Oh, what an absolutely vile day it is today. Goof afternoon guys, how are we all doing
guys? My name is of course Alex and welcome back
to another daily vlog! I haven’t done my into for a while so I thought
that I’d just whack it in there somewhere. So guys, on the board with all of your awesome
quotes on there which we have done – I absolutely love them. As I told you guys, I’m going to try and change
them every few weeks or so, so if you guys keep putting quotes in the comments if you
think of any – I’m going to write them down as I see them and then we’ll change it up and
put some different quotes on there to keep us all motivated. We’ll keep it up as like a recurring theme
in the vlog. What I’ve done down here is obviously I’ve
completed this week’s five days of the gym or, you know, working out or going running. I’ve put this on there for next week so we’ve
got gym 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then I’ve also done vlog, main and TF. Now, vlog is 1 to 7 and that’s obviously the
7 vlogs, every day of the week – obviously I just want to feel like I’ve ticked them
off every single day when I’ve done them. That is to record one main channel video a week. I’m going to try and record one of those today
and then the bottom one “TF” is “TechFlow,” I record two TechFlow videos a week. So if you think about it that’s 7 + 1 is 8,
9, 10 YouTube videos per week. Is it hard? Yes. Is it achievable? Yes. I think we’ve got this. So guys, I put this new GoPro in the car right
and I’ve put like, a proper sticky mount on it because I want to make this a bit of a
feature. Now the weather is absolutely dismal today. It’s, like, two in the afternoon. It’s chucking it down. It’s grey and horrible and I don’t even know
if this is going to be good quality or not coming from a GoPro because it’s just that
dark.Mate! They want £27 for some LEDs! You’re having a little giggle right? Oh, wait a minute – but they are USB powered – they’re powered by USB. Huh! OK. You know what – I’m going to buy these and
I’m going to test them out, yeah. I’m going to buy these now. I didn’t realise they were USB. That’s a game changer that! Cheers mate; thank you. CASHIER: Alright. ALEX: Look, I told you – mid-afternoon; look
at this weather. It’s just horrible guys. It circles back to what I was telling you
guys in the vlog the other day – like, do you not just think that it puts a downer,
do you not just think that it puts a downer on everything when the weather is just, like,
it’s just like – Euurgh! Or is that just me? Is that just me? I don’t know. So, I did a video yesterday talking about
the new office… … and what you guys… think we should do. Now, that video hasn’t gone live yet so I
don’t know what you guys have said yet or what. But what I thought I’d do today is something
that I’ve always wanted to do for a long time. I’ve always had the idea, but I’ve never thought
to execute it. Today, I’m going to execute it because I think,
I think it might be game changing. OK, right, so I’ve got two LED strips – one
I’ve brought from home which is just, like, an old bog standard one and this new one which
I’ve picked up, which you can actually power via USB and it comes with, yeah, this. OK, my plan with these is as follows: My thought
behind this is “light changes anything.” As you can see, the characteristics of this
room – we’ve got blue, we’ve got purple, we’ve got, we’ve got yellow, we’ve got blue again
and we’ve got LEDs everywhere. Even LEDs up here. We don’t have any LEDs, though, over there
and it looks a bit bare. I think this is going to genuinely change
the feel of this room – the entire feel of it. Let’s do this! There you go guys – are you ready? 3,2, 1… Boom! Check that out! Look at that man! That’s sweet! So, now, check out the office. When you come in, you have this blue light
over there. You’ve got the purple coming from that there,
you’ve got blue from there and then blue from behind the TV and orange over there, like,
orange-yellow over there. LEDs up there. Granted, I think that maybe we’ve got a little
bit too much blue going on. But still guys, just as like a different
colour in this room, we’ve now got a brand new LED strip in here. That is sweet. So now, for example, that corner could be
a TechFlow set and, imagine, like, with all of this blurred out – I could just be like
stood here for example and there’s like blue lights – you guys get the point. What I am going to have to do is have a little
bit of a play around with all of the colours and, you know, maybe change things from blue
and get a few more colours in the mix. Because we’ve got a fair amount of blue but
that is super cool. Take a look guys – that is the USB powered
LED strip that side and then that’s the normal power… They’re both pretty much work the same man. Now, you can get cheaper USB LED strips, like,
on Amazon but I kind of didn’t really want to wait – I wanted to execute this thing
as fast as possible and it looks really cool. Now, that is one of the things that I wanted
to do to make this room a little bit better. But look at that when you walk in – it does
just make the world of difference – it really does. Hey Siri!SIRI: Yes? ALEX: Is the door open?SIRI: Yo Alex, your room door is closed. ALEX: I don’t know if you guys saw but at
the end of yesterday’s video, we actually recorded, well, like, I put it in the video
and I installed it, recorded at the end of… At the end of yesterday’s vlog, I installed
this thing on my door which enables to me to ask Siri, wait a minute: SIRI: Yo Alex. Bedroom door is open. ALEX: I just thought that was pretty cool
man. Alexa, set the lights to 100% ALEXA: OK. ALEX: What I have to do right now is record
a main channel video opening some of the, well if you just look under here, some of
the PO Box stuff – oh my goodness. I need, I need to open some of this right
now. Sweet guys – PO Box video all recorded. Super happy – well, I hope I’m super happy
with the footage. I looked back at it – I had it, like, wirelessly
on my phone, erm, so that I could kind of see what was going down whilst I was recording
and it looked pretty good, like – you got to bear in mind – this is, like, I’m reinventing
the main channel here. You know I’ve bought a new lens and it’s,
like, I’ve had to set up all of the Phillips Hues so that it looks good on the camera. So, I’m hoping when the main channel video
comes out that it looks good. Obviously, content is just stupid, old me. Very relaxed – it’s very casual. Sort of get some popcorn or watch it whilst
you’re having your tea sort of vibe. That’s what I’m going for. We got some ridiculously strange things in
the PO Box and they’re that strange that I’m not even going to tell you what I got. You’ll just have to watch the video because
I got some, like, really strange things. Right, as I told you guys, I’m doing early
Valentine’s day with Maria. She’s coming around this evening. We’re going to order takeaway, have a few
drinks and just chill out. I’m going to go – I’m going to pick her up. ALEX: A tiffie? What’s a tiffie? MARIA: Nothing…you were stressing me out. ALEX: I wasn’t stressing
you out. MARIA:Yes, you were.ALEX: No I wasn’t. MARIA: You take him! ALEX: Leave! MARIA: You take him! ALEX: No, you take him! I bought him for you!

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