Fuel tank repairs (Type 69-II tank) Where’s the gold??

Dirk, what is this? Hey folks, great you’re watching again! We took apart our tank and removed a lot of parts and those need some attention too Overhere; We have all the internal fuel tanks and some we as loose components They cost a lot of space The idea is to get these fixed and as soon as we get the tank back from sandblasting and coating we can install those right away and that saves a lot of space let’s see how bad they are The tanks overhere are the ones which were in front These ones were in the very front in that point next to the driver Behind those are these ones Those are the ones which have those ammo racks Our viewers told us that the reason of that is; if the armor is penetrated molten debris will burst inside that penetrate the diesel tank and the diesel cools down that debris That can prevent it to ignite the ammo that’s in there We have some surface rust here, nothing serious But this one overhere Look.. That’s a bit less good, we have some welding to do Okay.. but that’s nothing compared to … if we take a look at his gentleman overhere I can put the screwdriver through This tank was in the back of the crew compartment How is that called in dutch? The part where the crew is? Crew compartment.. This was at the back It rusted through here and at the bottom and here was another hole I thought I said it! Now there’s a hole for sure and, and! Look here This tank is filled with dirt and gold bars of course because we haven’t found those yet and I have been told these tanks always have gold bars hidden in them and we don’t have them yet.. they must be in here there’s a part of Kuwait in here and then we have this hopeless case This thing.. That was the tank which was in front next to the driver it’s filled with concrete That’s a real hopeless case.. that’s a shame, the tank itself is very good but it’s filled with concrete We’re going to cut it in half get that concrete out and hope we can weld it nice together again Clear, let’s get that rust off We’re going to put some paint on them This one needs welding and painting There are a lot of small holes.. New top plate Yeah, I think that’s the best solution Let’s cut it here Let’s keep this and there I think like this So we can weld on this thick edge that’s good, we won’t burn through And we can overlap it here a bit Weld it here at 2nd opinion we’re going to use a larger plate Look here We make a bend here and weld it all to that edge okay, this will come alright, next! This one is much better than that one Maybe water could get on top of that tank and on this one it didn’t These one’s are fine only a small dent here you can’t see it when mounted let’s start with this one The handle is already working again! it’s a bit thinner, but that doesn’t matter It’s okay till there.. but the misery starts here This is the line Yes’let’s cut a part from it and take our gold bars out of there! They’re in here! Many will fit in there! It looks brown What’s this? Wait a minute If there’s only this much of concrete.. Wouldn’t that be the same on that one? Moment of truth That much lighter.. without all those gold bars Take it out I do, look! It was so nice on the inside The puzzle is complete, let’s get new plates and weld it back together Next Let’s cut the top out of it and weld a new plate in there But before we start cutting, we’ll fill it with water It still contains diesel fumes it can explode Diesel is not that dangerous.. We’re not going to take a risk, let’s fill it with water Here we go Parts of the puzzle! Look at this Nice hey? nice fit This will be nice fuel tanks again! Fry it together! make tanks! and then; brushing Dirk, what’s this? I thought you took out all the ammo? This is an Iraqi smoke bomb I think too! Look it’s hiding There are parts glowing in there it must be But no ammo, that was gone It’s finished! it needed a lot of welding what do you think? Will it be tight at once? You don’t think so I can’t believe it, but it’s welded nice …gold bars…. It’s like a concrete tile see; that’s what we ordered It takes too long Impossible it’s tight at once I see water coming 2nd test What do you think? I think it’s tight It’s a shame.. you could use it as car fuel too Not exact the same, but it gets close to it That’s nice! Take a look Yeah yeah.. that drop was in the old paint we’re not going to repair this tank But we want to get that filler cap out of it but somebody welded it Like a new one I think you aren’t strong enough No.. this works fine It’s loose! Get it out See; what a nice fuel tanks! The internal fuel tanks are nice and tidy! Look! This one New top plate This Cut in half Sand out of it, concrete out of it cleared the screw thread found a cap for it Nice in order These Piece of cake; only paint just like that one We needed to mix some paint for it it’s a strange color I’m not unsatisfied it looks very real and this overhere.. That was the most hopeless subject among them filled with dirt and concrete in the neck and rusted full of holes We emptied it hammered the concrete out of the neck the screw thread.. get rid of that concrete seek a filler cap for it weld a lot of holes and applied paint But it’s all ready! We need that tank blasted and painted finished.. and we can fit those tanks right in! Nice! Hey folks! if you want to stay updated on our project? subscribe! Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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100 thoughts on “Fuel tank repairs (Type 69-II tank) Where’s the gold??

