2020 Toyota Tundra: FULL REVIEW | “Key” UPGRADES to the RELIABLE Workhorse!

What’s going on YouTube? Now no other segment of vehicle has more loyal buyers than pickup trucks So while Tundra sales pale in comparison to f-150 and Silverado They still have built up a fiercely loyal following over the years Now for 2020 Toyota is adding several long Requested tech features to the reliable truck in a bid to both appease the crowd and hopefully draw in some new customers Of course We would like to take a moment to specially thank our friends at Frankfort Toyota for giving us access to this fully loaded tundra and if you’re in the market for any new Toyota make sure you stop by their dealership or Visit them virtually via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description So with that all said let’s check out the 2020 changes So like always beginning things on the outside you won’t notice any update since Twitter to focus their attention on the cabin That means you’ll continue to find a bowl and muscular grill across all models. Always this shape but in a variety of finishes here on the Platinum We have a metallic mesh in the middle and body color surrounds While the sr5 also gets this set up both chrome surrounds and black mesh the other option is a bowl chrome grille shared between the limited and the 1794 trims Turning to the headlights here They are fully LED on all with the base 2 trims and even those trims still have the LED daytime running lights to go along with that most models also have LED fog lights and it is worth pointing out that the bumpers will only be body colored on this platinum Moving to the side I want to talk about the available cab and bed configurations Now if you choose the top 2 trims you are locked into crew cab with these short five and a half foot bed But the SR and limited can pick the double cab with six and a half or 8.1 foot bed And then heading around back the design here has also stayed the same and looks very similar to what is found in the Silverado and f-150 Tundra is stamped into the tailgate. There are narrow stacked tail lights and we have a side mounted chrome exhaust pipe But overall the tundra remains a handsome looking truck that has a design that is neither too offensive or too bland Now heading up to the wheels the same handful of options can be picked this year Both our platinum and a 1794 come with these 20-inch six spoke premium alloys While the limited also gets 20 inch alloys but with its own design Finally the SR trims come with 18 inch steel wheels or optional 18 inch alloys Next up we have the mirrors which are fully loaded on the top end models we have heating chrome caps power folding auto dimming abilities and even blind spot monitoring and Speaking of BSM that leads me into one of the tundra strongest suits which is safety features While all the competition makes you go up the trim ladder or order expensive packages The tundra gives you pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection lane departure alert with sway warning auto high beam headlights and adaptive cruise control all standard even on the cheapest model Now circling back to the bed it doesn’t have any fancy tricks like the newest crop of trucks, but the tailgate does easy lower Inside you have very handy sliding tracks to attach various accessories to and then plenty of regular tie-downs as well Finally the last thing to mention on the outside is the towing it is rated at a maximum of ten thousand two hundred pounds of capacity or 9800 pounds as equipped But anyways that does it for the outside so now let’s get to the more important changes on the inside Now right off the bat before we even get in you’re going to notice a Substantial change for 2020 and that is that Toyota smart entry system is finally here on the tundra It’s actually it’s going to be standard on every single trim Versus last year, of course where you could not get it on any trim level So this is something people have been requesting for a large number of years and Toyota has finally delivered That does mean now to get inside the vehicle, all you have to do is reach behind the handle since there is a sensor All right, so taking a look inside the 2020 tundra as you can see the main parts of the design have stayed the same this year However, there are more updates to the technology and stuff once we get inside the vehicle But first we’re going to talk about the color and material options on the tundra Now what you’re looking at here is the Platinum, of course It is only available in black and you do have real leather with this special quilted design now if you go for the 1794 that comes with a special brown interior only As far as the limited that is leather as well in black gray or beige and then the other trim levels come in those same colors both with cloth seating Now turning over here to your door trim that is nicely finished You have a soft touch plastic on this armrest portion as well as a nice leather wrap material through here with that same quilted design from the seats you Will also find two person memory seating on the platinum and the 1794 and affronts. Your windows are one touch automatic Now as far as the seats are concerned they are very adjustable You actually find this 12 way power seat on the top 2 tramps including power 5 extension Which is a pretty rare feature outside of luxury great vehicles Now if you go for the limited you will lose this feature and if you go below that it’s going to be a manual adjusting seat Now like I already said this is real leather. It does have a soft and supple feel to it and It really like this quilted design definitely gives it some character and you have platinum branding on the Platinum Now interestingly enough this specific platinum does not have running boards They are available, of course as an option and most of the models do have it, but this one is missing it There is also not a driver’s side assist grip. So getting in is a little bit tricky But if you give it a little jump if you’re short like me you’ll be fine now As far as the material quality of this cabin the tundra has always been more of a truckie truck And that does continue for 2020 So across the upper dash this is always going to be a hard touch plastic But driving down here to the middle. Once