Ceiling Fan Light Repair — by Home Repair Tutor

All right, has this ever happened to you?
You pull on the pull chain in your ceiling fan and the light doesn’t turn on. Bummer,
right? So in this video, I’m going to show you how
to do a ceiling fan pull chain repair—so we’re going to replace the pull chain—or
if you just want to replace the entire ceiling fan light kit, I can show you how to do that,
too. It’s really simple, and I guarantee by the end of the video, your ceiling fan light
is going to work again. So let’s get to it. Always start every single electrical project
by turning the power off at the circuit breaker or your fuse box. If you want to replace the
entire light kit, you need the model number. And on Hunter fans, that’s on the sticker
on top of the fan itself—so that’s what I was taking a picture of.
Remove the glass shades and the light bulbs. Nobody wants glass all over the floor. And
if you’re removing the light kit, that’s a possibility. There are three screws—here’s
a slotted screw; here is a stationary screw; there’s a third one which is just like it.
You need to remove the two stationary screws and just loosen the slotted screw. And that
will allow you to remove the entire light kit. Pull it down from the fan. This is a
modern Hunter fan, and the light kit plugs—that’s how easy it is; it just plugs right into the
ceiling fan. Here’s the ceiling fan pull chain. It’s held
to the light kit by two black wires—here’s the first wire; there’s a second wire. And
these two black wires are held to the light kit by two gray wire nuts. The ceiling fan
replacement pull cord costs about $4 at your local store. And you’ll need to remove the
two black wires that hold the pull chain to the light kit. Now retain or keep those wire
nuts ’cause you’re going to need them. Then loosen the nut that holds the pull chain to
the light housing. And all you have to do is pull the pull chain out. It’s really that
simple. Place the new pull chain back into the hole
that’s in the light kit, like I did there. Put the nut back on so that the pull chain
stays in place. And then wire it to the two black wires of the light kit. Twist the wires
clockwise, and then twist the two wire nuts in a clockwise fashion. And then push those
wires back into the light kit. And all you have to do is put the pull chain extension
onto the pull chain and test it. And voila, it works!
But if you want to replace the entire light kit, it costs about $50. I ordered it from
Hunter using the model number that I got off the sticker. And again, it’s so easy to replace
these modern ones. There’s just the plug you have to line up according to the letters on
the plug. And you just plug it in, and then screw the light kit back into place, and that’s
all there is to it. But I highly recommend replacing the pull chain first because it’s
so much cheaper. So again, all you have to do is put the three
screws back into place, and you’re done. Put the light bulbs in and the shades, and test
to see if it works. Now you can turn the power back on at the circuit breaker.
All right, there you have it. That’s how you do a ceiling fan pull chain repair, like I
did. Or you can also replace the ceiling fan light kit.
So this is definitely going to save you some money if you do it yourself. The pull chain
costs about $4, like I said, and the light kit costs about $50. So you can pick and choose
between what you want to do, but it’ll definitely save you at least $50-$75 if you DIY it ’cause
that’s how much how somebody else is probably going to charge you to do it.
All right, if you like this video, go ahead and give me a thumbs up on YouTube so that
other people can view it, if you think it’ll help them—that’s why the thumbs up is important.
And if you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking
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So until the next video, thanks for joining me. I really appreciate it. I hope you have
a great day, and take care!

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53 thoughts on “Ceiling Fan Light Repair — by Home Repair Tutor

  1. Wow Thanks a lot!!!
    this is exactly my problem with my fan "Light switch" wont turn on/off
    Thanks man.
    God bless you! =)

  2. Thank you – I am a single 54 your old female and this video helped me.  The hardest part was hanging the light kit back up.  Hard to get the screws back into the holes while holding the heavy light kit.  But for $2.97 I was able to replace the pull chair from Home Depot.  YAY!  🙂

  3. My ceiling fan works but the lights don't. My wife was in the room when the lights went out. said there was a muffled "pop". I replaced the pull chain switch which wasn't clicking when the chain was pulled. Still no lights and the breaker NEVER tripped in the control panel. Any suggestions?

  4. Thank you for this video.. we just had a ceiling fan light blew but fan still works and it's a hunter..

    My husband is color blind so this should help us both and help him feel he can still help out around the house..

    Thanks again

  5. Jeff, I like your videos, thanks. I need to ask,…"instead of replacing the whole light kit which is about 50 bucks, can you show how to simply check each wire from the socket(s) to the square plastic connector"? And instead of buying a 4.00 chain switch, can you just cut off the switch and connect the two black wires direct so just to usethe wall switch? Your time and help is much appriciated (especially because I'm not working right now!)

  6. Hi Jeff,
    I replaced the wall switch and nothing changed. I wound up bypassing the small black box with the two wires going in and one coming out (which was dead and should've been hot) and that solved my dilemma.

  7. The chain switch wasn't my problem. Changed it but still got no lights.  I'll have to continue to trouble shoot it?

  8. First video I watched and it solved my problem. Thanks, three fans in the house all need to have the pull chain changed. Great vid.!