  1. Super nice project. i'm just happy that i'm not the one paying to fill these tanks with fuel. Keep up the good work.

  2. you should try playing "my summer car" on steam, its a rather stupid fun game in which you can try and rebuild an old datsun from the ground up, i wonder if you can make it run without using the internet for help! not that i doubt your skills but rather a testament to how closely the game follows reality.

  3. Just make fiberglass tanks from molds; make with cast from the old ones! Much cheaper, faster and more durable. Most importantly you wont have the future problem of rustflakes from the old tanks clogging the fuellines! Another advantage is they weigh less. You could remake most of the rusted out parts in glassfiber reinforced with aluminium strips to make the worlds fastest tank

  4. Weet iemand waarom er zand en beton in de tank zit?

    Verder erg interessant en imposant project.

  5. Video tip met een auto dwars door een ingerichte caravan vliegen! We hebben al een tijd geen schans meer gezien sinds de oude loods jammer genoeg is afgebrand.

  6. Can you measure and tell us in the nex video what is the exact capacity of each one of those fuel tanks individually(especially those ammo rack/fuel tank ones)?

  7. wouldn't have thought this tank would be repairable. but.. long term perspective and continued work like this and i can see it transformed.. even faster than project binky?

  8. ik vind dat jullie kei gaaf werk doen en leuk om naar te kijken ga zo door ik ben benieuwd als het klaar is

  9. Even by Soviet standards, this stuff was rough. The last thing on earth I'd want to be fighting in was a T55 Chinese knock-off!

  10. Dat beton stopten ze erin zodat het extra bescherming bood voor de bestuurder bij penetratie.
    Tevens was het geen fijne gedachte 60 liter diesel naast je gezicht te hebben. Ik zou het erin laten 🙂

  11. Cement is een goede (ouderwetse) manier om tanks van binnen te beschermen.
    Op schepen zijn nog veel drinkwatertanks te vinden die met cement zijn ingesmeerd.
    Met onderhoud veeg je het af en smeert waar nodig wat cement bij.
    Maar waarom er zo veel in deze dieseltanks zit?

  12. I remember the guy who found Gold Bars in the Gas Tank of his Iraqi T-55…he repatriated the gold…the thing being if you can afford a T-55 you don't need thew gold 🙂

  13. Pro tip: gasoline vaporises easily and the vapors burn easily, but diesel doesn’t vaporise and needs to be atomised (sprayed) to ignite!

  14. Ek weet nie wat crew compartment is in Nederlands is nie, maar in Afrikaans is dit bemanningskompartement.
    Dankie vir die fantastiese inhoud van jou video's 🙂

  15. That Sir, is a whole lot of restorative work!!! Excellent job of keeping the scraps and broken pieces to figure out how to restore this old beast.

  16. Buenas tardes . La verdad muchachos están haciendo un trabajo esepcional . Y no es un trabajo a la ligera esas mecánicas soy de trabajos para herramientas viales . Y saludos cordiales atte Christian Alegre de Buenos Aires Argentina acá seguimos mirando está hazaña mecánica 👍😎

  17. hi mastermilo nice works at this tank but i need the bew video about this tank the final video haw is look all the best from algeria

  18. om te voorkomen dat de tanks gaan roesten binnenin kan je er wat diesel in gieten en dat gaat de zuurstof vervangen met dieseldampen die roest voorkomen.

  19. My and my friend are machanicks and we have to sai: you guys sod do a video vhit buyng an old truck are bild it up and buy an old race car and repar it and bild it up in to a new 4×4 car. Greetings from Slovenia 🇸🇮.

  20. 10:18 why not just heat those up ? if your going to restore a rusty old tank you need to invest in some oxy-acetalene bottles

  21. Where is all the $$$$ coming from to finance this ? Love the videos! Years ago, when I was young, I solder repaired a gas tank by running exhaust from a car into the tank to displace the gas fumes. It worked ‘cause I’m Still Here!

  22. I wonder if there are some decent fuel tank on the surplus market? Look at all the surplus stuff that still pop up after WWII, seventy fire years ago.

  23. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤



    ( CLOWN )


  24. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤



    ( CLOWN )


  25. It’s Nick from Tanks a lot I nearly bought your tank for the smoke discharges, mine are missing . Could you get yours copied for me. Or maybe I could borrow yours as a pattern I could leave a gold bar as deposit.

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