How to Fix a Windshield Crack in Your Car (Do Glass Repair Kits Work?)

rev up your engines Today I’m going to help you answer the question, do
windshield repair kits really work, now realize that windshields are actually
made of tempered glass on the outside, plastic in the middle, and then another
layer of tempered glass on the inside, as you can see, the outer layer is tempered
glass, then there is polyvinyl butyral on the inside, which is a type of plastic,
then there’s tempered glass on the inside, now on this crack you can feel the
crack on the outside, but you can’t feel the crack on the inside, so only the
outer layer is cracked, now if the glass is cracked on both
sides, forget it don’t even try fixing it, because it’s gone then, but even so, this crack
is so long, there’s nothing you can do to fix this other than replace the
windshield, but when you have small cracks like this one here, you can seal
them before the cracks get big and create a giant mess, the point is, you
want to stop a small crack from growing and then shattering the whole windshield,
first you get the pin with the kit, and you clean out any loose fragments that are
in there, then you get the alcohol prep that comes with and make it nice and
clean, then you get the backing plate, put it over the center of the hole and push it on,
then you pull the cover off there, and put this little cap on, then you get the
resin, and squirt some of it into the hole, then you get the syringe it comes
with, plunge it into the hole, then you pull up the plunger and lock it
in place on this low notch, and let it sit for a while, they say wait about 10
minutes, then you take off the syringe, that let some air in then you push it
back in again, goes into the hole, you twist it and put it on the second notch, then you
wait about 20 minutes for it to seal itself in, then you take the whole thing
off, peel it off, then you put a little dot of the resin on the hole, and put this curing
strip on top, and you want to do this while the sun is shining, because the
ultraviolet rays are what ultimately cure the resin, but I’m not a patient man,
so I use my UV light to cure it much faster, and now when I run my hand over
it, it’s smooth it doesn’t have the crack anymore, the trick is to catch it when
they’re small, if they’re big like this one, forget it, because if they start big
like this one, there’s no hope at all, the crack will just grow, especially when you
put the defroster on when it’s cold in the winter and the heat gets to it, it will
shatter like mad, so now you know about windshield repair kits, in a pinch with a
small crack, they can help you out, just don’t expect miracles, more quick fixes
on the Scotty Kilmer Channel, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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100 thoughts on “How to Fix a Windshield Crack in Your Car (Do Glass Repair Kits Work?)

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  2. I think in NC it won't pass inspection if the crack is more than 6" long. I had a rock hit the windshield in my Honda years ago and it left a little pitted place. I took it to a auto glass shop and he did what you did and repaired it. He said it was boarder line to be fixed. That has been 7 or so years ago and it hasn't grown. It is down near the bottom. If it was in the line of sight I would have had it replaced.

  3. Adjusting playback speed to 50% will make Scotty sound like he’s had one too many drinks, and my god is it hysterical to listen to 😂

  4. Say there is someone hidden at the side of the road with an extremely powerful magnet. He turns on the magnet and pulls your vehicle into the path of an oncoming semi. This is the ''flat rate' for that stretch of road. If your vehicle has a front end like a 'car ramp' and is made of aerospace structural steel, you will flip the semi and drive home to your 12 children and 10 dogs/cats, etc. Martensitic/ austenitic.

  5. OK Scotty but how do I fix the glass on my computer screen that was shattered by your operatic soprano voice?

  6. If I have a long crack in my windshield, are you saying it will one day make my whole windshield shatter? Like it will never plateau, it will always just get worse and spread more and more like an infection?

  7. If the crack is within a distance of your driving eyeline…sometime you have to replace the windscreen…by law. If you life a a place where you will get several cracks per year…Alaska gravel roads…etc.
    You will be able to drive for longer with out replacing the windscreen because of the cost.
    But! If you have a crack or cracks that are so obvious a distraction to the driver due to the eyeline..rain.sun reflections etc…You may be ordered to take your car off the a repair shop within X number of days.and later show that the repair had been done.

  8. I disagree with you Scotty. I got a crack in my windshield and after 2 days of praying it just disappeared… Lol. so yes miracles happen.

  9. My 2004 Camry windshield has had a pea sized crack in it since it was new. 200,000 miles later it hasn't gotten any bigger.

  10. Hey Scotty dude have you ever repaired a crack on a human dude?? If so where do you start?
    I tried to repair a crack on a Sasquatch! He picked me up & did things unmentionable!

