2019 Ford F150 Fox 2.0 Shocks Upgrade

the Fox Racing 2.0 performance series
IFP shop offers the perfect combination of performance and handling and even the
roughest of conditions match that with their aluminum body that dissipates heat
race proven high flow piston design and application-specific valving and it
makes it the perfect choice for our f-150 best of all they’re completely
assembled and set to give our f-150 two inches of additional lift making this
installation relatively hassle-free now follow along with us and see what’s
involved with the installation process let’s get to work well first we’re gonna
start off by taking off the ABS sensor hold the brake line hold then this
brake line hold up here as well and we’ll remove these plastic holds now as
you can see the sway bar is already removed next we’re gonna remove the tie
rod nut reinstalling the nut on the end so we don’t lose it
after removing the tie rod we’re gonna loosen the upper ball joint now a tip
here is to not run the nut all the way off you just want this loose for right
now we’re gonna remove the dust cap for the axle nut and then remove the axle nut to follow next we’re going to remove the lower strut
bolts then we’re going to venture to the top of the strut and break all the strut
nuts loose after breaking the nuts loose then remove all three now another tip is
to leave two the outer nuts on to aid in pulling the strut out we’re gonna remove the upper ball joint
nut all the way to get the strut out now you’re gonna fold the knuckle out of
the way keep in mind to pay attention to your lines to make sure nothing’s under
tension next we’re gonna put some downward pressure on the lower control
arm so we can remove the strut then we’re going to move our last nut that we
used to hold it and the struts out now let’s compare our Fox strut to our
stock one the Fox is already preset at two inches of lift it’s easy adjustable
and as a direct fold and replacement for the stock one we’re going to start the
reinstallation of our new strut next we’re going to install the upper
three strut nuts were just threading them on we’ll come back and tighten them
later we’re going to install the lower strut bolts another tip you might want
to put a little pressure on it with a jack just to get these nuts started now
we’re going to reinstall the knuckle using a pry bar put downward pressure on
that upper control arm get that bolt started we’re going to
come back and torque this at the end we’re gonna reinstall the tie rod again just starting the nut we’re gonna
come back and torque everything at the end now we’re going to reinstall the
sway bar we’re gonna reinstall the axle nut next reinstall the ABS sensor holder
and brake line holder and then it’s time to torque everything and now we’re going to go through and
torque everything to factory spec starting with the upper ball joint nut make sure to reinstall your dust cap
over here axle nut that repeat the process on the opposite side of your truck to
complete your front shock installation now it’s time to change the rear shocks
super simple just a bolt on the top and the bottom now let’s get to work remove
the bottom bolt and set it aside we’re going to reuse it next we’re gonna
remove the top bolt this bolt is to be reused as well move your old shock lets do a side by side comparison with our
stock shock the Fox shock offers an aluminum body that helps dissipate heat
and will resist rust over time and with application-specific valving it
maximizes on or off-road performance and now we’re gonna reinstall our shock
we’re gonna start with the top mount with the top bolt started we’re gonna
move to the bottom coming back to torque it later next install the bottom mount now with both bolts in it’s time to
tighten and torque them repeat the process on the opposite side
of your truck to complete your rear shock installation
with that our new fox racing shocks are in place and we’re ready to enjoy the
improved ride comfort of our truck

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