3 Reasons NOT to Upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4

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80 thoughts on “3 Reasons NOT to Upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4

  1. The tilt screen is the big thing I feel is weaker for photographers. The way it tilts is better for shooting from the waist and low/high angles.
    For video it seems like a huge improvement but for video it’s quite a minor upgrade, IBIS is nice but that’s the only significant change for photographers, I think it’s useful and I like taking handheld shots at night around 1/8 and getting movement from people but no motion in the scene.

  2. IBIS would be a great help with the non-stabilized 90mm lens. And also with the 56mm lens with borderline shaky shutter speeds like 1/60th, 1/80th or 1/100th.

  3. I’m really baffled by some choices Fujifilm made with this camera. If the flip screen was to appeal to vloggers then why has every hands on video thus far with ‘vlogging’ looked terrible with out of focus warping and pulsing on background details. Gerald Undone, Camera Conspiracy, Max Yurev to name a few. In straight on (user behind the camera) video the IbIS looks good to great. Sonder Creative, Three Blind Men, and Vistek for example. I know they have all used pre production cameras but god help us if it doesn’t have some of the same issues that plagued the XH1 for video. My point being why did they make the screen for vloggers if the vlogging+IBIS looks almost unusable. Furthermore, why give vloggers what they want by taking away what photographers need. Fuji, Can’t you please both camps? You did it before with xT100 screen. What’s changed? That being said, as an owner of both an XT3 and XH1 I still preordered it as a 90% photographer because of the following reasons. 1) battery life 2) An almost silent mechanical shutter 3) shutter life doubled 4) -6 ev low light focus. 5) the still/video switch and 6) the slightly beefier grip

  4. I feel like the bigger battery is almost worth the upgrade alone. I have a battery grip but I don't like how chunky it makes the camera. With that being said, I shot a wedding a few months ago with my X-T1 and it did awesome, no complaints other than I wish that it had a joystick. I also just picked up an X-T3 about two weeks ago because it was an unreal deal.

  5. Currently shooting with an X-T3 and X-T2 for weddings. Going to sell my X-T2 and replace that with the X-T4 because I'm starting to do more video content, but I'm still thrilled with the X-T3 🙂

  6. Hey John, thanks for the insight. Just wondering, is that an Olympus OM10 on the shelf behind you? Great content as ever, thank you.

  7. I'll be keeping my xt3 for the reasons you stated. The xt4 is a great camera, but I wouldn't take advantage of it's upgrades.

  8. Very sound advice to me. I think I'll go with buying a new xt3 since I'm using an xt2 now…if I upgrade at all. I'm only interested in photos, not video.

  9. Not that many are super hyped about the XT4 if anything it's getting it's a$$ handed to itself on the forums, I've never seen so many butt hurt XT3 users out there ;-D

  10. A bit ironic… I shoot mainly stills… and some of the things you listed are exactly why I am interested in this camera above and beyond the XT3. Then again, I'm not an event/wedding photographer… I'm a travel/street (hobbyist) photographer. IBIS and Flippy screen would remove the need for a tripod for a lot of the shooting I do. I also have dedicated equipment for video, so not sure how much I would use the XT4 for video, so the video features are a bit of a wash for me compared to the XT3/XT30 which we already own.

  11. Another reduction camera hitting the market.
    IBIS is useless if you have moving subject when that Shutter is below 30.
    What is funny from many beginners wanting IBIS, AF, built-in TTL meter & HSS and then still have to cheat using Photoshop to correct their mistakes.

  12. So, when i saw first fake "leaked" specs, when it was 6k video shooting, zoom to the moon, battery that ends in 2030s, i was so excited and looking at my xt3 as a piece of, you know what…
    But. BUT! X-Trans CMOS 4 again, are you kidding me fujifilm…?
    Its more like XT3s, or super XT3, but definitely, 100% not xt4, looks like apple policy, with brand new iphone xss, look mate new wallpapers, better than on xs. Shame on you Fuji, hope xt5 would be better.

  13. Hi John, thanks for the tips. very helpful as always.
    Do you think the new mechanical shutter on the XT-4 will increase the autofocus performance on the older lenses like 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4 and 56mm f/1.2?

