BOOST YOUR STREAM – Best Stream Upgrades To Make Right Now For $20

hmm oh man I am so ready to make an
awesome video hope you are too in this video right here we’re gonna go
over some additions and upgrades that you can make to your stream that’s gonna
help with production value and appeal now usually when you want to make
additions and upgrades it costs a few hundred bucks because you want to get a
new camera or you want to get new lighting or you want to get a new
capture card and yeah those are all valuable pieces of equipment but they do
cost a lot of money but the good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money
to increase production value increase appeal that’s gonna make your stream
look better than everybody else and the directory of the games you play in
sounds too good to be true trust me it’s not because I’m gonna show
you the best upgrades you can make to your stream all for under 20 bucks let’s
go! Hey all Wild4Games here helping you become bigger and better with your
streaming and content creations and I’m really excited about this video because
I’ve been working on it for quite some time to see what products would actually
be good to put on this list that will help you so without further ado let’s
dive straight into it starting strong or right off the bat for you every streamer
at the beginning generally lacks having a pop filter on their microphone now
whether it be one of these slip-on pop filters like you see here on my
microphone off to my side or you get one that sits in front of
your microphone just like you see here on my blue Yeti Pro please excuse my
dirtiness of my microphone this is my painting microphone for my other channel
these tools really really help the audio quality on your channel for one really
strong reason you see when you’re enunciated and projecting towards your
microphone you’re pushing air towards it and when that air hits that capsule with
inside that microphone it makes it peak in blow out this is called a plosive and
by having a pop filter in front of it it cuts it down immensely and you won’t
have any more of that peaking because when you have peaking it hurts the ears
of your viewing audience which means
they’re gonna leave your channel super fast so stop being a scrub get a pop
filter and add it today to your stream miss the camera let’s try that again
take two nailed it now pop filters come in different shapes and sizes and
designs from metal to nylon mesh to slip-on foam
go with whichever style works for your streaming setup and they can also
arrange in price from $10 to $20 and sometimes a little bit above but to be
honest a pop filter is going to get dirty at times so I don’t really
recommend getting expensive one cuz you probably will replace it in the future
cuz I’m sure talking into it and projecting you’re also spitting on it
which means it’s gonna get dirty in the long run rechargeable batteries come in
super clutch for so many reasons for something that costs under $20 this will
change your streaming life I use these for different accessories whether it be
your keyboard or mice or even your offset microphones that you can use for
YouTube content or other generations of content that you want to spread on
different social media aspects everybody always complains about Discovery on
Twitch but what are you doing to make yourself look more visually appealing to
get discovered on Twitch probably nothing everybody has the same D
saturated colors and monotone looking streams that blends in with everybody
else thus you should add a little bit of
color to stream to create that little visual eye candy pop that gets an
eyeball to notice in the directory to click in on your stream and you can add
color so easily just with some RGB bulbs or strips that cost easily under 20
bucks and there’s a bunch of different types I’ve gone through them all they
all work great you can go through LED strips like I show right here or you can
even get yourself some RGB bulbs that are very cheap that you can put into
like lamps or any type of socket that will easily accept the receptacle that
you can just change the colors to add a little bit of light now the cool thing
about these is they’re always on sale because there’s so many different
manufacturers now because all it is is just a diode that illuminates
up it like cost virtually nothing so you can always go with the cheapest
version out there if you’re really on a budget but what I highly
recommend out there and I’ll put this in the notes below is if you want to create
big long strips of them you want to get something that you can solder and
connect together so if you are doing that make sure you look the ones I put
down below but if you want something that’s just like a quick hit easy to set
up you can get just like a 14-foot strip or a 20 or 7-foot strip whatever works
with the environment you have that’s capped off that comes with an easy
remote so that we create awesome colors for example everything you see behind me
is made with RGB bulbs and RGB LED strips since we’re talking about
lighting let’s talk about the biggest con to lighting for a lot of streamers
out there is space requirement to get lighting to where you need it to be
sometimes if you don’t have an expensive light like an elgato key light you may
have a c-stand or you may have a tripod stand that
takes up a lot of space and if you’re in a small room this can be detrimental to
your comfort ability and what I’d really recommend is getting yourself an awesome
baby plate what this allows you to do is actually mount pretty much any light
that has a yoke on it or a mount on it to your wall simply just dry this into
your drywall or any stud and now you can hang any light out there that can be
mountable just a quick note out there if you plan on using something like a baby
plate you have to pay really close attention to the nipple yes that’s what
it’s called nipple stop laughing because they come
