Are Your Blue Jeans Rebuilding the Soil? | Stony Creek Colors

My name is Sarah Bellos, and I am
founder and CEO of Stony Creek Colors. A huge amount of polluted waterways all
around the globe are caused by the dyes and chemicals that we’re using for the
fashions that we wear and dispose of nearly everyday. Stony Creek Colors is a
renewable chemical manufacturer, and we exist to help the textile industries
incorporate renewable chemicals and colors into their supply chains. Our
flagship product is natural indigo that we sell into the denim industry. That
means that we’re growing crops like tropical indigo, and persicaria tinctoria,
which is commonly known as Japanese indigo.The plants themselves
have a ton of benefits for the farmers. Tropical indigo, specifically, is a
nitrogen fixing plant, so it actually can capture the nutrients it needs from the
atmosphere, but it also helps to incorporate a ton of carbon back into
the soil, and helps to reduce populations of insects that can hurt the next crops
that are following it in the field. Brands like Patagonia and Wrangler have
taken our natural indigo and incorporated it into their collections,
and we look forward to building out longer term relationships with them as
we expand into other fabrics and colors.

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