  14. Forget everything about the latest camera and ask yourself if the camera you are using currently gives you the ability to get the shot. If yes, then no need to upgrade.

  15. So, I’ve not even watched this yet (I will) but my point is this. I have a pair of XT2’s, they’re as good now as they were when they came out. Great image quality, fast AF, solid and reliable. The thing that needs an upgrade is me and my ability, not the camera. 😬

  16. Heyy, you should probably change the title to include "Photographers only" because likenu said, for those into video, all your cons are actually pros.

    Nice video eitherway.

  17. got xt1 and xt3 – upgraded (preordered) xt4, WHY? why not… I love Fuji and always missed IBIS, didn't like xh1. Not that expensive and hope for better results. I'm only a hobbyist

  18. I sold off my Sony APS-C equipment (kept my A73) to get the T4 for wedding videos. Really wanted that 4K/60p. But the flip screen is a deal breaker for me. When u plug in HDMI and USB-C cables you can’t turn the screen up or down, it hits the screen.

  19. Well John, the flip screen will take some getting used to, but it’s already time to shake that one off and forget about it. I hated it for a day. Now I’m over it. Time to move on. And let’s face it, video is coming after ALL of us. No matter how much we like stills, moving images have become central to event story telling. Which leads me to my first point—the stills/movie mode switch, which completely divides the camera into entirely separate menu and q-menu systems for stills or video, and eliminates the potential for incompatible settings overlapping between modes. That’s a big big deal. If you might have to do even a little hybrid shooting (especially so, since you won’t be as well practiced with video or vice versa), having that separation makes learning much easier, and mode mistakes much less likely. That’s money in the bank over and over again as far as I’m concerned. Flip one switch and you’re all set. Huge improvement. Second point, if you dismiss IBIS, then you haven’t shot with IBIS. Long lenses for instance, what a major advantage when trying to frame a subject across a room, or across a field. The EVF experience improves dramatically the view settles right down no matter what lens you’re using. Try it some time. Even the 90mm is much easier to manage with IBIS and for those shooting other types of events with the 100-400mm, you can hand-hold and still have a nice stable image in the view finder while waiting for something to happen. And what about those static mood shots of table settings, and rings and shoes, etc. Those you can capture at lower ISO settings with less noise. Nothing wrong with that. I for one would never shoot without IBIS. * Beyond that let’s see: 3. Significantly faster autofocus .02 seonds on the T4 vs .06 on the T3, as well as better face and object tracking with an entirely new algorithm which includes color and shape detection, and the ability to detect faces from further away—don’t tell me that doesn’t matter to wedding shooters; 4. 50% bigger battery with an eco mode rated to 600 shots which under routine circumstances might mean 750 to 900 shots (on a single battery, that’s getting close to SLR battery rates); 5. Quieter mechanical shutter, one video comparison seems to show that the T4 shutter is actually quieter than the X-H1 which would be quite a feat; 6. Twice the durability of the shutter mech—durability matters even if you don’t run the shutter all the way out to 300,000 activations; 7. Two new auto white balance modes, one to prioritize whites, the other to prioritize ambient light—more control in-camera when the action is moving from place to place and the available light keeps changing. And that’s just off the top of my head. This camera is a game changer for all kinds of photographic and video scenarios, and is exceptionally well designed for the coming onslaught of hybrid gigs. The X-T4 will very soon make the X-T3 seem second rate, and if you haven’t preordered by now, it might be hard to come by until later in the Summer. They are going to sell a lot of them.

  20. Thanks but Ibis also help us to buy lenses without stabilize d optics also the autofocus is a lot better and you forgot about the 15 burst rate and the new software is better …with all that t
    Said buying the xt4 for everything that offers is a better deal than the xt3

  21. Talking of IBIS. Photographers have been taking images for donkeys years without it and so have you John. as we speak. From what I see you are doing fine.
    I have IBIS in a couple of Fuji lens'. When I do video, the results are , can't explain. It tries to correct, but when you move slightly to fast, it jumps. OK if you are still
    because it's correcting within the static frame.

