How To Repair Subwoofer with no Sound (T Series) – होम थिएटर को किस तरह ठीक करें

Hello Friends You are Welcome at Electric Point I am your friend Shahbaz Malik Today In this video I will show you to repair T Series home theatre We have already made videos about Creative and Intext Home Theatre You can click above to watch the videos This T series Home Theathere is not recognising pen drive Now we will repair that error in this video Filter capacitors filter the AC current and allowed to pass only AC current IC 4558 is a pre amplifier IC that filter and increases your BASS if your Home Theathere BASS in not good, just check this IC three IC 2030 placed below motherboard which amplyfy the sound of speaker and woofer these three components are very vulnerable to damage in any Home Theathere but in this video I will show your to repair its “USB” problem we have recemtly changed IC 7805 in place of transistor 8055 this transistor control the function of USB both of these transistor n IC are indentical and works the same this IC works good when compared to transistor Friends in this video I have clerify all the main concepts of Home Theathere we have clearify all the vulnerable component in motherboard If you have any other problem please comment below please subscribe the channel if you want to connect with us Electric Point

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