HARVEST RIGHT–NEW 💻Software and Upgrades💻 This is a Game Changer!

Hey everybody, it’s retired at 40. I’ve got some big news coming from the harvest right world They’ve got some new software that’s getting ready to drop It’s gonna save you some money and it’s gonna save you some wear and tear on your machine stick around chickens rooster crowing So I’ve heard quite a bit of feedback from you guys on my other videos About asking me if I pre freeze my food how much of a difference it makes and I really haven’t put a whole lot of thought into it until Really in the last few weeks. So I’ve been trying to pre freeze my food and put it into the freeze dryer See if it makes a difference Well, just out of coincidence. I had the opportunity to get some new software from harvestright which Really incorporates that whole thinking into the harvestright machine so what some of you may have never noticed is that there is a USB here on the side of the machine and what that allows is a technician or you the buyer to be able to do a software upgrade or Basically talk to the computer inside of the machine this new software from what I understand is going on some of the new machines and In the near future will be available as an upgrade to older machines So the first major difference you’re going to notice about the software is just your home screen is a different color obviously your version is a different version and if you go to customize and then adjust cycle times That’s where you’re going to notice your first major difference and you’ll notice that there’s not a freeze Adjustment on here anymore. It’s just a final dry adjustment You used to be able to adjust the the first freeze cycle you could adjust the time and then you could also adjust the final dry cycle so you could say like 9 and 7 were the defaults you could do 10 and 12 or whatever you want to do go up and down Well now you’re only needing to adjust your final dry So if you click start That turns your machine on and it’s going to ask you if your food is pre frozen or not Frozen and this is where you’re gonna get the biggest benefit out of this software Because if you pre freeze your food and select pre frozen What that’s gonna do we’re gonna shut the door here It’s gonna cool down your chamber for half an hour before I ask you to put your food in So that’s gonna save you a lot of time because that freeze that initial freeze on your freeze dryer is 9 hours Being able to skip out on most of that first cycle Is going to save your machine a lot of wear and tear because it’s cutting out Basically eight hours of having to pre freeze something that you can just you already have a freezer at home You can go stick it into a freezer anywhere deep freeze or the freezer in your in your refrigerator And it’s also gonna save you a lot of money Because that machine is running for eight hours less and every time you do a cycle So i have run about three cycles through mine with the new software in it. I’ve seen some big improvements already the time Definitely is less and now you actually can see the temperature in the corner of your screen Of the chamber, which is kind of cool the first time I ran the new software I got a little bit freaked out because the new software actually Uses the vacuum pump as part of the cooling system which helps the food get colder Faster the new software also allows the machine to sense the cooling in inside the machine Which means you don’t have to think about it and since that food is getting colder and getting colder faster It actually helps the dry process So now that our half hour pre freeze is done. We’re going to add our frozen food and press Start Okay, so now that our food is loaded in We’re gonna press start close the drain valve like usual and Then we just go to freezing. So the next difference you’re going to see is that it’s it’s telling you the temperature inside the chamber so -4 Fahrenheit and what this does is it now senses the temperature of the chamber so you don’t have to and That’s why it eliminates that first cycle of the freezing. So just having this in here about 30 seconds to a minute it’s already dipping down in temperature because of that cold food that I’ve put in so it’s sensing that it’s going down in temperature and It will still do a freezing cycle but it’s usually very short and then it will move into that middle drying cycle like you’re used to but the big difference is that it’s sensing the temperature on the inside of the unit and That way you actually don’t have to physically set the time that is allotted for the initial freeze okay, so this just kicked on and now you can see that it kicked the freezing time down to four hours and 29 minutes and It will actually keep going down from there pretty quickly. So it’s already knocked about four hours off of the freeze time Okay, so you can see right here. It’s been two hours and four minutes I’m not sure how long it’s been in the drying cycle. I just came down to check on it So right off the top that’s that knocked Seven hours off, If not more. I don’t know how long it’s been in the drying cycle Since when I first started to chill the chamber Until now, it’s two hours and four minutes So 19 hours for freeze-dried ice cream, it’s a big improvement over the way it used to be the only difference that you have the as the user have to make is install the software or Buy a machine that has it already in it. And other than that, you’re just having to pre freeze in a deep freeze or the freezer in your Refrigerator your food before you put it in and you’re saving basically a third of the cycle time from the old way I’ll keep trying different foods with this new software and keep you posted on what my results are in the meantime This is retired at 40. Remember to live life simple. We’ll catch you next week

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32 thoughts on “HARVEST RIGHT–NEW 💻Software and Upgrades💻 This is a Game Changer!

  1. Without this software & insertinng food directly from the freezer into the FD, how many hours do you recommend setting the freeze time to?

