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You know I was just a normal, every day guy And I thought I was, you know being real successful
and I had a great job and a great life. And then things kind of started to unravel And I ended up having to go to Mind Springs
at the hospital there and I can barely even remember it I actually went through a three year period
of a horrible, debilitating depression and Glen was there in a beyond belief capacity Helping me get through it and carrying the
two of us actually through it Almost every day all of our beds are full,
so what happens on those days then is we end up with a list of people who need to be in
a psychiatric hospital, whose symptoms are in a place where they are acute, and those
individuals are an eminent risk, an immediate threat to themselves or other people… and
I don’t have a bed for them. My personal experience with family members
is… waiting when you have a family member who wants help, but there’s not a bed for
them to get help… it just doesn’t seem right and that leads to a lot worse things. So when West Springs Hospital doesn’t have
an available bed, our folks have to figure out how to make that work. Sometimes that’s getting a hold of family
members, sometimes its taking them to the hospital, but it’s a workaround not a solution. It’s a way to try and stabilize for the moment
only until the next crisis happens. When we don’t have available beds, we’re not
solving the problem, we’re only prolonging it. And in many circumstances we’re prolonging
a problem that doesn’t get better, it gets worse So without those resources we really can’t
effectively respond to mental health crisis in our community. That’s the problem, is that somebody gets
contacted by law enforcement or some other entity locally and they’ve been deemed to
fit the criteria for an M1, which is an involuntary hold. And so, when there’s no beds available that
person has to be held in custody… in someones custody. But the last person that we tried to get into
West Springs Hospital and there was a delay, he ended up staying here for five days. So it’s pretty typical that West Springs is
full and unable to accept a transfer from St. Mary’s Hospital. The emergency department can be a highly stressful
waiting environment for a patient in a behavioral health crisis. It’s chaotic, it’s loud, there’s lots of activity
going on and it can create some difficulties for our medical patients if our psychiatric
patients are awaiting beds and there’s no beds available. As someone whose gone through this with a
loved one, when you’re in the midst of it, you’re completely and totally alone and to
have a resource that would be local would change that perspective significantly. I tried to commit suicide And I…. I had the kind of family that a lot of people
don’t have. They were going to get me through it, they
were going to help me at all costs. And part of that was to get me hooked up with
Mind Springs. I hope more people can get help. I hope they’re able to expand and give people
the help that they want. Because it does work. And we want those patients. That’s our area of expertise. And it’s a struggle now, because we’re so
space limited. And this new facility will allow us to get
a hold of those people and help them get well. And go back out and continue to stay well.

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