Arcopol Plus: Upgrading and transference of tools for HC and HNS detection

Nowadays, mathematical models allow us to simulate the motion of solids and liquids in the ocean. Hence, these models provide forecasts on the most probable areas
to be affected by a spill, as well as on the arrival times to the coast. This information is crucial when managing the response operations
during an emergency. In the frame of ARCOPOLplus project, several multipurpose drills and training activities are being organised in order to reduce the time for delivering a drift forecast after the detection of the spill. This will allow observations and models to be included in response operations. Additionally, ARCOPOLplus project is also working to facilitate
the process of supporting responsible entities. Among others, we are working on maintaining the operational services
previously implemented, as well as improving a tool for real time pollution risk calculation, which integrates several different sources of information. This dynamic risk tool will be implemented in other areas beyond the pilot area,
which is the Portuguese coast. Finally, we are also testing the use of new technologies
on the detection and monitoring of spills. We test applications such as tablets, aerial and submarine vehicles.

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