How to get a GVM Upgrade with your current Lift Kit!

hey guys and welcome to Shoey’s Adventures, today we’re going to do a GVM rundown video on how it is I got my vehicle gvm upgraded with the suspension I had chosen two years ago and what processes we had to go through and who I had to talk to you to make it happen, this process may not suit everybody because you do need to have upgraded not just a lift but upgraded springs and shock absorbers to get the gvm upgraded you’re not going to do it with standard suspension in your vehicle it’s just not going to happen so if you’ve upgraded your springs and shock absorbers to a quality set of springs and shocks in all likelihood you can probably get your car GVM upgraded with that, to which extent of upgrade you can get I can’t tell you that, an engineer will have to do the work on your car with the Prado you can go up to a maximum of three and a half ton that is if you get the complete lovells kit, we didn’t have the lovells kit I’ve got the lovells Springs the same as that kit but my shocks are better than those I’ve got the Koni HT raid 90 series shocks I did not want the lovells shocks I wanted something that would last for a long duration on corrugated roads because we had planned to do the kimberley trip at the time so that’s why I went for the Koni’s because there are really good twin tube shock absorber without having a remote res probably the best on the market without a remote res 70 millimeter bore they’re extremely good they last for a long time (on corriguations) I’ve never had a fade or anything they’re really very good but first a disclaimer, this is only a GVM upgrade not a GCM upgrade currently in Western Australia you are not allowed to do a GCM upgrade after registration so if you want to do a GVM and GCM upgrade you’re going to need to buy a new vehicle and get it done prior to delivery and that sucks if you’ve already got a suspension kit in your car and you were hoping to get a GCM upgrade so sorry to let you down but you won’t be getting a GCM upgrade at the current time in Western Australia legislation’s always subject to change but currently it’s not going to happen so this guide is only going to run you through how to do a GVM upgrade on your vehicle not necessarily Prado it could be any vehicle provided it can be engineered so step one you’re gonna want to contact the engineer I used a guy called Vlad he works for a company called wheelcon he’s a sole trader if you wish he does all his own work he will come to you so contact the engineer I’m going to put links in the description for all of the things I’m going to be mentioning and there’s a couple of things that you’re going to want to check out so contact the engineer have a chat and see what it is you want to achieve so if you want to try to achieve a 10% upgrade from three ton to three point three ton that’s probably doable but have a chat to the engineer see what he recommends the list of engineers is going to be down below in the description step number two so you’ve called the engineer you’re having a chat about your expectations and know your limits so don’t try to get more than what is possible your car has limits basically your front axle and your rear axle have load limits and generally speaking you can’t go over that but lovells have done a significant amount of testing with the Prado 150 and they’ve engineered to three and a half ton so the rear axle is really quite more capable than than the Toyota load limit allows so because lovells did the engineering work to test the axle strength we can go up to a maximum permissible three and a half ton however I didn’t get that I got 3.4 whether that’s just the engineer being safe because I’ve got the same springs and better shock absorbers is my guess so look 3.4 ton gave me an extra 410 kilograms of weight carrying capacity which is going to be sufficient for my needs so check out the our VCS link in description to see if your vehicles in there and if it already has a pre-approved gvm upgrade because in all likelyhood that is what the engineers going to be looking at that and saying okay your vehicles this and this is what you can go to at maximum they can’t go above that unless you pay for a significant amount of testing and things like that to go through the process yourself it’s not obtainable for every man if you’re looking at going to stupid numbers you’re going to be spending more than your cars worth to do it so buy different car alright step number three you’ve already got the suspension setup installed that you like as did I you’ll need to advise the engineer of the part numbers for all of your components which is your springs and your shocks front and rear you’re going to need to obtain because he won’t do this for you you’re going to need to obtain spring rates shock rebound specifications and potentially a Dyno graph for the shocks some of this information more likely the Dyno graph for the shocks is going to be proprietary information that they will not give you what they will however do if you ask very nicely is that will potentially give it to an engineer so you can’t get your car engineered so I got my suspension installed originally from WA Suspensions so I just hit up WA Suspensions and said hey I need these documents or these specifications because I’m looking getting a GVM upgrade I don’t really want to go the levels kit because a it’s four and a half thousand dollars and be my stuff is already comparable if not better so that’s why I’ve chosen to go down this route they were more than happy to oblige with whatever it was I needed and even sending information directly to the engineer for the purpose of engineering work step number four Vlad’s or your choice of engineers going to come around and inspect your vehicle he’s going to check that all your modifications in relation to what it is you trying to achieve are in compliance so your tire size your lift your offset which then goes into your wheel track are all in compliance with ADR from Vlad’s perspective it was a maximum of 50 millimetres of lift including it tires and your lift kit so be careful if you’ve got big tires and a big lift and you’re over 50 mm you might need to sort that out before you go through the process if your offsets more than 50 millimeters across the track that’s also not allowed if you’re over you’ve got a lot more testing to do and it’s going to cost you a lot more money so be in compliance and it should be okay he also measures the total vehicle height so the RVCS link that is below will have all that information and you can work out what your car is and whether or not you’re going to be compliant that way you don’t end up wasting a lot of time and effort and achieving nothing next Vlad will advise you of any potential non-compliance is with your vehicle so he will measure up all the things and he will tell you whether