Cara Modify 4 Program CorelDRAW X7 Tanpa Uninstal

Hello creators … still with me on the Ans Vektoris channel content creator design and CorelDRAW guide to get updated info on this channel … type Ans Vektoris on youtube search then subscribe and activate the notification, so as not to miss in the next video content … about CorelDRAW many creators do it to install and operate this application in the graphic field both in terms of initial setup the update process, as well as in sections operation … as is the case with the CorelDRAW X7 application in the installation section to find out how to install correctly procedurally and gradually Watch the “Link” video above so as not to be careless … in the process of installing this application, turned out to require a fairly large space to save application installation program yeah … why not CorelDRAW application each has a “Size” or size in each of the supporting programs and if these four applications installed simultaneously it will fill the storage space on your “PC” or laptop yeah … thank goodness if your specifications or your laptop adequate… how is that below average or standard must be very influential on performance and the operation process … in the content this time, I will give a tutorial and solution … how to “modify” or restore four supporting applications from CorelDRAW already installed before continuing the tutorial … please subscribe … and consider the following tutorial … this video content, using Windows 7, 64 Bit as we saw on “Desktop” there are four supporting applications from CorelDRAW X7 already installed … before doing the “Modify” process or restore four supporting applications from CorelDRAW X7 … first we check “Size” or size computer storage on “Local Disk Drive (C)” can be checked here … Right click on the “Start” menu and select “Open Windows Explorer” then choose computer as we saw, on “Local Disk Drive (C)” location or storage area from the results of the installation there are around 46.7 Gigabytes … used and the remaining or still empty 50.8 Gigabytes of a total of “Size” 97.5 Gigabytes for more “Details” … right click … and select “Properties” it looks like this in the general section blue box … “Used Space” with “Size” 46.7 Gigabytes … This is the “Size” or size used … and on the pink box or pink … “Free Space” with “Size” or size 50.8 Gigabytes … this is unused amount depending on “Size” or size on each computer and finally “Capacity” this is part of the total on “Local Disk Drive (C)” ok continue … in this section click “Close” or close the “Modify” process to four supporting applications from CorelDRAW X7, like this … Click “Start” menu select “Control Panel” then the program and select “Programs and Features” it looks like this … as we saw, in “Programs and Features” There are two programs from the CorelDRAW X7 application already installed “Double Click” in the CorelDRAW section and select “Modify” then select “Next” in “Option” this is what returns the program or supporting applications from CorelDRAW X7 click and remove the check mark, in the column section on the application … how to do it like this … then select “Next” for “Program Features” just ignore it … and select “Install Now” for continue the “Modify” process the “Modify” process is already running … and wait for the “Configuration” to finish up to “Complete” 100 percent the “Modify” process is complete “CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X7 was Modified Successful” Click “Finish” and finish in this section click “Close” or close Likewise with “Windows Explorer” click “Close” or close as we saw, on “Desktop” the four supporting applications of CorelDRAW X7 has been erased … what about “Size” on a computer now we check … Right click on the “Start” menu and select “Windows Explorer” then choose computer as we see … on “Local Disk Drive (C)” there is a change in terms of “Size” or size which was before the “Modify” process “Free Space” or size, with “Size” 50.8 Gigabytes of a total of 97.5 Gigabytes and after the “Modify” process “Free Space” becomes 50.9 Gigabytes for more “Details” … as a comparison right click on “Local Disk Drice (C)” and select “Properties” please compare … before “Modify” and after “Modify” the “Modify” process is complete and happy work … how about the content this time … please “Like and Share” to other creators … for those who don’t understand … if there is still something unclear … and poorly understood video content this time … please leave a message … below the description of this video in the comments column … and don’t forget … subscribe to this channel … see you in the next video … and regards vektoris indonesia …

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One thought on “Cara Modify 4 Program CorelDRAW X7 Tanpa Uninstal

  1. Bagi teman-teman kreator yang pernah menginstal CorelDRAW X7,
    dengan pilihan Typical Installasion, dengan tutorial ini bisa mengembalikan
    ke 4 program aplikasinya jika tidak digunakan, tanpa uninstal.

    Simak dan nonton video ini, jangan sampai ketinggalan ya …

    dengan Cara Modify 4 Program Coreldraw X7, Tanpa Uninstal.

    Simak terus…ya…

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