again, you’ll find that platinum exclusive quilting pattern with some leatherette It would have different designs for the other trim level or an Alcantara for this 1794 You do have some silver painted plastic through here and all through here And you do also have a nice little other Rhett that runs right through here with some stitching But of course everything does fit together extremely well in that typical Toyota way All right now the moment you’ve been waiting for for like 10 years, we do have a push-button start And when you press it not only that will boot up the other big 2020 change and That is the brand new infotainment system, which now has apple carplay Android auto dynamic navigation The whole nine yards. This is the tech upgrade we’ve been waiting for now this screen is eight inches on all the models for the base model which has a seven inch display, but We’ll go into the actual software a little later in the video Now checking out the gauges here this is your traditional Tundra design With the updated 4.2 inch multifunction display that Toyota added a couple of years back This does work the same way as in any other Toyota you just have these different sections to scroll between very simply And you do also have the availability to make adjustments to your safety systems from this display Now coming back to the steering wheel you actually have hydraulic power assisted steering as well as a nice leather wrapped steering wheel on the limited and As far as your buttons, you just have your phone audio and voice buttons over here Then on this side you have your buttons for some of your safety systems your multi-function display and your standard adaptive cruise control As far as the steering wheel itself it is main power adjusting Excuse me on the top two trims, but there remains no option for heating All right now coming down to this column of buttons over here you’ll find several different types of things for your mirrors and Whatnot, but you want to point out the specific one here. This is for your rear window On the Limited and up you get this one piece fully power rear window Definitely a cool touch and this remains something that no other rival in the class offers All right, and now that brings us on to storage As a big pickup truck, you would expect that. It would have plenty of spaces and indeed the tundra does So to start things off here you do have a nice storage area right on top what not And then opening up this center console here as you can see it is absolutely gigantic At least a foot and a half deep and a foot and a half wide You do have a felt line down at the bottom as well and a 12-volt outlet inside of it. Oh There is also some clips and stuff to stick pins and whatnot right here Up in front of that You’ve got two cup holders a third cup holder another big storage area right here to stick something and this slender Spy here, maybe to prop up a phone or something like that Now you will notice some changes up here And that’s that you now have some new plugs So we do have a standard USB port but now we have two charging USB ports which of course work with that new apple carplay Android auto system and There is a 12v outlet and a button to turn on off your parking sensors Now coming to the shifter it does also remain the same this year so it’s Twitter’s additional beaded shifter Obviously, all you gotta do is pull back for drive You can bump to the left to shift manually here, but they’re not gonna be any paddle shifters Then when we go into reverse, you will find a standard backup camera across all models You do not have actor trajectory or guidance lines, but on the top two trims you do have front and rear parking sensors And the mayor’s do tilt down when it reverse to help you see the parking lines Now next to the brand-new push-button start you’ll notice a couple buttons here this is for your trailer brake controller You do also have a tow haul mode though. There are no other drive modes besides for that and then over here You’ve got your four-wheel drive controls Now checking out this area here this is your climate controls it is to zone automatic on the limited and up As you can see very simple to use Toyota keeps things very nice and ergonomically friendly here So you’ve got two giant knobs to make your adjustments And all your buttons are located here so you don’t have to dig around and search into the display for anything Also on the limited and up you will find three-stage heated seats On those models, but three-stage ventilation is going to require the Platinum or they 1794 edition All right, and now that brings us up to the audio system Now you do have a premium JBL sound system on the platinum 1794 with 12 speakers that of course of what we have so let’s go ahead and take a sample The sound system has always been a nice sounding sound system and it definitely is class competitive Alright now, let’s go ahead and dig into the big news this brand new infotainment system So there’s a lot of new stuff going on with this new head unit For one thing like I already said it was a little bit bigger as you can see the display technology is also a lot better you’ll be looking at now a Capacitive touch display instead of the older star resistive it is less reflective Brighter more vivid and the graphics are much higher quality Now of course it is running into them 3.0 now So we’re up to the newest software. That means we now have a better performance We’ve got this home screen here where you can customize different types of apps to set on here Now you will notice when you click into Click on something. It will go straight into that app. And right here. We have the new dynamic navigation system This is Toyota’s latest integrated navigation system it cut Basically with like over-the-air updates and whatnot. Of course, it has higher quality graphics just like everything else and as you see it is extremely Responsive as well This is on the Platinum and a 1794 edition as standard equipment now the other big thing to point out, of course, I’ve already talked about it a little bit is that you now have Projection. This is where Android auto or apple carplay will show up when you plug in a compatible device now It’s truck going to demonstrate this to you. Today. We’re having some technical issues