How to Repair and Fix Broken Rod Tip | Kaalaman sa Pag Ayos ng Baling Rod Tip | Simple and Easy

Whats up guys Sharing to you how to repair a broken rod tip, just in case you break your rod tip accidentally I’m going to show you how to fix it for those who don’t know how to do it this video is for you let say this is the broken rod tip how you gonna remove this tip? just in case you can still re-use it actually you can still use it if the tip is not broken to remove it you need to use a lighter and warm the tip up ok once it’s hot you can easily pull out the tip just take care because it’s hot it’s very easy and simple to remove the tip ok now you need to cut the rod tip tip fix the new one tip hole now is smaller compare to the rod end part If you can buy rod tip with same diameter of the rod end on your local tackle shop because there’s a lot of rod tip sizes to choose from just bring the sample your rod tip as basis lets say we are going to use the old tip and the ring guide on perfect condition once we remove it, our next step is to fix the tip on the rod end now we need to cut small part of the broken end to cut it you need to use either sharp knife of a copping saw i will show it to you how to cut it with a copping saw will cut small part of the tip cut slowly while rotating the rod to make an even cut here it is after cutting ok so next step to make the end smooth by sanding paper im using no.150 sanding paper its more fine to clean the rough edges then try the rod tip if will fit exactly with the rod end so far it fits well now how to fix it don’t ever use super glue why, because it will fix permanently means even you light it with a lighter you cannot remove it what will happen the rod gonna burn and be damage fibers will stuck inside the rod tip ok now how to fix it on the right way and then again in case you accidentally break your rod tip you can easily remove it again by using a lighter but its very secure and durable materials to be used and available in the market glue stick (used in glue gun) this is what were gonna use as adhesive ok let me show you how to do it ok ok guys this will be the rod to be repaired its my old telescopic rod we will heat up the glue stick and then put small amount over the rod end lets do it heat it up to become sticky put small amount over the tip there it is guys now it will be tighter with the glue stick right because of the glue stick now lets heat up the rod tip just be careful it will be hot lets heat up lets heat up first the glue stick on the rod and then next re-heat the rod tip then insert quickly while still warm (glue should be sticky) after inserting the rod tip remove the excess glue stick then wait to cool it down to cure you that the glue stick once it cool down it become semi hard again lets wait to cool down you can also dip little water to cool down but if your not in the hurry just wait for a minute to lower the temperature of the rod tip more better to cure it that way once cured the tip is secured to the rod this procedure you can use it in your telescopic rod or 1 pc rod or 2 pc rod all are the same procedure how to repair the tip always remember don’t use super glue because it will totally fix to your rod next time once you break your rod tip again you cannot re-use your rod tip again you cant melt the resin anymore (super glue) it will only burn the rod you can now change your rod tip guys rod tip is available on you local tackle store in case your rod tip ceramic is broken need to replace with same procedure just bring the sample with you before going to tackle store look for the right replacement size even you find a smaller tip its ok you can still reduce the diameter of your rod end by using a sanding paper ok guys just hold on for a while im going to show you one more rod tip repair its a broken rod tip of ultralight rod same procedure too. you can see it broken actually guys I’m also going to re-use the old rod tip I already remove and clean it the rod tip is very very small I also warm the metal part with lighter for me to remove the broken rod inside the tip I remove the fiber by using a small needle so I can totally remove whats inside I already cut and fix the right diameter of the rod there make sure to align the rod tip with the other ring guide this is more delicate to repair because of smaller parts but still same procedure

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  1. sir, paano po un kung maglalapit sila ng konti nung isang ring? ok parin po ba un kahit na mejo malapit ung ring tip sa second ring?

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