I’m not saying you got to spend hundreds
of dollars, but you may have to spend $20, $30. Guys, a wide variety of different options
out there, go out there and find the one that works for you. And, gentlemen, to go right with that pen
when you’re polishing off your outfit, consider just a leather portfolio something to be able
to hold all of your leathers important documents or a leather journal, some place where you
can actually go and write and keep all your thoughts together in a very nice orderly manner. It’s nice to have something that brings
it all together. And, speaking of bringing it all together,
gentlemen, a classic briefcase. Right here in a leather classic design. This is going to polish off your look and
it’s going to be incredibly functional. The next way to polish off your outfit, gentlemen,
is to bring in invisible style. We’re talking about a signature scent. I’ve talked about signature scents quite
a bit, but one thing I haven’t really stressed hard is that every man has the capability
to choose his own signature scent. Trust in your own ability to be able to detect
what you like and what you don’t. So, go out there try a wide variety of options,
but find what works for you. You’re going to find this is like liquid
courage, you wear a bit of it, all of a sudden you’ve got confidence when you’re walking
out the door. Next up, consider bringing in a vest. I like vest a number of reasons. One, they’ve very functional. This one here is a sweater vest and made from
wool. It’s going to add a bit of insulation, it’s
going to keep me warmer. Next up, notice the layering look. So, the three dimension, we’ve got the tie,
we’ve got the shirt, we’ve got the vest on top, then the jacket. It really gives just a heavier weighted look. Cool thing about vest though is that they
bring in contrasting color and they do it very stylishly. The next up to polish off your look, gentlemen,
consider stepping up or stepping down your footwear. I mean stepping down, try in something a bit
more casual or maybe something with color, something that you normally wouldn’t wear,
but give it a shot. Or maybe dress it up a bit, bring in a bit
of a different shine a patina, bring in a bit of broguing on the leather. Go for a style that’s a little bit edgier
than the classic conservative you normally go for. At the end of the day, guys, get a little
bit outside your comfort zone and consider change. Next up, gentlemen, shine your shoes and I’m
not talking about the conventional shine that, yes, looks good and what most of us go for. I’m talking about the spit shine. Now, the spit shine is where on the toe the
shoe you are going to put multiple layers of wax. This takes times, this takes effort, but when
you get a spit shine, you’re going be able to see yourself in that shoe toe and this
looks great, it’s going to stand out from the crowd. And, gentlemen, if you want a step-by-step
tutorial on how to spit shine your shoes, check out this video right here. I’ve got you covered. I show you exactly how to spit shine your
shoes. This applies to your boots. It’s really going to help you stand out
from the crowd and polish off your look literally. So, at this point, look at yourself in the
mirror and inspect your outfit and be proud of the man that stands in front of you. You’re using clothing you’re using your
image and your presentation to get what you want out of life. Take action on what I’ve talked about today,
so that you can become the man you know yourself to be. So, now, I’ve got a question for you, I
want to hear from you down in the comments what you think of this, but I was out there
doing the research for this video and I saw some people say, you know a tattoo a great
way to polish off a look. I thought that was a bit permanent, but piercings
were very interesting because a guy made a point that, hey, I can take out my earring,
I can put it in depending on the message I want to send. Even nose piercings you can take them out,
you can put them in. Guys, what do you think of things like these? And, did I miss anything? What could I have added to this video to make
it better? All right, guys, and don’t forget go check
out Slick Collar. I’m linking to them down in the description
with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Great company created by engineers. A simple solution because you don’t have
to use so many things you don’t have to use magnets and, again, you can apply this
move around on different shirts. You got tons of options out there, guys. And don’t forget I’ve got the best discount
code you’re going to find out there down in the description. That’s it, gentlemen. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:09:42] End of Audio

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