Building an Open Concept Kitchen | Rancho Palos Verdes Kitchen Remodel

[Rock Music| [beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes home] Hey Folks! Alex with Bay Cities Construction here… Hey we are at our project in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes we’re going to be remodeling a kitchen this is going to be an open floor plan kitchen
so I want to walk you through all the things that need to happen FIRST before
we can knock this wall down! [INTRO MUSIC] This is a 1970’s [built] house so it’s very common to have kind of a “boxy” kitchen a “boxy” living room and a “boxy” family room a “boxy” dining room for that matter so what we’re gonna do yours we’re gonna
remove this back wall it’s a load-bearing wall, there’s a lot of stuff
on there, so we’re gonna brace the house on both sides and then we’ll be able to
demo out the wall, we’re gonna put a “big old” PSL Beam that’s on order and it was it took four and a half weeks to get that built, to get that actually “fabricated” So let’s go over to the living and dining room area and have a look at see what
that looks like [walks over] if you have a 70s house and you’re up in PV somewhere up on the
hill. you’ll probably have a fireplace mantel that looks like this so we’re gonna remove all of this big rock and uh re-do the whole stuff, we’re planning on using some of the leftover countertop stone so
we’re gonna wrap some you still around the firebox and then because we’re
putting tile on the floor we actually don’t need the stone on the floor like
this, so it’s gonna be really cool let’s walk over here to show you this wall
this is actually pretty big wall That’s gotta come down… [caresses wall] It’s a little bit over 30 feet we’re gonna put in some
posts [points] on each end of the wall and we’re gonna cut into the ceiling – The
ceiling joists are running this way and they rest on here. So we’re gonna make
sure we take that off, these back walls are important for structural & seismic (integrity) so we’re gonna put plywood (sheathing) on them and also plywood on the other wall where this big window these are some of the things that have to happen in order for us to
be able to move the wall This owner has been thinking about doing this project for 15 years so she’s finally gonna get it… her beautiful open kitchen concept. So let’s actually step into
the kitchen and see what she has now hey the kitchen is this way come on.. So as you can see we got oak cabinets and you want to look over there we’ve got an archive of
what uh a wall oven looked like back in the 70’s this was a primo
situation [loud buzz] Holey Moley! No I didn’t set off a bomb… that’s the old-school timer so in here we’re
gonna reconfigure this whole space she’s actually gonna have an island now that
that walls not there and the cooktop is gonna be into the island this whole area
here is gonna be a series of workstations there’s going to be a
continuous amount of cabinets that way and in here we’re going to have the
island sink is gonna stay in the same spot In the ceiling we’re actually going
to remove this soffit and we’re gonna put a flush mounted extractor (range hood) so you’re not gonna have a big old hood sticking out of the spaces it’s gonna be nice and wide open with absolutely no blind spot should be able to talk to the grandkids
and talk to people she’s invited over talk to her guests while she’s cooking
in it’s gonna be kind of it’s going to be great well in this kitchen and uh we’re really excited to share with you the progress as we keep going I’m going
to share with you what we’re doing down here the guys are starting to work so
it’s gonna be a little noisy but I hope you bear with us [walks down stairs] so you can see in this case we had – there was asbestos up in the ceiling that’s very common to have some asbestos in the acoustic, so
it’s part of our deal We always test before we do any demo so this is all free of asbestos now – it’s cool. Let’s go into this little tiny bathroom and see how it goes. So its tiny… Let’s jump in the shower [pretends to scream] We’re going to raise the showerhead up because munchkins don’t live here so were gonna put it back up there It’s just a guest bathroom
but it’s something that’s needed It needed to be updated for a while we got the 1970s Sparkle Dazzle (tile) could be the 60’s actually anyway ALL this tile’s gonna get blown out NEW door, NEW window, and NEW vanity – easy peasy! Probably one of the easiest bathroom remodels we’re going to do this year So I think as most of the homeowners are
making sense of how much to spend what their budgets going to be and planning
out with a mess of construction I think ultimately, one of the things you have to
consider is obviously the budget maybe has to be in relationship to the total
value of the house so like in this house as an example it’s in a nice area has a
nice pool in fact let’s go let’s go talk a little bit by the pool… So … when you
have a nice place like this and look around
she’s obviously taking good care of the house over the years – the totality of the
the expense you come up with …we normally see jobs that are this size in the mid
hundreds ($100K) sometimes $200K if you end up remodeling a good portion of the
house as part of the process This is something that definitely we can help you with we can help you kind of come up with a tentative budget for each space. That’s how we like to do it so you assign X number of dollars for the
kitchen, X number of dollars for the bathroom I think it is important to keep
in mind what your house – already looks like, the neighborhood that you’re
in when you’re trying to make sense of how much to spend So we have a lot of
really cool tips a lot of good advice been doing this for a long time and I’d love to help you out with your project if you want to learn more please go to and check out one of our 300 or hundreds of blog articles on remodeling homes So this is a beautiful house we’ll definitely be
sharing our progress please subscribe below hit like and you’ll be able to
follow us as we progress through this project and the many other projects so
we have in the pipeline right now my name is Alex the Bay Cities Construction reminding you… You don’t need a Contractor …you need a team of Pros! [Got questions? Call us at 888-881-7355]

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