Fast and Easy RV Upgrade!

how’s it going I’m Jared Gillis welcome
to another all about RVs today we’re going to be doing one of the hopefully
faster RV upgrades that we’ve done these installs are supposed to only take about
ten minutes each so what we’re doing today is installing new locks on our RV
let me tell you a couple of reasons why we’re doing that we have two doors we
have the front door here and then we have the door in the back that goes into
the boys bedroom which is like the toy hauler portion of our RV but the keys
don’t match we actually don’t even have the key for the back door so locking it
you have to go through you have to get its it would be nice if we have a key
for that door and it would be nice if they were key to life we’re using this
RV lock this it’s by RV lock it has a keypad there so you can punch in a code
to lock and unlock you also have the key fob and then you also just have a
straight up key for being able to to get in and out so there’s just about every
option you can on these and on the back door we’re using this guy it’s just a
little bit more compact we still have the the code the keyless entry and the
key option for getting in and out so they said all that we would need for
installing this is just a screwdriver shouldn’t take us any time to pop these
out and put the new ones in so let’s do that now the install was pretty simple
there’s basically six screws we had two on the end of the door that hold the
lock set in place and then you connect the electrical wires the the battery so
that everything can operate and then there’s four more screws on the inside
that sandwich everything together so that was pretty simple now I did have to
adjust the strike plate over here on the side of the door I had to pull that out
as far as I could so that it would get a nice secure bite when you close the door
but other than that it worked out great just a few things about these locks now
it comes with the ability to be able to learn your key fob being able to lock it
like I can lock the front door and you can hear that sound and it locks
this back one I need to do it so it’s all I’m gonna do is press this learn fob
button here that I’m gonna press the lock on this now it’s ready to go
so you do that locks it up and now it unlocks it and you can also program your
front code for whatever you would like the default code is one two three four
to unlock it you can either put in your code to lock it or you can just hold
lock for two seconds and it locks it up what other questions I have is how hard
is it going to be to replace the batteries in here and so it’s actually
pretty simple two screws here you don’t have to like disassemble the whole thing
just got a battery compartment right here and it’s just double-a batteries so
it’s nothing complicated or hard to get to be able to swap these out now I have
another question about battery life and the good thing is when this thing’s
starting to run low on batteries and you go to arm it or unlock it it’s going to
give you a little tone to let you know that the batteries need to be replaced
soon so that tone helps you so that you don’t get stuck with the batteries being
dead but if the batteries die your key is still going to work the the key
working is not dependent on having batteries or a code or the fob or
anything like that so if you’re gonna put your RV and storage have your key
with you that way you you’re able to get in and out even if your batteries die
say while it’s in storage and you aren’t able to hear that tone so that’s the
good news now I know some people don’t like
hearing the beeping sound it’s a little too loud and they just don’t like it
they’re annoyed by it so I got a little trick for you this is actually going to
be in a different video but as long as you promise to act surprised like when
you know you’re getting a gift on Christmas morning and you know what it
is but you still have to act surprised just do that for me in the next video
okay but this is what you do to get rid of the beeping sound is you just hold
down number one until you hear a couple of beeps like that and now when you go
to lock it you can hear the mechanism but you don’t get the loud beeping so
you’re not announcing to everybody I’m leaving it’s just nice and
No so that’s a little trick just remember to act surprised next time I
say it but I know that some people like being able to hear that beep it just
gives them a confirmation that their door is locked so it’s nice having that
option now we have the two different styles for the keyless the front one is
the standard keyless entry it’s more elongated and that has a little bit more
room in between the buttons for doing your code this back one is the compact
size so if you had a window that came down longer and maybe that you didn’t
have as much room for the standard one this might be the ticket if you’re
looking for the key list now they also have the just your standard RV lock also
if you’re not looking for any kind of keypad or keyless or anything like that
so there’s definitely options out there I’ll be sure to put a link down in the
description to the RV locks that we used if you’re looking at doing a simple
upgrade like this to yours it’s nice that we’re all on one key now so with
some added benefits so that’s gonna do it for today remember if you haven’t
subscribed already hit that subscribe button and remember if we don’t see you
on the road hopefully we will see you in the next video

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70 thoughts on “Fast and Easy RV Upgrade!

  1. Thanks for information, does it retain code when batteries go dead?
    Looked very simple also like the keyless option for not having to fumble around to use key for both lock and deadbolt.

