Amber locks herself inside the bedroom | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Katrina, wait. Do you know something
about this? Really, Michael? You really think I’m that low? That I’m willing to conspire
with my daughter and allow her to lie? Honestly, I don’t know.
For the past few days– The past few days have
only proven, especially to Amber,
that you favor Mikmik over her. I know it was wrong. But maybe this is the only way
she can think of to get you to notice her. But it’s still not right. I know that. Amber! I don’t want to talk to anyone! Leave me alone! Let’s talk about this, Amber! I said, leave me alone! Open the door! Amber, let me in! Katrina… Amber, we need to talk! Here’s the key. Amber. – Look at me. Let’s talk.
– Leave me alone! No, you have to understand
that what you did was wrong. – I just want you to notice me!
– There are other ways. You don’t have
to resort to lying. But no matter what I do, Mikmik will still be
your favorite! Let me talk to Amber. Stop crying before
I really get angry with you. Look… …I know you’re trying
to get Michael’s attention… …but you should’ve done
a better job with your acting. So how can you regain
Michael’s trust now? My acting was good.
It’s all because of Joseph. It’s his fault.
I hate him so much! Well, he is Ruth’s son. What can you expect? Why are they still here? Don’t worry. I have an idea on how
to get rid of them.

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