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23 thoughts on “Amazing Beautiful 1959 Vintage Spartan with 2 Bedrooms for sale in Texas

  1. it needs work, alright, but the possibilities for that space & cool retro style are a 👍🏼. plenty of eccentrics around w/$ that would take the challenge. good luck!

  2. This is a well kept it..we had one like it when i was young..born in 1954..its wonderful..wish i could have it..💜💜💜💜. Thank you for showing it and thank you to the people that kept it so nicely.

  3. Well this was posted already about 2days ago so why ya act like its a new post …. But yes to much money for such a dated trailer … But good luck with your new adventure….

  4. Mm, nope. I have this same trailer and I did it all in red and black 50's (it's a '57) rather than this drab and mismatched 60's motif. Yes, it's a great tiny house (The Bunkhouse) sitting on my Scottsdale, AZ horse property but they have to be done right or they just look like an old trailer.

  5. 12k I come get it I'm poor love that so much i have to get it to ct it all I have but I would purchase for sure I hate new anything 😒 have a nice day

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