  11. I can vouch for this. I work with Safelite. We use a very similar resin and vaccum system. Only we use a machine to create a vacuum seal on the chip. The machine is a lot more precise but it better be because it costs over $2,000.

    If your crack has spread more than 3 inches don't bother trying to have it repaired. Windsheilds are easy for a professional to replace. Usually I can do one in less than an hour.

  12. Hey scotty.
    How do you stop your windscreen from getting glare…specially when you are driving at night with the AC on.
    It really gets annoying when all those headlights from cars glare out the wind screen.

  13. Scotty, thanks for the tips.
    Please make up stickers that say::: Scotty told me!!!!
    Iin largish letters, with your deeytails below.
    I reckon, this will spread the word and you will go down in history..😁😎😃😃

  14. Just replaced a windshield that had two small things, rock chip about the size of a quarter and a crack about one inch long that was unrelated. Both would chew up wiper blades.

  15. I'm actually surprised how well this worked. I had a Birdseye crack and this thing made it invisible from the driver's seat and only barely visible when you're looking closely right at it

  16. Mr. Scotty Kilmer, kindly let me know the exact name of the chemical you used to repair the cracked windshield and the place I can buy. It was so amazing you totally got rid of the crack on the windshield. I have a small crack on my 2007 Honda civic 4 door. The length of the crack was only 2 to 3 inches long now due to driving it is increased to about 8 inches. A small stone hit on the glass on the highway last week was the reason. I sincerely thank you for the I informations and for the pain taken to send.

  17. I called to get my windshield repaired. The guy came and did it for like 5 or 6 minutes. I don't think that is reasonable time; at least 15 minutes for glue to be harden. What do you think? Your thoughts pls.

  18. Does it matter how long you leave a small crack? I took it to smith and smith and he said it had been left to long and there was dirt in them, there are 3 very small chips I asked him if i could just clean them out he said, no, was he being honest or was he just lying to get more money? Because right after that he mentioned they were having a sale on windscreens $200+
    I just don't want to be taken to the dry cleaners if I can help it… Also for one of those kits over here is $34 dollars, New Zealand… I would like to know before I go and buy another windscreen if I can still use this alternative, Please need sound advice Thank you…

  19. I need your help before I make stupid mistakes. Here’s the question how to increase my gas mileage. I seen you just
    Plug in to computer and you can get 30% or better gas mileage. Is this TRUE? Before I wasted money again. How to find out
    your answer?

  20. What about a tiny crack at the edge of the windshield? Those applicator devices work in the middle of the windshield, but on the edge where you run out of glass to place the applicator on, you’re SOL.

  21. Good thing you have the UV light because the stuff would never dry with that chemtrail over your head getting ready to block the sun!!!!!!!

  22. I'm sorry but you are wrong. Windshields are not 2 layers of tempered glass. If it was tempered glass, it would explode when broken, like a door glass or back glass.

  23. That's what the assholes w big tires deliver if they dont have mudflaps.
    I am so tired of big idiots w little weens.

  24. No, the windshield is not tempered glass. It’s two pieces of float glass with laminate sandwiched between the two. That kit is a toy don’t bother , hire a pro to repair it or replace it. Don’t mess with your windshield it’s designed to keep the roof of your car from collapsing on you in case of a roll over and also redirects most passenger airbags.

  25. Hi Scotty. I just got a tiny crack (similar to the one you fixed). My question is, do you know if it's better to fix it yourself or to put a claim through your insurance?

  26. Windshields are not tempered. Or they would break into a thousand pieces. It's a layer of glass with a layer of laminate in between in a second layer of glass.

  27. Good day to you sir. My question is is it possible to fix a chipped windscreen which has been previously repaired, but the repair was botched. Thank you, and great channel you have here.

  28. Knock windshield out. and replace with hardwares store acrylic sheet, plastic wrappings for the food and the duct tape. We do this many of times in Kazakhstan and it work no problem. Remember keep car out from the rains after fix

  29. Knock windshield out. Replace with hardwares store acrylic sheet, plastic wrappings for the food and the duct tape. We do this many of times in Kazakhstan and it work no problem. Remember keep car out from the rains after fix

  30. I got the Permatex kit for half the price of the other kit. Gonna put my own larger piece of double sided tape on and have a go.

  31. My windshield has a chip and 3 cracks coming from the chip. They are about 2 inches long. Do I need to drill the ends of each crack and fill them with resin too?

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