Alienware Aurora R5: Upgrade/Replace M2 SSD

Hi! On this video will teach you how to
replace your M.2 drive on your Aurora R5. Nothing beats the feeling of pulling off the
plastic covers in your new Aurora besides it will avoid any overheating
issues that could arise. In order to remove the side panel pull from this tab on the back to release the panel to release the power supply latch, first
we need to push these two locks up hold down this plastic piece so you can
move the latch. We’re going to take it out for now. Just
be adviced this won’t be necessary on a system with
a single video card. To release the upper video card simply push this latch on
decided Remove the SLI bridge, then gently pull
the video card out and remove the power cables. You can also do this for the
second card if you have one. Locate the M.2 drive, now you’ll need to
remove the SATA cable use the blue tab to pull it out finally remove the screw on the top the M.2 drive will pop out on a
45 degree angle. Remove it on this angle to replace the drive simply put it back in on a 45 degree
angle and secure it by using the top screw. Reconnect the SATA cable and
reconnect the video cards. Push the video card back into the uppermost slot make sure it fits in. To hold the video
card in place move the latch to close it connect the SLI bridge place the plastic holder and move the
power supply unit back in place. in order for this panel to fully close you must pull down a mounted plastic
piece until it locks onto the case. Now you can completely close the panel. Unlock it by pushing these two tabs down again. As always don’t forget to follow us on
Facebook and Twitter for our newest support videos

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34 thoughts on “Alienware Aurora R5: Upgrade/Replace M2 SSD

  1. Is this the same procedure to add an m.2 ssd if the system doesn't have one? How would I move my system OS to this drive from my hard drive to have the m.2 ssd become my boot drive?

  2. My Aurora R5 has 256 GB ssd. This one has no sata cable as in the video however everything else looks the same. It appears this one has a NVMe connection. If I upgrade to a larger drive should I avoid the sata connector drives and stick with only NVMe? Or is the sata cable disconnected in the video unrelated to that ssd and it doesn't matter?

  3. I bought a Aurora R5 like 3 months ago, and at the beginning it was working really fast for about 2 months and then the last month its bein really slow, I have 2 hard drives, the first one is a solid drive and the other one is a mechanic hard drive. What we need is help to putting this back in a fast mode, I already try to change the BIOS from RAID to AHCI, and it says ERROR every time…. , and then I went to the Dispositive Administrator and i did all the changes that was required but nothing happen, when i enter to BIOS i got the ERROR sign again.  When I am playing the computer takes like double of the time to load the games. When I bought the solid drive  it was just because it made it so much faster, but right now isn't working the right way. Please if y'all have a video that could help me I would appreciate so much.

  4. Can you post or link me to a video of installing a disc drive? I regret buying my aurora r5 without getting a disc drive and now I want to buy and install one.

  5. Do you know what SSD nvme works fine on aurora r6 ? i couldnt find info about the ssd nvme that works perfectly on Aurora r6, my frabric config: Aurora r6 i7 7700, Nvidia GTX1070 , 16 GB RAM DDR4 i also want to know the dimensions for the ssd, ty

  6. Sorry new to desktops here, if I buy the base model with a Hard drive can I replace it completely with an M2 SSD and boot and store on it?

  7. I currently have the I7-7700 R6 version am I able to Upgrade the CPU or is the motherboard non compatible to upgrades?

  8. I wanna use the second video card's pcie port for a new M.2 ssd, the performance of my first video card will be influnce or not?

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