How to Create a DMR Codeplug 2.0 by Sebastian KBØTTL

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8 thoughts on “How to Create a DMR Codeplug 2.0 by Sebastian KBØTTL

  1. Are you not limited to the talk groups that are on the repeater? I thought that was the case. If not DMR sure opens up what I can do.

  2. One thing I would suggest is when you download the original list from the radio, save that file as "original" or something similar. If you screw something up, you at least have a good original copy. Every few times I change something I actually save as a new file. It's saved me more than once! 73

  3. I add a # in front of all talkgroups that I frequently use or want to quickly access in the CPS. #Local2, #Local9, #Parrot, #Simplex, etc.

  4. To everyone who desires to present a video tutorial on Youtube. Sebastian's TWENTY-NINE minute tutorial should be the model that you aspire to. Informative in its simplicity, all the while showing, step-by-step, what he's doing. Narrative makes following so easy to replicate in your own code plug. Well done, Sebastian!!

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