Easiest way to automate your seat – Nmax Upgrade #9

This video contains translated subtitles. Press the Like button if the translation helps you, and subscribe for more 🙂 Hello my friends and welcome back. Today, I will show you how to automate the seat of the Yamaha Nmax. So for this project you’re going to need two things, and the first thing is: A Plastic, self-locking, wire nylon, fastening cable, strap, tie belt. But for short, we’re going to call it plastic belt. And the second thing you’re going to need, Is a second plastic belt. Okay, so this is a very simple task. Let’s begin. Okay, if you want to remove the seat, you have to remove the side cover and the mid cover, and then start to work on the seat. Be careful when you are removing the screws of the seat. Remove them gradually, just like I’m doing in the video. One screw from one side and then the other screw from the other side, This is the safe way, and later on in the video, I explain exactly why. This is the under seat. To tighten the coil we are going to lift the front end, And we’re going to release the rear end. Okay, so we’re gonna start with the front of the coil. This is a hard job guys, and it’s better if you have two people working on it. but… But it looks like I’m doing okay, so that’s the first one. You can lift it like this. So this height is probably enough. This is the lock, okay? so this part here is the lock. You want the lock, facing under the seat. just like I did mine. Now put the other. Have the lock facing under the seat, you’re gonna have to tighten it just like the first one. Not more not less. We have tighten it a little more, so this is a little loose. Okay, so this looks good. Don’t put them in the middle, put them on the edge like that. We have to cut these also. And now we’re going to release the rear end of the coil. Okay, now let’s reinstall it. Hey guys, so you see this rust here, this rust is the result of welding. I had a broken screw inside the bike, and I had to weld it out. This is why I said in the beginning of the video, when you are removing the screws, remove them gradually, one from each side. And now we’re re-installing the seat. Just like I’m doing in the video, install them gradually, one from each side. And do not tighten them too much. If you tighten them too much, you might break a screw. Okay, so this is it guys. I hope you liked this video. I tried to make this as easy as possible. And You don’t have to use anything, but the straps. What did we call these? The band straps, or something like that. I forgot. Okay, you’re going to use only two plastic belts. And Remember to catch your seat. Don’t let it bounce. So thank you guys for watching, stay tuned for another video and i’ll see you later. Bye.

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25 thoughts on “Easiest way to automate your seat – Nmax Upgrade #9

  1. Hi Up Max very clear video. Thanks. Do you know how to adjust the seat lock? I have to push mine hard down to get it locked, is there any adjustment bolt on the lock underneath?

  2. Hey, great job thnx for sharing. Can we do this exactly for the 2019 Yamaha Xmax 250? Do you have any friend with xmax 250 to shoot another video, that would be super cool. Thnx

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