How to do intestinal remodelling without undergoing bariatric surgery

You eat it, you absorb it. That’s the way
we think about nutrition. We don’t often think about, how it happens or who the players
are. So let me introduce you to the body part of the moment, an intestinal villi. You’ve
got lots of them, butting out from your intestinal surface. They’re actually quite a complex
structure, each is approximately 0.5 mm wide and 1.6 mm in length. And they are composed
of many enterocytes, each of them with microvilli projecting from their surface. These are the
cells that are tasked with mopping up the goodies, you eat. Well that’s their day
job, it pays the bills. But, what every enterocyte dreams of, is to bungee jump, into the abyss.
They’re born daredevils. They live fast and die young. And living faster, is their
REAL objective. Unfortunately THIS CAUSES you lot’s of trouble. Join us for this episode
of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV, as we discover how you can ground your enterocytes and in
the process, improve your metabolic health. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you
by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps
& other health horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make
a big difference to your health. It all begins in the base station of the villi. Specialized
intestinal stem cells, birth baby enterocytes. And as they grow up, they jostle each other,
for a place on “the travelator”. The unlucky ones, get pushed down, not up. Some end up,
trapped in the base station, which for the most part, is a BIG disappointment, but it’s
not a hopeless situation. The opportunity to float free, is delayed, not obliterated.
And if you’re in the base station, you are required to “go forth and multiply”. But
multiplication has it’s perks. There is always the possibility of escape. Cells that
can position themselves, just right, can push their way out of the base station, hop on
the travelator, and head for glory. Or at least get an opportunity for a redo. The really
unlucky ones, end up getting pushed into the basement and put to work, as Paneth cells.
It’s hard labour. Paneth cells are in charge of travelator, maintenance and security. Now
they are both worthy jobs, but from an intestinal cell perspective, this is like being banished
to “hell”. The problem, you live a whole lot longer, work hard everyday and never get
to float free. But don’t get me wrong, the so called “lucky” enterocytes, also WORK
HARD. They’re expected to pull finger and fuel the machinery. They reach out and grab,
all the nutrients, you have provided : sugars, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
The nutrients are processed and then passed on, using the supply lines that run beneath
the travelator. Water soluble items get loaded into blood capillaries, fat soluble items,
are shoved into lacteals. It’s hard work, but rewarding, directly rewarding. The more
nutrients grabbed, the faster and further the travelator moves. And everyone WINS. Well
the enterocytes do, the fat cells might feel differently. This is what a team of Chinese
researchers discovered. The team investigated villi construction, in genetically disadvantaged
mice. The disadvantage these mice were suffering from, is they NEVER FEEL FULL. Which means,
they eat and eat and eat. And if you eat non-stop, you end up being fat and diabetic. Ag shame
! So what happens to your villi, in this situation ? Well, since the cells are receiving more
nutrients, they are able to extend their reach and move along faster. This can be seen here.
The first panel, shows what happens in a normal mouse. The second panel, shows the villi in
the genetically disadvantaged mice, who eat non-stop. That continuous grazing, causes
the villi to be about one third longer. So what ? Well it’s a vicious cycle – the longer
your villi are, the more nutrients you’ll absorb. And the more nutrients you absorb,
the longer you villi will be. AND THE FATTER YOU WILL BE. Because, more calories in, means
there are more calories available. To use and TO STORE. Eish ! Now the team, being science
types, wanted to know, why the villi were longer. And their bosses, wanted to know,
how to stop the process. Using radiographic probes and inhibitors, they established that
the process was being driven by catenin signalling, inside the base station. Basically the cells
in the base station, were being told to speed up their “go forth and multiply”. So what
was sparking catenin signalling ? Well the team established, it was food, glorious food,
it really didn’t matter what the food was. Carbs did. So did fats. The next question
they asked, would curtailing nutrient supply, shorten the villi ? The team put their genetically
disadvantaged mice ON DIET. By taking away the food. It was HARD on the mice, remember
these little guys, NEVER FEEL FULL. NEVER ! But within a short period of time, the villi,
returned to “normal” levels. Of course, as an added bonus, the mice lost weight. This
research suggests intestinal remodelling, not a genetic disadvantage is behind some
of the extra weight. We know INTESTINAL REMODELLING can help melt away the pounds. In fact, this
is the premise behind bariatric surgery. Surgeons, re-wire the gut, to stop, nutrients passing
through much of the small intestine. Ouch ! But, you don’t have to re-wire the gut,
to get the benefit. You can do a little intestinal remodelling, without going under the knife.
Since the presence of nutrients in the small intestine, IS THE TRIGGER, for longer villi.
Make sure, nutrients aren’t PRESENT 24/7, so beta catenin is less frisky. Practise the
D in the CANDY FLOSS system – dine, don’t graze. To learn more about the CANDY FLOSS
system, visit our website and download the willpower report, it’s free. And begin the
journey to better body chemistry and better health. Interested in discovering more ways
to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY or need a little help getting your body chemistry on
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in one of our courses or programmes. The advice is simple to follow and based on real science,
not hype. Know someone who is contemplating intestinal remodelling. Share this video with
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CHEMISTRY TV. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time. Remember small
things can make a big difference to your health.

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