How to repair a Crease Line Tutorial

I will show you how to reattach the crease line. This is the pants that I just bought from the bag last time. This is attached a crease line. The bottom part is solid, but the top part has thinned the line. Some things purchased at the shop were firmly attached a crease line from the beginning, others are unfortunately not so. Because it is a design with a crease line so much, I would like to firmly repair lines. There is a tuck at the front. This time I will introduce the crease line method how to connect the line to tuck. I think that it will be cool. It is behind. Also on the back side there is a crease line same as the front. On the right side there are lines to some extent, but the left side has almost disappeared. I will re-line this symmetrically. First of all I will remove the whole coarse wrinkle. Get rid of wrinkles quickly with steam only. Actually I would like to attach a crease line to here, but now it is OK even if I remove wrinkles. I will attach lines later. Next is the bottom part. The rest will be work on the ironing board. First of all, I make a habit on the tuck part a little more strongly by ironing. I need an ironing board. When doing with such an ironing board. I need to make a habit on a tuck part so I would like to place it on an ironing board like this. This ironing board is a bit big against the pants. In such a case please open the zipper. From the left foot side with the fastener open. Pinch the crease line line and connect it with the tuck like this. It is just good to put a line at this position. I hold this position with my fingers and lightly iron it. As it is in a state containing steam, let it be with my fingers while drying. It is the other side. This is the completion of the habit of tuck. Next I firmly attach a crease line on the ironing board. I prepared a table type ironing board with no feet. If you attach a crease line this is easier to do. First, adjust the front tucks together. Then pinch the back side, make a state with the waist stretched and place it on the ironing board as it is. Fold one side like this. Make this state. Usually iron the middle part and then attach the crease line. Since crease line is already attached this time, I do not iron in the middle part this time. Firstly from the hem. Combining the seams in the middle together fits the position of the crease line. Repair a crease line again from here. It is a pant with lining. In the case of lined clothing, although ironing together essentially, it is somewhat difficult. Avoid lining this time. I only iron main fabric. Iron from the bottom side. Because the fabric is overlapped at the hem part, if you iron directly, there is a trace of iron. It will definitely have traces with this fabric. I truly iron like this with such a patch cloth. Because using a patch cloth makes it difficult to see, this time iron without the one on purpose. Usually, please use the patch properly. Since the steam does not escape from this table type, please dry it gently with a steamless iron after steaming out. Otherwise it will not have a solid crease line. Ironed to here, so afterwards is the upper part of the rest. The back side is ironed, and the inseam part becomes an important marker. Decide the position where the line from this crotch portion is drawn vertically toward the crease line as the stop position. Because the crease line needs to be symmetrical. Of course, although the height of the stop position can be changed freely, a crease line can be most symmetrical left and right by this method. I iron this way this time. Iron it with holding my fingers stop position tightly. Next is the front side. Avoid lining as before. I will iron this range. Next is the upper part. This upper part is actually a bit difficult. I first attached the habit on the tuck to this part. The crease line is easy to distort if you iron it to this position as it is. I therefore iron it down to about 5 cm from this position. Only this part has not been ironed yet. I’ll do the other side while leaving this part. It seems that the hem of this side has been attached with the crease line at the wrong position. It is a wrong position, but this time I will iron it in this position. Avoid the lining. I ironed both feet parts with this.
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The remaining part is the front part which is not ironed. Pinch the part of the tuck and the crease line part at the top with your fingers and place it directly on the ironing board. Please adjust the part which is not ironed straight and press firmly with the iron. It looks like this. It is the other side. Now the lines are connected. It was finished like this. At the beginning, the line was thin, but if fix the line firmly like this, the crease line become beautiful. It is behind. Although the crease line was attached firmly only to the right foot in the past, I was able to repair correct lines symmetrically exactly with the same height. If you are wearing pants for a while, I think that the crease line will gradually become thinner. By regularly ironing in this way, you can always maintain a beautiful crease line. Please try it.

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