Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives Public Campaign Announcement

We must go forward and figure out how to build a new psychiatric hospital It’s been three years in the planning and I’m very proud of our organization for being so committed to meeting our mission 17.75 million dollars sounded pretty daunting to all of us at the time and I’m here to tell you that as of today, because of many people in this room we’ve already raised 13 million dollars And West Springs Hospital was part of my treatment and not everyone whose sick will need the same treatment – I’ve learned that And different things work for different people But we need a place to go, a place for people to stay when they can’t see any hope Today is really about tomorrow. It’s about the tomorrow when this baby will be opened And we’re planning to open at the end of calendar year 18… January 19 That’s what its about. Its about the opportunity to save more lives. I’m very excited to say over 54 percent of our staff are donating to this hospital project We’re starting now, because we simply have to We cannot wait any longer to get this hospital built It’s going to take another 18 months and we still have five million left to raise to make this thing possible I’m confident we’re going to find it (cheers)

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