or not something’s a bit out of spec you will definitely need to rectify these before you go over the inspection because it will just fail when it gets there anyway if you fail you need to rebook it for another day when you are actually compliant so have your car completely in compliance ready for the test and then leave it that way once you’re done with regards to what modifications you can make as far as the tire size is concerned you can choose any tire size in your model variant ie for the Prado you’ve got GX GXL VX Kakadu Altitude you can go the biggest tire size (Height) available in the model variants which is the GXL can’t remember exactly what it measures in it but you can go up to 50 mm bigger than that provided your total lift is still under fifty mm so that’ll provide you with 25 millimeters of clearance under the Dif and then you might have 25 millimetres of lift after you’ve got all the weight in your car it’s likely that it will have sagged a bit step 6 you’re now compliant with ADR and your car is ready to go over the pits the engineer is going to issue you with a certificate and a modification plate the modification plate fix that to your car I put mine on my driver’s side b-pillar as far as I’m concerned if I get pulled over by the heavies they’re gonna be asking me where’s your mode plate where’s your permits so that way I can open the door I go well there’s my mod plate it’s just there have a look at it it’s all good you will always need to keep your certification in the car at all times maybe laminate you cert if you want to I guess and just keep it in your glove box all right so the next parts for WA Perth only completely up to you who you take your car to but for me I went to the Robson brothers I’ve got them to facilitate the inspection and the weighing of the vehicle what happens when they way you vehicle which they will update the tare unladen weight of your vehicle so if you’ve got some stuff in your car that let’s call it load so tools fridge things like that that you don’t really need to have in your car take all that stuff out because in all likelihood if you’re doing this you’ve probably got bullbar bash plates Rock sliders things like that that you’re gonna leave on the car anyway and that’s all gonna add to your tare weight so just be aware of that because when your tare weight goes up so does your registration so it’s in your interest to be compliant and as light as you can be for this process so I took mine to the Rob’s and brothers in Welshpool they helped me take the car through the entire process they have an inspection service that they use that effectively he specializes in 4X4 so prepared though you I hit up the Rob’s and brothers link in description they’ll help you out if you don’t want to use the Robson Brothers you’re going to need to use a registered inspection agent I’m going to put a link in the description for that basically the transport department has a list of inspectors that they will allow you to use you could use any one you like step number nine this is optional I just wanted to check that everything had been completed 100% so I went to the Department of Transport in Cannington sat down for about an hour and waited talked to the lady behind the counter that my car was in fact GVM upgraded she couldn’t tell me she doesn’t know this information well she could tell me was that my vehicle was now a five-seater and that it had a new ter way of 2.64 ton so my car went up 305 kilos from factory without my tools and things in the back so like I said bear in mind everything you put in your car it’s extra weight and it goes on your tare weight which goes on your registration so just keep it all in mind additional information the reason we registered the car is a five-seater was actually because I have the RV Solutions drawers in the back and when you do that you’ve got to remove the rear seats to do that when you remove the rear seats you need to do a mod permit or in my case it’s on the mod plate to register the car as a five-seater because for some reason the police think you put two more people in the back where you order obviously that’s not happening but so in order to avoid a yellow sticker get your car registered as a five-seater if you’ve taken out your rear drawers also you’re going to need to tuck away your seat belts minor inside the pillars of the back I didn’t cut them I was going to but I didn’t need to tuck them in zip tied them up they’re gonna stay there into until I sell the car if someone else wants to put it back as a 7 seater thats up to them I’ve got the seats stored way somewhere and that’s entirely up to them if they want to do that also a link in description for the tire size comparison website to make sure that you don’t choose size that are in excess of 50 millimeters of your standard size so after all that several days effort conversing with the engineer having the engineer do an inspection getting the engineer to come back to supply the plate and certification going over the pits getting it weighed if you’ve got a bit of time off it’s probably best to take a bit of time off to get this process done because it does take time getting the engineer to inspect was easy enough obviously but you do need to have time to get everything done he needs time to do his engineering and he also needs to issue with the permit and everything else that you need all up it was under a thousand dollars to get this done and my cars now compliant for three point four ton GVM so if you’ve got a suspension set up in your car that you like and it works well for you I recommend you go down this process and get it done because it’s worth it all right guys thanks for watching and I’ll see ya out there!

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5 thoughts on “How to get a GVM Upgrade with your current Lift Kit!

  1. Damn you shoey I just discovered your channel i subbed and now I gotta binge watch all your videos. There goes my whole week lol

  2. Thanks for the info on the video Shoey. I thought this was a much more expensive process. The guy who upgraded the ATM on my camper said that it would cost upwards of $10K to run through all the testing to upgrade the car.

    I have a 2018 Isuzu MU-X and need a GVM upgrade. Unfortunately I'm new to all this and only discovered we needed the upgrade after we had already forked out for a suspension upgrade. If I'd known then what I know now we could have invested in the Pedders GVM upgrade which is the only certified, commercially available upgrade for the MU-X. Now, post registration, the upgrade will cost around $4K on top of what I already paid for my RidePro suspension upgrade.

    Do you, or anyone watching this channel, know if there are engineers in Victoria who could inspect the suspension on my MU-X with a view to upgrading the GVM?

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