2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Upgrades

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans! We are very excited. We have a brand new, Mercedes-Benz, 2019 Chassis
with a ton of new features that they’ve added. High performance LED lights with the high
beam assist. The fog lights, when you are turning with
your turning signal light on, it will let the person know that you are turning, the
light comes on. That is absolutely spectacular. We’ve also got the three liter, V6 Turbo diesel
engine. 188 horse power, 325 foot pounds of torque. It has a brand new, seven speed transmission. They even made the step bigger for me to clean
the windshield. I really like that. If you can see the triangle up there, lots
of brand new safety features that they’ve added that are active now. Active lane keeping assist, it’ll use the
brakes. It’ll also vibrate, it will give you visual
warnings that you are sliding outside of your lane. It also has active collision impact assist. So, in other words, it’s gonna try to stop
you before you hit something. It’ll apply the brakes. It’s got high beam assist, so if you have
your high beams on, and you’re approaching another vehicle, it will automatically turn
them off. And another great feature that Mercedes-Benz
has added is Distronic active cruise control. So, what that means is, when you’re driving
down the road, you have your cruise control on, 60 miles an hour, somebody is going 55
miles an hour, it will slow you, bring you back, keep you away from hitting that vehicle
in front of you while you’re driving. So, another great feature on the 2019 Chassis. Also, have a new wet wiper system. It also has a rain sensor on it, so it’ll
automatically come on when rain starts to hit the windshield. The driver, passenger seats, new from Mercedes-Benz for 2019, have actual airbags built into the seats. We have a leg extension. And look how comfortable that is, very nice. We can still swivel it. Heated power seats now, which we never had
before. And we have lumbar support here on the sides. Mercedes-Benz has added airbags into the front
window pillars here and on the other side. Looks and feels like an S-Class vehicle here. Let’s talk about the new MBUX navigation system. 10.25 inch monitor system. It feels like an iPad, it’s very easy to use. We can actually voice command anything we
want. Hey Mercedes! How can I help you? Find me a McDonald’s (I should say find me a Jenny Craig) Please select an entry. K, so it’s very simple that you can do that. Or, hey Mercedes! Turn on my seat warmer, passenger side. I’m switching on the seat heating on the front
passenger seat. That will never get old. So you can hook up your phone. It does Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and
has Sirius XM Radio. You can see all of your texts messages, voice
activate reply back to them. So, we can see what’s going on with the vehicle. We also have a systems programs, where you
can actually download owner’s manuals. We can also what’s going on in the vehicle
when you’re driving down the road. It can show you miles per hour, it actually
can show you the torque, how much torque you’re using while you’re driving. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s so far advanced. This MBUX is in line with every single luxury
car that’s made today. So, this is really cool, we no longer have
to put a key in an ignition. Fire it up. We can what our miles per gallon are, what
our horse power. It’ll also tell you the torque when you’re
driving. When you go to consumption, you can see what
your miles per gallon are. Another great feature, you have a profile
setting. So you can setup for different profiles, different
people that’ll be driving. And when you put your name in there, you can
set, you know, how you want your seat set, and how far up or back. Go to the second profile, it’ll automatically
set it up for that person. Nice, big cubbyhole here for storage. Lots of drink holders, big drink holders that
big, super gulp would fit in there, that would be exciting. Of course, our heating control system right
here. You can set the temperature. Up above, look at all this storage up here. More cup holders. So, we got three USB-C charging plugs, 12-volt charging plugs, and certain iPhones and Androids with Wireless Charging capabilities can charge up here as well. And, over here, more storage, another drink
holder. So, great storage up above here. So, let’s talk about this new Mercedes-Benz
steering wheel. All redesigned, leather wrapped, and feels
incredible. The shifter for the transmission runs again,
seven speed transmission. You also can shift it manually here, up or
down. On this side down, this side up. And all the controls are right here. I can scroll through all the different settings
on the Chassis to see exactly what it’s doing. Fuel economy, and then on this side, it controls the right hand side, look at this. Over here controls everything that’s going on on this side, right through the steering wheel. I can turn the wheel with my baby finger. We have traffic sign assist. This is really cool, I was driving down this
dessert road, I had no idea what the speed was, boom, showed up on my screen off that
camera that it was 25 miles an hour. You have active brake assist. It also has attention assist, so if you’ve
been drifting out of your lane a few times, it’s gonna say, “hey, time to pull over, “get
a coffee, maybe have a little nap.” We have the active lane keeping assist. If you go outside your lane, it’s gonna alert
you and let you know. It’ll also apply the brakes, you’ll feel a
little vibration in the steering wheel. Also, we have Distronic Plus active cruise
control. If you subscribe to Mercedes-Benz Pro has
a great safety feature. If you get into a car accident, automatically dials 911, rolls down the windows, turns off the fuel pump, that a great safety feature. So, you can subscribe to that service With all Leisure Travel Vans, you can join MyLTV. They have some great service, they have Travelers Clubs, we have Photo Contests, product resources, you can check anything that’s in the motorhome; how to winterize the motor home, we have great videos on there. And that’s part of the MyLTV service. Once again, Thank You very much for watching all of our Leisure Travel Van videos. We have over 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! Go and see your local Leisure Travel Van dealer. Dean from Leisure Travel Vans!

