Episode 8 – Rebuilding a House – Private Money Investing

welcome back for episode 8 of rebuilding a house from Metro
Mortgage Investments I’m Trent Dalrymple and before we go over the
numbers and go out to the house let’s talk about why we put together a video series we wanted to actually do more than just
snapshots of a house with the studs and the drywall and then all of a sudden you
got a finished house what we would like to do is show you all the details
that go into building a house and then also give you an explanation of
why these different steps are being done and maybe you’ll glean some information from that
to see what goes into it, we’re there every day so we might as well video tape while we’re
there and show you what we see so what we have right now at
this point the basement is done, everything’s completed
on the foundation of the basement and they’re finally framing up the house and that’s what we’re going
to see today so let’s go over the numbers real quick, we bought this house for seventy
five thousand dollars we have construction costs about one
hundred and seventy thousand dollars to build entirely new home it’s about five
times larger than the original so we have a total into it of two
hundred and forty-five thousand dollars when we’re done we’ll have a value of
about four hundred and eight thousand dollars which leaves us with the profit one hundred and sixty-three
thousand dollars so if you’re a Realtor you can possibly find
us a house like this if you’re a builder, contractor, developer
who can maybe go in there and build a the House for us like this and if you are an investor, lender would
like to take part in this project or any other future projects with us please contact us all of our information is
at the end the video so let’s go to the house from in up gold up real quick I want to jump in here the framers
continued to work over a holiday weekend and that happened to be the weekend I was going to be
out of town so I missed them putting up the first floor walls so
I’m heading on over to house right now let’s see where they are okay now the first floor is framed in, of course
they’ll be moving on to the second and then we also have a third floor
and a little bit of information for you there is a builder whose constructing a house directly across the street from
our house that makes us feel real good about the location that
we’ve chosen so thanks again for coming by for this episode of rebuilding a house
from Metro Mortgage Investments and we’ll see soon, take care, bye bye well

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