Dryer Repair – Replacing the Door Catch (GE Part # WE1M1011)

Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we
are going to show you how to change the door catch on your dryer, now it’s a really easy
job, all we are going to need is a number two Philips or a number two square head screwdriver
and a small flat blade. Let me show you how we do it, now to do this repair we will need
to remove the outer door panel from this dryer and on this model there are six screws that
hold that outer door panel in place, so we are just going to remove all those and you
can use these as the number two Philips or the number two square head, now once we’ve
removed all the screws we’ll close the door partially, then we’ll just lift off that
outer door panel and we’ll set that aside. Now with that outer door panel off we’ll
take a flat blade screwdriver and we are going to depress on the little locking tabs on the
ends of that door catch, we’ll start at the bottom end and just push it in just enough
to start that clip through the opening, then we’ll go to the opposite end once we’ve
got the top and bottom released you can just pull one of the metal tabs on the side just
squeeze it enough and we can take the catch right through the opening and then we’ll
discard the broken catch, to install a new one we are simply going to snap it in from
the inside face of the door till it locks in place and sits flush we’ll next replace
the outer door panel and along with that top tab with the screw hole opening just fit it
to make sure that it slides over the hinge area and then we’ll replace the screws,
and we’ll start with two across the bottom, make sure they are snug but don’t over tighten
them and then we’ll put that top center one in and the bottom center and then the
remaining two, lastly we’ll check the door strike make sure it’s not misshapen, and
check the operation and out repair is complete, I told you it was an easy job thanks for watching
and good luck with your repair.

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7 thoughts on “Dryer Repair – Replacing the Door Catch (GE Part # WE1M1011)

  1. is that an spare latch on inside of the door. cause I see no reason for two female latches on the door, except that reason.

  2. Great job on this video, made it very easy for me to fix it. I got lucky, there was an extra latch on the other side of the door. I remove the broken one and I use the extra on the other side to put in place of the broken one.

  3. Light On the inside is convenient.•ᴥ•>allmy.tips/GE-Dryer?17Q     Dries a big comforter with one cycle. Very simple and easy to use.

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