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we want to do a really good job for the
community that’s here they come into the relationship with certain expectations
and kind of this dream idea when they bring that in we want to listen well and
we want to hear their thoughts and ideas and the things that they find online and
share with us and then turn that into a reality when we get to the end of a
project and we’re doing a final walkthrough we want to not only meet
their expectations but really exceed them when we bring our decades of
experience to the table and the resources that we have and season staff
we want to be thought of as a value one of the more exciting hires that we’ve
had recently is to bring an in-house cabinet designer that has all cad
experience and renderings can design spaces even such things as built-ins
around a fireplace or designing in that addition and what that that new space
looks like after you take out a couple bearing walls we’re excited about being
able to really just kind of enhance our offering to the client

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