Custom LEGO Container Ship MOC rebuild / hull transplant!

hey everyone remember this well I
decided couldn’t stand it anymore the center of gravity was just too dang high
and the limitations of that unitary boat hull that I really really wanted to use
or just too significant so I took it apart and I put it in a new home it’s
kind of made with bricks except for the bow piece you know it’s sort of the bow
section that’s mostly made from those preformed parts that you saw me get in a
recent brick link all the major thing here though is that I have gone one
stood on either side wider than those preformed pieces wide enough in fact
that I’m able to put the containers inside the hull so I was able to lower
those down quite a bit chopped off just lobbed off the top of
the superstructure there above the bridge made it relatively flat and just
made the entire thing much lower and more like I wanted and really the
catalyst for this was just looking at it in my city in my harbour next to my much
larger supposedly in-universe full-sized container ship and this is supposed to
be a feeder and it just shouldn’t tower over the other one and it was towering
over it so I did some transplant surgery to take most of the wheelhouse
segment from the original bring it over to here and then the rest was pretty
much just built up from pieces that I had it’s not the best thing but I think
it’s a lot better than it was before you know just lowering these containers
I actually could lower these containers at least another brick farther down I
artificially raised them up to get them to peak up just a little bit think about
it maybe I could just take one layer it gets a little bit tricky because of the
studs on the side construction here I could take to it I’d be a little bit
easier Wow you’re seeing is it from the from an
angle that I have not myself seen it before some things need to be
straightened out there is still a little bit but
I didn’t want the superstructure to be too far over the top of the container
since it’s supposed to have kind of an aerodynamic thing going on supposed to
be a very fast short run sprinting ship but yeah we’ll see how that works I
actually like having having the folks in the bridge on the bridge being able to
see back yeah I mean obviously it’s got the sensors it’s got cameras and
everything but yeah I just think this is much better so Stern this part looks
better to me much better especially being shorter more compact this bar down
here nah need to work there’s right experimenting with some things but
overall the whole thing is just significantly better so this goes back
into my Harbor now or it looks much more comfortable doesn’t block out completely
the view of the much supposedly much larger ship actually a fair bit larger
with quite a lot more cargo hauling capacity but you know it just fits in to
the scene better and makes more sense so that’s that thank you for watching and
let’s do a little city update

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