E-Reserves 2: Modifying or Reusing a Course

In this video, I’ll go over how to update
the visibility and other properties on an existing course and show you how to reuse
an existing course. So in order to update course information,
we’ll start at the E-Reserves course page and search for the course that you’d like
to update. On the far right side under “Actions,” select
the cog wheels that say “Edit Course Information” when you hover over them. This is going to allow you to change information
about the course rather than the content inside of the course. Usually the main thing you’re going to need
to change is the “Term,” so if you’re using a class in Fall of 2015 and you want to reuse
it for Spring of 2016, you’re just going to have to go up to the term and make that selection. Another thing you might want to change is
if you have any teaching assistants, you’ll want to change and update them to the new
editor. So the two places you want to do that is in
the actual “Course Name” to make it searchable by students in E-Reserves as well as on the
“Editors” tab, and you would just go in and add those new editors. Again if they don’t yet have an account, you’ll
want to have them request an account for that. Now you also have the option to reuse an existing
course. So this would be something perhaps where it’s
been several semesters since you last used the course. So in order to do that, again starting from
the course reserves page, we’ll just go to “Add E-Reserves Course,” and instead of selecting
“Create New Course,” we’re going to select “Reuse Existing Course.” Here we’re just going to use the dropdown
menus to select the course that you want, so we’re just going to select a course for
this example. And then you want to change the “Term” if
it’s something different from the original. So if everything’s exactly the same, at this
point you’re actually done. But as you can see, this one is Spring 2015
and we want it for Spring 2016, so we’re going to update that using the dropdown menus. The other option here is the “Visibility Dates.” If you want to keep the original visibility
dates, you can tick that check box. Otherwise, all items will be visible all the
time. So you do have the option to go in later and
update that if you only want certain things available at certain times. So that’s how you update course information
as well as reuse existing courses. If you have any questions about this, please
feel free to contact the reserve unit at 882-6038.

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