with it showing up on this head unit I don’t think it has to do with the car but probably has to do with the kind of buggy new release of Android auto Nevertheless it is there and it does work for both. Like I said Android auto and apple carplay also new to the tundra is Wi-Fi abilities so you now have a Wi-Fi hotspot and you can turn that on and off right through here as well as find the password how To connect you have a free trial period and then after that you have to subscribe to Verizon To continue use of it That’s pretty much all I want to show here with the new Intune 3.0 system on the tundra but of course We do have a dedicated technical video available For those of you who want to learn more about the system a link to that is provided in the video description I’m moving on up here. We do have an auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes built into it on the limited and up And then on this specific model, we also have a power tilt slide moon roof This is going to be optional on the limited End up all of the models. It is about $850. I believe and you do have a twin screen But overall the cabin of this 2020 tundra is definitely a big improvement with the new technology on board you know this remains kind of a Classic truck Toyota doesn’t pretend to do too much luxury or anything here And this definitely appeals to the people who just want to keep things pretty simple Keep things kind of like a classic truck and keep things most importantly very reliable When you turn the vehicle off your seat and steering wheel move will move out of the way to help with easier entry and exit All right, so that does it for the front areas now go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason to check out the back seats Putting around to the second row of the 2020 Toyota Tundra you are gonna find a massive amount of space as you would with any pickup truck in the crew cab configuration So you’re going to find 42.3 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom Which has place it on par with the rivals like the Ford f-150. However, it is a little bit less than the all-new Ram Now turning over here to the door tren’la this platinum model it is very nicely equipped so we do have leather going all the way through here with the unique stitching design that’s on the seat and Down below that we do have a padded armrest Your window is power. It’s not automatic and down below that you do have a ton of door storage It goes all the way through here and you have two bottle holders as well Now let’s see itself is a very nice design it has the same quilted pattern and you do have perforation as well Now inside the tundra platinum you’re going to find a good amount of features so you will find these rear air vents, which are standard on the Higher-end models and you will also find a 12-volt power outlet as well Now it is worth noting that this is an older truck. So you’re not going to find heated rear seats or your own climate controls? You know A lot of the rivals have really gone super upscale here in the back and that is just not the case with the tundra Now we do also a fold-down armrest does have cup holders inside And of course you do have the signature glass that goes all the way down And up top on your headliner. You do have a premium one with some lighting In the sister group and cup hook And like I mentioned this is on par with most of the rivals in the crew cab configuration So we are behind your seating position I’m going to find about It’s about a foot and a half of space between my knees in the seat back And my feet can easily sign up underneath the seat So this is definitely going to be a comfortable place for anyone riding here in the back Now as far as the seat itself is concerned, of course you do have the option to fold it up so I have to do is grab this little handle and lift up and it will lock right into place and as you can see When that when you do that you do have plenty of space back here and you have a relatively flat loading floor It’s not completely flat, but you could definitely fit Large items like a bicycle or something back here if it was raining and you didn’t want it in the bed Now coming over here to the passenger seat it is power adjusting on this platinum model And in front of the passenger you do have the quilted design down below that a good-sized glovebox It opens quite wide and it is actually has quite the width to it And up top we do have a Sun Visor with mirror in light and it does also detach as well as extend But anyway guys that sums up all the rear areas of this tundra So let’s go ahead and get on the road and see how it compares to its modern rivals All right, so let’s go ahead and go over our 2020 powertrain changes So the news this year is that the base engine is no longer offered on any of the trim levels So you’re gonna automatically be getting the 5.7 liter v8. Even on the base SR now there does remain the same as last year, so you’ll be looking at 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque As far as the transmission it does continue to have a six-speed automatic And every trim does have the choice between two wheel drive and four wheel As far as fuel economy As you would expect it is a little bit less than rivals with more advanced like turbo engines and stuff like that So what you’ll be looking at 13 city 18 highway 15 combined with two wheel drive and if you go for the four wheel drive version It’s going to drop down another MPG to 14 combined Anyways that does it for the specs, let’s take it out on the road I’m alright, so taking off here in the 2020 tundra That right there is why is so many people buy this truck? You know? Yeah, like there’s 200 people Adamant 200 people and they will just keep buying Tundras and over and over and over, you know And that’s a big part of it right there. Is that naturally aspirated 5.7 liter v8 It is doesn’t use any turbos anything like that? Of course, it’s bulletproof and reliability But it’s fast and it sounds really good as well. Yeah, you’re definitely not going to get anything. That sounds like that and like EcoBoost engine and the f-150 or anything like that They’re not terrible engines, but it’s just the sound is definitely not going to be there And a power in this is excellent, I mean this