ASMR 디바 로봇 수리공🔧D.Va Robot Repair Roleplay 🤖Fixing You (SUB ✔)

Hi what’s wrong? Your here to be examined! I’ll help Can you shoot the gun here? Good Can you turn on the matrix? Continue doing it I think it’s wrong Can i access to you? Battery is okay This part isn’t equipped It will work well when i hit with this Stay calm Are you ok? You cant see me? Wait a second Ok now? Can you see me? This part is loose I’ll tighten it Perfect How about doing examination? The rate first Hold still Good. I’ll tighten the parts Wait The screws too I’ll organize the wires Please stay still Ok now I’ll finish with screwdriver Almost done Can you see well? Perfect! Come here once a week So that you will not be broken I love u too, Bye~!

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100 thoughts on “ASMR 디바 로봇 수리공🔧D.Va Robot Repair Roleplay 🤖Fixing You (SUB ✔)

  1. Please turn on subtitles👀 English,Français,Italian,German,Portuguese,Russian,Turkish,Arabic,Polish,Thai,Mongolian subtitles have been added!!
    🌹I need your translation help!


  2. For everybody, who didn’t know how D’Va was animated:
    She was looking litterally at the green screen at Hollywood map.

  3. Do kogoś kto robił Polskie napisy:
    "Macierz" mogłeś/aś przetłumaczyć na Matrycę obronną czy coś w tym stylu
    @cheap wine
    Edit: błagam ;_;

  4. Overwatch is my favorite game of all time, and is my main. and asmr was not something I thought would come true but this is the perfect video to fall asleep to lol

  5. 이거 뭔가 그 화물미는 맵 중에 수비 리스폰 지역 크로마키 있는 곳에서 찍으셨을 거 같당 할리우든가 그거 ㅇㅅㅇ 아이디어 짱

  6. 1:51
    Reyong:estas bien?¿

    La niña del robot: no pues pendejo no ves que la estas rompiendo puto,vengo para que me lo arregles no para que me emputaras,claro como a ti no te sale como millones me lo rompes y no lo pagas

  7. メックの点検用にこんなに大きい種族のメンテナンスさんがおるんやー

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