BeeBusinessBee Undercover in Lidl – The Psychological Tricks of the Budget Supermarkets

hello bee business bee fans and guess what
I’m back with another undercover and this time we’re going even bigger and better we’re
gonna take a look at how supermarkets use psychology shopping techniques and where better
then let’s take on a budget supermarkets so here I am at Lidl as you can see
and we’re gonna go inside Lidl as the police run past that obviously ready to
escort me clearly from out this building lets go inside Lidl and see the customer
techniques see you is gonna look at where they place products the strategies are
use and also some of the really clever products they and packaging they’re
using their products try and entice you to buy products so join me as I go into
Lidl undercover we have a slight issue
as you can see they’re actually stocking up in a place where I wan to be so could
be really quiet but as you see the I’m here just that no I mean I’ll be there
every supermarket as it’s fresh flowers always placed at the star of a
supermarket now the reason they do that is dead clever and always place that ash
flowers here because it makes you feel good about clearly post it and then what
your half of next these flowers here so here’s your flowers you have your
vegetables see it was in your fresh for an advantage always planks new middle
there’s a great way to welcome you into the store so just go past now and I’ll
give you love description look on the side over here now so as you can see I just got past their
readytalk oh really so as you can see here you get your
fresh for a badge now they place your fresh fruit and vege
always in the front bedroom you get past it because it’s a way of making a feel
sort of like quite vibrant again a positive another good psychological
trick just like all these big fright scientists see now look at price I am
there behind me psychologically that means that you always feel more willing
to spend money now again another knowing trick of a supermarket if you notice
it’s so bright in here and that’s another psychological trick
they use asset markets the brighter is the more willing you are to spend money
Ryan I better go because somebody’s behind me now here’s a really kinda
trick the bakery now it’s known fact that many supermarkets used to pump in
the smell of fresh bread they did not because it used to entice customers to
actually spend more money the smell of fresh bread Holly I have a bakery that
they actually pay the rent and you can smell it and the smell really really
good and it’s one of those known tricks isn’t gonna get you to spend more money
now typically here I want to show you the middle of middle because I said
known trick the middle a little is that one of those things were there special
offers and it’s all about getting customers to come in the shop buy an
item like a special offer and then they’ll go around the shop and spend
even more money buying more products but the MS is a member of staff literally in
town as I all know I’m gonna do a pasta and say we got away
with this so we gotta get a straight posture
the middle middle as you can see there you go look at that so these are a
little special office in the middle and it’s really really clever lightly place
them and how they do it but I came it’s all about getting you in the store and
then spending more money that’s why you have the middle of little now if I spin
around really quickly they caught you notice down the store you notice all the
colored features down the store all that’s called points of sale a point of
sale is all about trying to get it to purchase more item to spend more money
so you naturally get drawn to where these things that say like price got
here so beyond me there look at that price got you drawn to it you wanna buy
the item and that’s why they do it they’re really really clever and that’s
that fruit and veg idea are circling to be about so you can be humming now for a
match so look how colorful fruit and veggies behind them do me out filet
there it’s done on purpose it’s there to capture your attention let’s carry on
why push my luck a bit further and we go even further on the cover fruit parcels
yeah I do love them anyway Luke they look like a certain brand that
you probably all know the supermarket is so clever right little here they have
the packaging design so you think they have inexpensive items when they’re
actually not so they leave like the real thing maybe like the front hand but
they’re not but you get drawn into it and it’s the same in over here when you
look at the crisps all the crisps are the same everywhere you go down this
shop here it’s fantastic literally they designing the packing so
it’s like it but it’s not quite the same and clear that really annoys the brands
because the brandy comes they spend a fortune on their brands you know that’s
one of that intangible assets and there’s been loads and loads of call
cases of habits or stuff because obviously if you make it look like that
products some people believe it actually it’s and they go oh well look it looks
like that branding name Wow I must go to Barney’s pretty fast as but I quite like
them but there you go there’s one of the other techniques you use in a
supermarket knocked on and coat with a danger
anymore but right behind here look when it’s gone
it’s gone great super muggy strategy to make you really panic buy and spend more
money but I just feel like I’m trapped in here I feel like the staff are
watching me all over the place it’s absolutely nuts that I’ve got away with
it for so long wow I survived I’m out of there alive
I’ve got away with another be business be on the cover let me just mind that
puddle there so I have now shared with you the delights of how Budget
supermarkets working some of their techniques inside there you know what I
think maybe my time on the cover is coming to hand it really is too
stressful you know it’s quite scary you know going in there and knowing that you
know they’re getting they’re gonna pounce at any time you know even though
I’m be business be and even though we know we’re world famous I know all you
followers love these videos I start to think that maybe you know what the
Undercovers have got to stop maybe it’s time to actually go and ask them if I
can’t go filming they’re behind you where’s the fun in that
you know what be business be undercover it’s here to stay you know I’m gonna say
to you now don’t ya make sure you check out my socials make sure you give me a
like and a follow, remember make sure you keep buzzing

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