is a big truck gets it going no problem And like we already have mentioned You now have this as the standard engine so that is a you know and important change because even if you Are going for the really cheap and base models You’re still going to get this great engine You know another thing that I’m noticing, you know, we’re just cruising down the road going about 40 in this car It rides really really smooth You do feel like you’re sitting up nice and high so that’s a good pro for a truck And as far as like the ride quality itself is just it’s really nice here in the Platinum trim now We can’t speak for the other lower end models, but it rides really smooth The seats are comfortable and it’s a quiet place to spend time as well So you’re going to get find a pretty luxurious ride in here as well And the ride is very nice The trade-off is that this is a bouncy Kind of way, you know, this is got our old school experience. Oh this whole truck is of course has that classic old-school feel to it and in the ride quality Is no different it definitely bounces and get a lot of good overall undulation undulation, you know, just kind of and it doesn’t lean a lot but You know, it’s just kind of part of that classic truck experience In all the trucks will do that to a certain extent especially in the competition if you’re looking at a similarly priced model You know, you don’t have any type of fancy Adaptive dampers or anything like on the high end urgent Torino is remarkably accurate and well weighted Like I already said this is a hydraulic power assistant setup, you know And that does have benefits over electric power steering usually and feel and I do Feel that here as well That sound Wow That’s why people buy these. That’s really nice that’s really really nice We’ve driven several several f-150s this year And both of them just have had different variations of the EcoBoost. Yeah, they hardly make very many of them on the dealer lots that Actually don’t have a turbo of some size You know, this is just becoming more and more of a rare experience And truck people like to generally keep things simple, yeah, so I mean, this is really just well appreciated You also need to talk about the six-speed Automatic transmission I Think does a very good job it is it’s really smooth keeps this engine and its power band And you know Keeping with that traditional experience a lot in the class will now have like a ten-speed automatic. So, you know, you’re gonna find less shifting Obviously because it has four less gears than some of the rifles Right, like we’ve heard we’ve heard those complaints, you know, some people they’re just kind of used to a traditional truck You know like a Tacoma for instance when I went from a four to six feet automatic. We actually heard people You know say one of the things shift all the time and stuff. So, you know, this is a Good performing transmission it doesn’t seem schizophrenic or anything like that in the way that it behaves it knows what it wants to do and it doesn’t But overall as far as the driving dynamics are concerned the tundra here remains a good choice in the class Amongst especially amongst your dwindling lists of pound of pure Trucky vehicles you know as as Rival brands continue to push people more up and up into luxury trucks that cost Set more than like the Mercedes or something like that. It really is refreshing to get inside of a good Classic truck with a reasonable price tag, it still has plenty of everything that you need everything that you want You know and it’s going to get you there as long as you need it to All right, and now let’s go ahead and talk about the pricing of this twenty twenty tundra So obviously this is one of this as trucks strong suits. It’s actually quite a bit cheaper than a lot of other full-size trucks so the base price and this is The below prices will be for the extended cab 4×2 short bed. Basically the cheapest option that you can get for that trim level so for the very base SR model that’s going to start at thirty-three thousand four hundred and seventy five the Sr5 is going to be thirty five thousand and ninety five the limited trim is going to come in at forty two thousand one hundred and twenty and Then when you get to the upper end models which is what we have here the platinum that’s going to be forty eight thousand six hundred and twenty five and it’s also going to Be the same price for the 1794. So basically you just kind of pick Which package you like better the platinum or the 1794 now we do have one of the few options on the Platinum and that is the power tilt and slide moon roof for eight hundred and fifty dollars and we also have an optional spray-on bedliner for five five eighty and then down below that we have the destination charge of one thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars and Then all told this particular model as equipped comes in at fifty four thousand five hundred ninety-nine Which is definitely a very attractive price point like I was mentioning earlier, you know Fifty five thousand is definitely not going to get you a fully loaded F150 or Ram And while this car this truck is a little bit older than those models You are getting a lot of features for that fifty five thousand dollar price tag Which would be in the middle and trim for the other competition? Well guys who you’ve enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth looks at the 2020 Toyota Tundra platinum Please hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as we seen from more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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100 thoughts on “2020 Toyota Tundra: FULL REVIEW | “Key” UPGRADES to the RELIABLE Workhorse!

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    On another note, it has been brought to our attention that (contrary to Toyota's own press release) some versions of the Tundra SR and SR5 do still come with a regular key, not the Smart Key system as stated in the video. Thanks for your understanding!

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  26. My guess is that this is a fire sale model to get rid of the remaining parts they've already manufactured to make room for the 2021 which will be a redesign.

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