GangGreen Landscapes | Live at Bedroom Jams

Hey guys, we’re 3/4 of GangGreen Landscapes. 
We’re missing… We’re missing our dearest percussionist babe Denya but we’re going to play some dubs for you. Hope you enjoy we’re stoked to be here at
Bedroom Jams with the boys, Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
yeah (The boys), yeah (The boys) yeah (The boys)
(YEAH!) Alright this one’s called ‘Rub n Dub’ (Dubby bass line plays in F minor) Brendan:
Yeah Sandy: Wooooo
Tobia: (yeayyy) Tobia:
What did you want to say about Blain? Brendan:
I just wanted to say, this song is named after
and dedicated to Blain Cunneen. If anyone knows him, I’m sure you do… Tobia:
Give him a pat on the back,
he’s a good bloke Brendan: Yeah
Sandy: Good bloke (Quirky but wholesome music plays) Tobia:
(Sighs) Alright guys, I’m sweating bullets.
(Brendan chuckles) Tobia:
You want to play some guitar Brenny? Brendan:
Yeah man Thanks a lot Sandy: Watch out
Brendan (chuckles): Watch out! Tobi’s going to play some drums guys…
Watch out (drum stool squeaks)
(Awkwardly) He’s pretty good at them. Tobia:
I have no other choice, they’re watching… (Brendan chuckles)
(Awkwardly) …The people out there. Brendan:
Oh I’ve done this the wrong way;
anyway. Alright. This song is called Nutella and Devon, named after our fame…, Favourite, ah, sandwich delicacy. (Eerie, psychedelic guitar begins)
(E minor, mildly rubato) Brendan:
Thank you very much

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