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46 thoughts on “2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Upgrades

  1. Este tipo sería capaz de venderle hielo a los esquimales y petróleo a los jeques!!! xD

  2. I need Jenny Craig more than I need a high-end RV. But, it'd be nice to have a Leisure Travel Van to live in when the ol' ball and chain is drivin' me crazy, you know what I mean, Dean-O?

  3. I have to say watching these reviews it felt like they would avoid the front of the car because it just didn't match up with the modern look of the rest but now it does.

  4. I think Daimler was a bit surprised by the demand for the Sprinter coming out of the US luxury van, camper and mobile home communities and they needed a while to react and up the tech and features to their sedan, SUV and limousine standards, but they finally did it.

    It resembles how they kind of were blindsided by the fact that their G-Wagon, which was nothing but a old military vehicle, turned into a civil utility vehicle for German farmers, hunters and park rangers, suddenly got popular first with Oil Sheikhs and other rich Arabs and then with American celebrities.

    In Germany the Sprinter is nothing but a regular utility van, mostly used by construction crews, handymen, parcel services, or rented out to people moving furniture.

    To a German the fact that Daimler/Mercedes is exclusively known and considered as a pure luxury car manufacturer and that Americans get weirded out when they hear that Mercedes also builds a pickup truck, is pretty amusing.
    Here they are just a regular car manufacturer that also sells luxury vehicles. In Germany most of the police cars, taxis, ambulances, fire trucks, military vehicles and even buses have a Daimler star on them and Daimler is also the second biggest manufacturer of regular freight trucks, after MAN, which is a VW subsidiary, as far as I know.
    They even build dump- and trash collecting trucks and don't hide the fact behind some subsidiary brand. Those stinky, orange trucks still have the Daimler star on them.

    They're basically just the German version of GM, or one of the two German versions of GM, besides Volkswagen.
    Perhaps you could say Volkswagen is Germany's GM and Daimler is Germany's equivalent to Ford, if Ford would still be selling a wide variety of different vehicle types and supply a lot of utility vehicles to the government and communal agencies.

    So it is funny that they somehow managed to build up this image as if they were rather the German version of Rolls Royce in the USA.

    And that is why you get kind of funny situations with Daimler products like the Sprinter on the American market.
    They just sell the same kind of bare bones and not at all luxurious utility van they would normally sell to a German plumber, only to learn later that Americans are turning them into party buses and high end motor homes and expect the thing to be luxurious and decked out because it is a Mercedes.

  5. The most important and most requested upgrade is lithium batteries.. hear us loud and clear Leisure Travel Vans.. we need lithium batteries. 👍

  6. Look at all the poison chemtrails in the sky in this video people — you gotta miss the blue skies. That is Agenda 21/2030 in full display ruining your health globally.

  7. if someone reads this from Leisure Travel Vans
    , I'd like to see recliner seats with message and a 5G hotspot receivers in your coming RVs/Motor homes.

  8. Says a lot and the head gets tired …And have to turn off video preview a beautiful car ..Very unusual Color ..well Done

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