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Hi everyone! This is Bianca, for MF Home TV. And Here at Mandaue Foam you can get your complete furniture needs for every and any room in your home or office with great quality at good prices. And I will show you. Today we will be filling up this bedroom with Mandaue Foam furniture within a P30,000 budget. I will show you! So, let’s start with the biggest piece, a bed. This vivi metal queen sized bed is a good choice. It is durable, light and in a black color which makes it look modern. Beside it lets add a storage that matches well. This Simon TV Bench is just perfect. A multipurpose piece that can be used as for this case a bed side table, a shoe cabinet with seating for entryways, center table and lots lots more. Next up, stools. This rattan ottoman is just so cute. It adds warmth to this room. It make this room more inviting. Next, let’s dress up the bed shall we. Mandaue Foam carries this most durable and long lasting foam, the Flex Foam. I highly recommend this foam to all homeowners out there. Lets throw in 4 Dreams Pillows and start with the sheets. Say Hello to this bed in bag printed beddings. TAAADAAAAAA! Lets adds a little more accents. There you have it. Can you believe it? Because I cant… This lovely bedroom for only P30,000 And there are lots more to choose from at Mandaue Foam Home Store. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. And i wanna know, What room do you think i should do next? So leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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25 thoughts on “30K++ Bedroom Budget – Mandaue Foam Home TV

  1. Nice but how much is everything including the plant, the clothes rack, additional ottoman, room accessories e.g. Books & electric fan? I want to achieve this look but it looks like I'll be spending more or less 40K. And are the electric fan & books available at MF?

  2. $32 {2600 peso} for a wicker ball 1? $88[4400 peso] for a SMALL metal cabinet ? I wont be shopping in that store .

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