How to Repair Walls – Sherwin-Williams

[music playing] Nail holes here, cracks and crevices there,
loose paint everywhere. Before you paint your walls, there
are a few things you need to do to properly prepare
the surface, so that it’s clean smooth and dry. which will help ensure
great-looking long-lasting results. So, putty knives up;
let’s get to it. For previously painted surfaces, you want to begin by scraping off
any loose or flaking paint and then smooth it out with
a fine grit sanding sponge. Fill any small holes and cracks with
a spackling or patching compound. A flexible putty knife
is best for working that in. Just swipe on and gently remove as much
excess as you can right away. That will make your job a lot easier
when it comes to sanding. Give the spackle a few hours to dry and then smooth it out
with a fine grit sanding sponge. Now for those larger holes or dents that date back
to that fraternity reunion party, you’re going to need some
self-adhesive fiber glass mesh tape stretched across
the area you’re repairing. Using your flexible putty knife push
some compound into the mesh which helps it to bond better. Again, gently remove
as much excess as possible. Allow your compound
to dry overnight, then smooth the surface with a fine grit sandpaper
or sanding sponge. it’s probably best to lay down
a drop cloth to catch this waterfall of compound dust. At this point, you may need
to add a second coat of compound to create a perfectly
smooth surface. Just repeat the same steps. For glossy surfaces like your trim, lightly sand to dull finish. This will help your new coat
of paint to adhere better. And last thing: wipe the surface clean with
an ever so slightly damp cloth. If these walls
could talk, they’d say, “We are now fully prepared
for a fresh coat primer and paint. Sherwin-Williams, if you please?” And speaking of Sherwin-Williams,
if you still have questions ask the experts at your
neighborhood Sherwin Williams store. Unlike these walls,
they can talk, very clearly.

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5 thoughts on “How to Repair Walls – Sherwin-Williams

  1. Nice video. I am still new to the DIY scene and I just want to know if adhesive mesh can be also be used on small cracks on smoothened, interior concrete walls prior to repainting? I would appreciate it very much if you could enlighten me on this matter. Thank you.

  2. Ho can anybody tell me what I need to use to prepare a slightly textured wall for successful application of mosaic wall stickers as a kitchen backsplash.
    Any hints will be greatly appreciated!!

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