  22. Most best reviews on youtube are those pointing out the cons of the new products like this one others are actually not review, just commercial packaged review! GOOD JOB! I will upgrade my X-T1 to X-T4, but not this year! maybe after the release of X-H2! Wait for price drop and wait for the review about whether design flaw exist on the camera, like some of the X-pro3 having unusable permanently overexposed EVF due to design flaw, or fragile dial on GFX 100.

  23. I’m looking for a first camera. That price is close to Sony’s full frame camera, but I’m hoping the X-T3’s price will drop with this new flagship model.

  24. Had the X-T3 and when I got the X-H1, I ended up using the H1 more than the T3 that I sold the T3. The grip is just so good. While the H1 is a little bit larger (not much) but the grip and the position of the shutter button is just more comfortable. I found my finger kinda hurt when shooting with the T3 for a whole day. I didn't any significant difference in the AF too. I feel like Fujifilm's lenses (1.4) are the problem and that's where they need updating. Sensor performance was similar also, except for rolling shutter in video and 120fps quality. High ISO noise performance had no significant difference also. I think what would make me upgrade in the future would be a body with a new sensor with a significantly better noise performance and dynamic range. For now, the H1 satisfies my work and my clients. Fuji really needs to update their 1.4 primes though. Better AF and less fringing!

  25. Your videos are excellent. Thanks for being transparent and objective. I am going to buy your LR Presets because I want to support you and your business. You have given me great pointers to upgrade my skills and business. Ujaama everyday!

  26. Finally someone speaking logically. I’m still using the xt2 as my photography camera and find no reason to upgrade. Fuji has not improved the stills output since the xt1. I’m surprised fuji did not put a new processor in the xt4 and improved the iso or dynamic range. If any other manufacturer did this people would be going nuts, but Fuji gets away with it and is praised. That flippy screen is for amateurs. Nobody stares at a side screen while they are recording a video. And for stills it’s only a negative. Forget about using an L bracket on the xt4. You will be stuck using the screen flush mount. Like going back to the ancient dslr days. Fuji is listening to the Youtube influencers to much for their development.

  27. My reason to up grade would be the shutter life being twice that of the xt3,eye cup locks so u wont loose it every week,, battery life and its said to be twice as good as far as focus and speed[

  28. John I intend to venture into photography and videography. Please I would want to find out if it would be very awesome to get a combined XT2 and XT30 or to go for a single XT3 for the above reason. Advise me please.

  29. I think the xt4 is great if you vlog. I do video and I think the xt3 is still a better option due to its compact screen and better ports, it makes gimbal use much easier.

  30. Thanks John for sharing your viewpoint on this subject. I attended a trade show today and got to put my hands on the XT4 and give it a go. As a stills only shooter, the way the XT4's screen has to be flipped out to the side for high & low angle shots makes it a no-go for me. I instead upgraded from an XT2 and took advantage of the great deal you mentioned that Fujifilm is currently offering on the XT3

  31. Great advice in this video if you photograph a lot of weddings. I agree with the flip screen problem on the new Xt4, by the time you have flipped it out the moment will be gone (and the person will be staring at you thinking you are a videographer), I like the xt3 screen design for reportage photography. The IBIS for stills photographers may be a real help if you are at 1/50th in a dark church shaking a bit, I love the IS in the Canon 70-200 F4 IS. Any help with shaking may be a good thing. Most of the new cameras are made for videographers now not stills. Great video

  32. For Photographers I say wait for the X-H2.

    I blame Camera conspiracy for the flip screen. I say we kidnap him in a box and ship him to Pentax.

  33. All valid points, but I have to say it's a very good upgrade. I'm pretty much 60/40 when it comes to photo/video, so X-T4 addressed a few things that so many complained were omissions or deficient to what I already believed was the best APS-C camera available to date. It's still the "all-rounder" in Fujifilm's line-up, but it adds a few enhancements WITHOUT taking away too much in other areas… which it did take away some things in terms of usability(3-axis tilting LCD and dedicated headphone jack). It all comes down to whether the individual may get some value or improved results from this upgrade… or you might just want to buy it because you feel like it.

  34. Im considering upgrading from the XT-20 to the XT-3 now that its on sale. What are your thoughts? Also, I find it kind of crazy that cameras become old models within 2-3 years. A $2000 camera should be good for at least 5-6 years without having to "upgrade".

