okay, come back to the radhit modification channel or don’t forget to like, subscribe the latest video from radhit modification for the latest video updates about modification, okay today we will compare original Yamaha R15 v3 and also we will compare with modified Yamaha R15 v3 with fullset r1m we’ll check now okay, now we will see the results of r15 v3 that we have modified with the headlamp Yamaha R1M headlamp, this headlamp is included with 2 mini projects and two LED eyebrows and also a windshield we can see and compare with original yamaha r15 v3 and we can compare it with the original Yamaha R15 V3 and also for the side fairing side fairing and undercowl we have designed with Yamaha R15 V3 and for the side fairing and undercowl we have designed it with design yamaha R1m for yamaha R15V3 and we can compare with Yamaha R15V3, side fairing and undercowl we can check and also not left behind, our tank cover has … the tank cover we have modified with yamaha R1M design and we can compare it too to design the original R15V3 Yamaha tank and for the tail we also have design with yamaha r1m model for rear body or Yamaha R1M tail for r15v3 it includes a single seat and also the back seat and also included left and right turn signal left and right turn signal 2 pieces and for the stop lamp we are still using the original, original Yamaha R15 V3 we can see for differences and comparisons with the original Yamaha R15V3 and for the cover arm We have designed the Yamaha R1M model too and also we can compare the difference between the Yamaha R15V3 cover arm and the Yamaha R1M model with original version

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