  2. What models of freeze dryer will this software work on, and how do you download it? I see no place, no 'support' section, on the HR web site.

  3. Just spoke with Harvest Right & the person on the line said he’s not throughly convinced this upgrade is something he’s going to purchase himself when it becomes available. He said it has it’s positives & negatives and it’s sold on this upgrade. They’re working out the bugs.

  4. WOW I really like this As electricity cost in Australia is A$0.40c KWH This will save money and wear tear on unit. Running off Solar12v panels  5* 285w =delivering  1KW  =88 amps full sun looking to further increase by 1KW.  Battery Storage are  deep cycle gel batteries with 9600 watt hours (8 *100 amp hours) Gel batteries can only be taken to 40% discharge B4 damage occurs to batteries The medium size unit has max wattage draw on dry  cycle of 1400w approx.The large unit which I have bough On this cycle is 2000w or 50% more This is compensated by double food processing so for me  is best option. Yet to take delivery At present running 2000w modified sign wave inverter I do have to buy a 2,500 pure sine wave as the FD has computer in  it .The battery bank may handle freeze cycle but not the dry cycle as there no sun at night looking to solution here

  5. I was VERY Curious about this upgrade when you first mentioned it. I am not sure that i will bother with it now. If i put frozen food into the dryer i simply lower the freeze time to 5 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less(I assume with the software upgrade i would loose this). Also, do you know the sequence to tap the corners on the screen to enter into the service mode(hidden features mode…?) It might be a good video. I didn't know it existed until a Harvest Right Tech had me do it over the phone to diagnose my failing vacuum pump( witch they replaced for free under warranty)

  6. Why buy Harvest Right with 1 year warranty at higher buy cost. When you can grab one on Alibaba.com almost identical unit with stronger upgraded vacuum pump and still have same warranty as "american made", but cheaper spare parts and fewer bugs etc. Often included engineering support and 13 months warranty.

  7. Mine came with this version of the software. Would have been nice if the manual was updated with it because it had instructions for settings I didn't have, LOL.

  8. Question it's just me here but growing season I waste a lot of food off my garden and you know you can't freeze a lot of it turn to crap so is this freeze dryer actually worth it?

  9. Retired at 40 – Can you provide a download link to the firmware upgrade? My HRFD doesn't have this update. I'm having an issue with the vacuum pulling a seal and have the valve closed, tight new hoses, the door seems to be sealing, and am thinking now it may be software that is the issue as it just hangs at >2500. Thank you!

  10. Hello!
    I got my update with the trusty help of my beloved fiancé (usb wouldn’t show up in MY computer but worked fine in his 🤷‍♀️).

    Anyway, now how do I get the update into my Harvest Right? I plugged the usb in, flipped the switch, and NOTHING. The Harvest Right just went right to its normal ol’ screen…

    Hopefully, you can help guide me?

  11. Has anyone been able to confirm whether Harvest Right is allowing the previous version of the freezedryer to have it's firmware updated?

  12. Are You an Employee, or Benefiting Financially?
    Hi, I've been looking at Harvest Right for several years, glad I'm waiting, work out the kinks. One YouTuber shared his negative experience with bad customer-relations, and the owner, or manager, got pissy, and sent a Certified Letter threatening to sue him for sharing his opinion, exasperating the customer service fail.
    Now I see a lot of YouTubers who appear to be Harvest Right employees. Is this YouTuber an employee or benefiting financially by his relationship with Harvest Right?
    I understand new companies, they have to start selling, or go belly up, and they work out the kinks. The initial customers miss innovations and fixes that later customers enjoy, (as well as lowering prices), but they enjoy the technology from a much earlier period of time. Well financed early adopters of the technology often sell their earlier units, and upgrade later on, enjoying the benefits of early and later adoption of the technology.
    Bugs that need fixing—in design, in customer relations, in engineering—are understandable, but managers who respond to legitimate criticism with anger and threats are just poor business people following a flawed business plan. The reaction from Harvest Right that the YouTuber read for us in the Certified Threat Letter is unreasonable, and will need serious adjustments in attitude, and population, (which staff members stay or receive severance). Hopefully, if it is coming from corporate, there won't need to be a restructuring of management, or sale of the business.

  13. One thing I will say, I think you said it yourself, (not first-hand knowledge, but I've heard it from many sources), any other Freeze Dryer is a piece of lab equipment, or for commercial manufacture, and costs ten times more. I like Harvest Right.

  14. Please provide where I can get the software upgrade. I called HR and they said they were not aware of a release. None of your replies informs the reader where you obtained the upgrade. Thank you.

  15. Where can we get this firmware? I just got one of these. it can with the wrong firmware. Harvest Right sent me a new firmware, but it actually rolled the version back even further.

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