A Wolf in my Bedroom Advertisement

[young woman]
They said he was just imaginary. I said he was my friend. But the truth is… He’s been there all of my life. [thunder crashes] Waiting… Just Waiting… [thunder crashes] Waiting for the day… [thunder crashes] when he would get what he wants
from me. (whispers) Shadow. [thunder crashes][growl]A Wolf in my Bedroom.A frightening new book by
T.K. Wade. Available at book stores

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4 thoughts on “A Wolf in my Bedroom Advertisement

  1. Awesome, love it! Pulls you in from the first second and keeps you there. The last thing she says definitely grabs your attention!

  2. You work with my brother Dillon. I saw him share this on fb. This ad definitely has my attention. All the best wishes for you and your book.

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