  35. There are rumors they will update the x-t3 to an even better af and adding the film simulation, so the x-t4 seems to be more like an alternative version of the x-t3 anyways.

    And since i need the camera in two weeks and i prefer a tilty screen i will purchase the x-t3. And i have hope they lower the prices soon…

  36. Spot on analysis. I shoot professionally with the X-H1 and use an X-E3, I didn't stutter, an X-E3 as my B camera. It's also my primary street photography digital mirrorless. Everything else with film with a rangefinder which is why I love the rangefinder influence on the X-E3.

    What I'm more interested in is the X-E4, the possibility of the X-H2 being an entry-level medium format camera and whether or not Fujifilm will update their damned mobile app to allow raw file transfers. I just don't understand why that's not a feature in their app. I don't have that issue with my Canon app.

  37. Agreed. I was super excited about the XT4. But after playing with one, I don't see much benefit over XT3 for event still photography.

  38. IBIS can be very helpful when you're shooting inanimate subjects in low light situations.
    If you're shooting people and moving subjects primarily, then it doesn't matter.
    Battery life is a good feature too if you're shooting events and don't want to switch out batteries…
    It's all about cost/benefit for each individual. Is it a cost that you can recover by shooting more effectively and creatively with less hassle?

  39. I definitely disagree with your IBIS statement. Yes you may not use it but fot still subjects, The ability to use lower shutter speeds yet still getting pin sharp images is game changing.

    It overcomes Fuji's smaller sensor size problems as you can use lower ISO to get the light you want. For events you may be right as if you want to freeze motion you'll at least need 1/500 – 1/1000 shutter speeds.
    For video I do not recommend IBIS, it is only useable if you do not walk at all. (And I use the X-H1).

    The articulating screen is a divisive subject so. It depends on personal use. For still images, all you need is a large sensor and very good quality lens. You can even use X-T1 and get good images.

  40. I have the XT3 and I have the XT4 on pre-order. I really can’t see why anyone would buy either without wanting to shoot at least some video. With that said the XT3 is a monster video camera that for me, is useless without a gimbal. I’m truly hoping the stabilization on the XT4 changes that.

  41. Thanks for sharing your thouhgts. I agree. Actually, I´ve just gone through this process "should I upgrade" myslef- only from x-t2 to x-t3…I could upgrade no problem but I just don´t see the point. The x-t2´s do all I need and more so they´re staying. And – let´s face it – no camera´s going to take the hard part away from us- the going out there and doing it- if we´re already so lucky to get hired in the first place! 🙂

  42. I own an XH1 and XT2 both with grips and I personally going to wait for the XH2. I decided that after shooting with the XH1 grip and using long lenses the XT series is not I would ever want to go back to. So XH2 is my next camera to look at. As for simple vlogging i'm looking at either upgrading to X-T200 vs my present X-T100 because of the weight and size alone.

  43. Oh and the XT4 we're getting in the USA is Made in Japan! Hope it's true and yes it's a big deal! 😊

  44. Hi, Great video & very informative. Where did you order the round eye piece on your XT3? Thank you for all you great vids.

  45. The IBIS is a great addition as a hybrid shooter. Plus as a stills shooter the ibis at at slow shutter is great for artistic people blur and vehicle blur images. Plus battery is very very important. Flip screen for portrait (insta ) shooting upwards is great.

  46. Everything you said in this video is exactly what I've been thinking. I've been on the fence about getting the XT4 since I saw the specs on it, but as a photographer only, I don't think I need all the new features.

  47. New screen (better resolution and new articulated monitor), new shutter (better in speed, longevity, noise) new battery, IBIS, speeder AF and better eye detection, separate video mode, better viewfinder with 3 different settings, slow motion 240/200 fps with DIS and IS boost, new ETERNA Bleach Bypass, different settings of WB, better handling. Didn't you upgrade your smartphone for much less ??

  48. Hello, I photograph sports. For volleyball in gym at night – the shutter must be in 1/1000. And I can't use the ES on the xt-3, the image is stained with darker stripes. Have you tested with this speed, phosphorescent light and high ISO? Thanks in advance

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