  2. Thanks for information, does it retain code when batteries go dead?
    Looked very simple also like the keyless option for not having to fumble around to use key for both lock and deadbolt.

  3. Thanks for the "how to stop beeping" tip. I will definitely act surprise when it come up in another one of your videos 😉

  4. THANK YOU!!!!! The biggest thing holding us back from this lock was the beeping! Now I have to put it on my Birthday wish list 😀

  5. As with everything RV and anything sold on Amazon, I assume this is a poorly designed piece of plastic junk that will fail and break within a few months of use if it even works to begine with (as most negative reviews I have read confirmed). So no thanks, good idea though.

  6. My camper already has one key for all the locks. I contacted this company and they cannot match current keys. So I don't think we will switch.

  7. Was wondering about this type of lock. Great video. Will be looking to upgrade mine this year.
    Thanks for your info on this and keep it up. Love these.

  8. With the silence of the sounds on the lock, it seems like a good lock. However, holding the unlock for 2 seconds to unlock the door, how does this keep people out?

  9. Hey Jared, I can open all the other doors of your RV with my keys, you know that right? I just had a guy come over and bought a bed tool box from me today and he has a fifth wheel. He opened all my storage doors and out door entertainment with his one key. We already replaced our main door with the RV Lock. Now I am going to order new locks for everything else on the TT. Great info, and people listen to him on this one. See you on the road this fall!!

  10. We have this on our current 5th Wheel RV and I put it on our last TT. They work great. Our friend who go camping with us have all gotten them because they are great quality locks and it’s so nice having the key fob and code to get in. I just bought one for my brother-in-law for Christmas too.

  11. JARED! Are those four more gray hairs I see? Welcome to the club, my friend! 😉 Happy New Year to you, Kris, and the boys! Thanks for your vids and efforts.

  12. So there is a major price difference, but is there a difference in the actual lock mechanism or are they interchangeable?

  13. I've had the lock on one of my doors since like May of 2017 (getting close to two years) and the batteries still have not died or even once beeped that they were low. I've kinda forgot it even has batteries 😅 yeah it's been getting used at least twice a day every day since my old lady and I live out of our camper.

  14. Jared nice video but you could have replaced both locks with ones that are similar to the OEM ones without all of the bells and whistles. I believe there are only 50 different key codes. Below is an example of two matching locks for about $75 plus maybe $10 for shipping. However RV Lock looks like a nice upgrade if desired 🙂

  15. I wasn't going to get one if the sound couldn't be turned off. People five spots away from me I know when they go in and out because their lock is sooo loud. Now I just need to let them know how annoying theirs is and how far away it can be heard and that there is a way to turn it off.

  16. They need to upgrade the key pad buttons they crease easily and I have replaced the sticker within a year but overall good product

  17. This is a really great idea. Hopefully there are different and unique key codes over the same standard sets of RV locks.  I was told by a dealer there were not very many codes used for the door locks and even less for the baggage boxes.  My buddy has a 2003 Montana and I have a 2016 Hideout (both Keystone RVs) and our keys are ALL the same!

  18. Buying an RV for a rape victim so she can start her life over. I want her to feel secure, the look of this alone would make her reassured, but at $149 when she needs so many other things, need to think about it. Is it very secure, and fast? I would think not fiddling with a key would get her in and out and make her feel better.

  19. We just purchased (from Amazon) and installed our compact RVLock. Sorry Jared we forgot to use your link 🙁 . Yes it works. However, we can Not silence the sound. After emailing and discussing this with customer service (rude) they are insistent that the compact RVLock does not, nor has ever silenced. Regardless of what I have watched on Youtube. Only the V4 elongated lock will silence. Their suggestion was "put tape over it".
    We love learning from your videos Jared and enjoy watching your family travels. You are one of the best Youtubers in our opinion. In no way is this a reflection on you. We just thought that others may get the same experience we did.
    Thank you Jared we know it takes a lot of time and effort to create such quality videos.

  20. Jared, what about motorhomes that have the deadbolt from the master lock? Will i need to purchase a new door? sorry for the newbie question

  21. Our locks have arrived and we are pleased with the quality and feel but…I’ve read reviews where the quality is questionable in regards to how long it will last. I’ve also read where the fob doesn’t work, the door doesn’t lock many times and the keypad comes off during travel. None of those comments changed my mind about purchasing them but I’m wondering if any of these issues has affected you.

  22. If you turn the sound off will the lock still let you know when the batteries are going discharged? Thanks

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