Fairfax Laundry Room Remodel Powder Room Remodel NVS Kitchen and Bath

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another NVS video! Today, I’m in Fairfax, Virginia and we’re
in a town house and the project actually started with one small annoyance, which surprisingly,
that happens often. People get frustrated with a way that their
kitchen is set up or a certain cabinet is just the worst to deal with and so kind of
just leads into a bigger remodeling project. So, the annoyance in this house was that the
powder room opened up right into the dining room and it just felt very awkward for the
homeowners. So, the idea was to switch the opening to
completely flip the powder room around and let it open up into a beautiful mudroom. So, that tiny little thing ended up being
a lot of work because there’s a lot of things that go on behind the walls you might not
think about. Plumbing, electrical, having to redo all the
drywall, and the trim, but it’s going to be beautiful in the end. So, I’m here today and we have just gotten
started. It’s all been gutted and the drywall is done. We’re actually even building up a special
riser for the homeowner’s front-loading laundry machine so that it’s a bit little higher up so
that she doesn’t have to bend over as much. So, this is the cool thing about remodeling. If you love your home in the location, but
certain things are maybe just not perfect, you can, with remodeling, make it so that
your home really works for you and works for the lifestyle you lead and your family members. [Music] So thanks to the magic of editing, a few weeks
have passed and I’m now standing in the completed laundry room and everything has turned out so
pretty. I’m so excited to walk you around and highlight
a few of the selections. [Music] So, I mentioned the risers and those have
turned out fantastic. So, it just lifts up the washer and dryer a little
bit, making them more accessible. [Music] So, the homeowner chose both the dark cabinets
and a dark floor and we wanted to bring some light back into the space and we did that
with both the paint and the countertop. This is a Cambria stone and it’s called ironsbridge,
and I love how bright and that really great contrast with the dark cabinets. [Music] We did capture some space from the existing
pantry that honestly was a little bit awkward and had some thick shelves that wasn’t, you
know, exactly what the homeowner wanted. So, we were able to capture that space to
make the laundry room flow better and in order to get back that storage, we went with a pull-out
cabinet pantry and it is beautiful! It works so nicely and she’s still able to
have a place for all of her dry goods. [Music] So, if you’ll remember this whole project
started out with the powder room and it just didn’t go well a little bit which is completely
fine and it all worked out wonderfully in the end, but the powder room–this is something
that we’ve noticed over the past couple of years, powder rooms are the place where people
are really showing off their personalities. This one is so pretty. It has a little bit of whimsy with the extra
little bubble touches on the mirror and the really glamorous vessel bowl sink. So, now the homeowner has the powder room
with the privacy that they were looking for and then it kind of grew into this really
functional laundry room and I love that it can be so functional, have so much storage,
but still be very beautiful and just a wonderful edition to their home. [Music]

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