what’s up YouTube this boy bayshotyou back
again this time with a tutorial on how to how to get them easiest to the max
price a lot of y’all getting 1.7 when you could be getting two million
something okay first you want to do is drive into the
my shop why you in the mosh I want to kind of take your time and go through
each item before you want the most expensive item in each category don’t
skip a category you won’t get this price everything you want to be the highest
okay and I’ll be right back when we get to the wheels okay let’s talk about the horns real quick
you want the San Andreas loop when you get to the horn
definitely it’s the highest and it will get you the most and your undercarriage
lights you always want that to be crew crew colors get you the most no matter
what car you doing be it the retro custom be it the Izzy be it the slam man
done the car is like the crew color get you the most recognize the wheels I have on now making us a little bit over 300,000 more
expensive and I’ll be right back once we get to
the wheels let’s talk about wheels
I see everybody putting them big dogs they are they do not get you the most
money you want to put go to wheel tight go to SUV and go to chrome rims and you
want to pick Xtravaganza rims those will get you the most continuing down the list now let’s see how much our cars worth
two million fifteen thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars per dupe it
doesn’t get any better than that people this is the car you want I’m Glenn I’m
just glad I can do the tutorial for you so on that note I do this for y’all I
like to thank everybody for tuning in remember like comment subscribe share
the video I will be giving out at seven hundred and fifty subscribers I’ll be
giving out a fifty dollar PSN card and again at nine hundred I’ll be giving out
a twenty five dollar PSN card and had a thousand subs I’ll be giving out another
hundred dollars like I did yesterday on that note they shot signing out another one oh wait stay tuned for more videos

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