in different lengths in girth again stop laughing
we’re talking about really serious things you want to take a look at the
length and girth because depending on the thickness and length you may not be
able to get it to be received into the yolk or the mount which may recommend
you to actually like drum well or drill out the receptacle or the mounting unit
a little bit which I’ve had it done do on numerous lights so I’m just letting
you know out there you may have to do a little DIY kind of tinkering around work
but once you get it it’s awesome nipple such a funny word now everybody’s
gonna criticize me on this next one but to get unique angles or to have more
space on your desk and have more free range with your microphone and camera
angles you should really invest in Neewer boom arm and this one from newer is
great everybody criticizes the crap out of this because they try to hang like
their five pound a hoagie sandwich off of it I don’t get what you guys are
trying to hang but if you’re hanging something that doesn’t weigh a lot like
a web camera whether it be a c920, 22 or a logitech for Brio or you’re trying to
hang any beginner microphone out there perhaps like a Fifine microphone a toner
microphone a samsung q microphone or even like a snowball it can be handled
by this awesome neewer stand this boom arm is great yeah
it makes a little bit of sound but if you just move it to a location where you
need to be for your streaming setup whether it be camera angles or your
microphone is this thing comes in clutch for something that’s under 20 bucks this
is awesome to have especially if you’re an art streamer out there or you want to
have unique angles for maybe looking up and down on you for a little more visual
appeal or you just want to show a little bit more off of something like your
keyboards or Mouse or your art these things are nice to have around for a
multitude of reasons stop picking on this this thing’s great I
use it all the time for exercises too on the subject of boom arms are really cool
accessory that you can get to increase the production value of your audio again
on your stream is investing in a shock mount or cradle now usually a lot of
people like to spend a lot of money on this you could get something like the
blue radius here which is a big saucer this thing is so gigantic it takes up
virtually my whole entire face which is why I actually don’t even really like it
think that just broke something got a check it landed on the newer it’s fine
we’ll move on having an awesome shock mounts or cradle can be so great because
it absorbs all the shock if you move around on your stream and shake your
desk or you’re an interactive streamer that may accidentally hit it with your
knees because you’re tall absorbing all that vibration won’t feed back into the
microphone and cord creating an you know an uninteresting unappealing to the ears
for your viewing audience and we don’t want that what I recommend is get
yourself a nice cheap one they all work off essentially the same functionality
of bungees now it’s hard to recommend which shock mount would be appropriate
for you because it differs from what you want to mount it to whether it be a boom
arm or desktop mount and it differs depending on what your microphone is
whether it be like a snowball or a shotgun mic or a dynamic mic or cardioid
mic they’re all somewhat different so you have to do a little bit of research but
I’ll do you a favor and put a link down below of ones that I
recommend that work for a multitude of different microphones out there all
right well we mentioned ragey, salty gamer and streamer out there in your probably well
adverse of when you lose a match or things don’t go right a lot of people
slam their desk with keyboards or microphones and a lot of that plastic on
wood and that sound just can go right back into your microphone and be
detrimental to the viewing audience out there so I would recommend for a nice
little tip out there get yourself a gaming mouse pad in fact get yourself a
nice large one you don’t have to get one that has RGB if you don’t cuz that’ll
save you on the price but for under 20 bucks you can get something that will
cover a pretty good size of your desk and this is nice for absorbing all the
sound of when your mouse hits down really hard or you got to move things
really quick across but also helps your comfortability factor on your wrists and
forearms and it can also increase your gameplay skills by giving you more range
by moving your forearm and wrist around with your mouse I think we just hit a
trifecta on that you’re welcome now I personally use the glorious
mouse pad it’s it’s really great I recommend it to anybody out there but
they’re virtually all the same get something that has really good Amazon
reviews and works within your style of your desk shape and size okay I forgot
to mention the best part about having a gaming mouse pad if you’re a messy
person like me out there who may eat at your computer because you’re working so
hard to create awesome content for all you awesome people out there and you may
spill food your drinks water whatever it may be it’s super easy to clean up which
is huge for a lot of streamers and gamers out there don’t judge me
I’m not judging you I like to work hard and thus I eat my computer all the time
hey all future Wild here I did not think about how many awesome ideas I was
gonna have for this video I should have a little bit better about it but it’s
okay so what I’m gonna do instead of making one long long video I’m gonna
split this into two parts for you out there so thank you for watching part 1
part 2 will be coming out extremely short leagues I’m gonna get it out
within about a day or so I’m gonna put it in the top right corner right over
here so make sure you watch that video right after this one and until next time
all you beautiful people take care and of course peace

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