  9. Say I have a hunter light Assembly… I don,t know all the color codes…for the Assembly my ex girlfriend tried too take with but failed ,,,it work's good but she took the wires apart and left me with a mess…message me at [email protected] Com please help anyone….its hot in my room. Thanks too anyone that helps. Jeff

  10. Good Video. Thank you. A guest is missing wire coding. You can check the wires with a voltmeter. Also if you reverse polarity fan or lights won'work,then change your connection. It is that simple. You may need some one with expertee if you are new at this. It can be dangerous.

  11. My problem isn't with the chain. It's with the entire fan/light kit. Neither the fan nor light will work anymore. They both turned off and wouldn't come on after that.

  12. For 20 years we've never used the pull chain to turn on the light, just the remote. So I never suspected the pull chain switch to be the culprit when the lights failed. But for three bucks (!) I followed the advice and it worked! Big savings, big help, big THANKS!

  13. I just put a brand new fan in, and I put the black on black and white on white, I then put the blue light cord with the secondary red cord, is there a reason why my lights won't come on? Is the red cord not getting any power if so is that a hazard or might the wire be dead? I need help so I can have the lights work in my grandmothers room. I am 22 and not very skilled in maintenance work however I know a lot more than just a beginner who just started a few months or so ago, this is my first ceiling fan installation and I studied everything before I put it in place.

  14. That is a Hunter Ridgefield. I would take a wattage limiter out too, it may eventually malfunction, and it's useless.

  15. I have a hunter fan which had no light fixture. so I purchased one from a department store. It was not a hunter fixture. It had the multi-colored wires inside the fixture, but didn't have the standard type plug showed in your video. So I stripped them all and reconnected them. Now my lights work but not the fan. My question is how many of these wires actually need to be connected, (I.E. which colors). Also, can I did connect the multi-colored wires, cap or tape them off without them being connected to one another without risk of electrical issues? Sorry for the long winded question, thanks..

  16. #GesuMaria1 +The Channel of Random Ceiling Fans it's still working good. So must have been just the switch @NEVY503

  17. Hi Jeff- What cause my fan remote control to work for fan…sometime the remote can turn the light on and sometime can't turn off?  But the same remote control work for other room fan and light.  Please help.

  18. Jeff,

    I changed a light fixture on one of my ceiling fans. The lights work fine, but now the fan does not work(I tested just before starting work). I had to splice the lines together and hold together with wire nuts. There were only two wires to swap out. White and black in the ceiling fan, and White and blue in the light kit. I connected white to white and black to blue.

    Any suggestions on how to get my fan working again?

  19. HELP! i tried to turn on my light and all three light bulbs went out at the same time and it was a little loud. after i replaced the light bulbs it did not turn on. i never use the pull chain so it should be in good condition still.

  20. I'm subletting an apt and the circuit breaker has labels on it. The one that says light always says "light and rec". I have NO idea what that means. Ideas? Also, the ceiling fan doesn't come off like yours did (1:12) as it's older. So will this be more difficult to do?

  21. How do I remove remote control for my ceiling fan with lights? I can not find the answer to this anywhere. Also how do I replace everything back in tact once I finish with that procedure.

  22. Thanks! The ceiling fan I have ceased working. But the light is working. The pull chain seemed ok with the clip sound. But I will try replacing it though.

  23. Hello! Tutor. my fan destroyed today. capacitor, two terminal. everything is okay. but fan isnt swishing.would you plz tell me where is the problem is?

  24. Amazing video, thank you!

    10 minutes ride to the store, 12 CAN$ including the wire nuts and my ceilling lights are back in order!

  25. We bought a Harbor Breeze Tahoe Fan/Light used, looks brand new, installed it, fan works great but the lights do not. The light kit plugs directly into the fan, would it be the light pull chain even if it pulls smoothly? Thank you

  26. I replaced the switch and it clicks nicely now but the light pull chain does not turn the light off. Both the light and the fan work and on and off from the wall switch works but I would have the light on all the time to run the fan. It was a Hunter and it only had the two wires. Any ideas?? I thought the wires could be connected to either wire. thanks.

  27. Fantastic directions! I don't have a Hunter, but I bet the "guts" are similar & I feel confident I can do it myself! Thanks very much,…you're a lifesaver!

  28. I replaced the light pull chain and the lights come on but will not shut off with pull chain what is the problem now?

  29. Very good thanks! Going to go and give this a try for our Hampton Bay Glendale Ceiling Fan. Even if it doesn't work it was very refreshing to watch this great video.

  30. so I replaced a vieling fan and light necaise the fan would work but not the light, now I just put a new one on and its the same issue fan works not light so it can't simply be the pullchain. Any idea what eles it could be?

  31. We did save $$!

    Thank you so much for this video. To the point and you make it very easy to understand.

    The ceiling fan light that I had was a home-breeze and I had to cut the wires and attach it to a new pull switch.

    Here is what I had to buy to get this done

    Diagonal plier 6 inch to cut the wires – 7.99

    Pull switch: 4.99

    Pull chain white knob: 2.99

    Wire nut to fuse the new pull switch wires to the existing wires: 1.99

  32. To connect the 2 wires from new fan light switch to the fan/ceiling, it doesn't matter which wire goes to which?!?! (my light switch chain won't move at all, broken?)

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