How to repair your Kalimba – How to plug the Tines (Description below)

A few moments ago, a member (in Kalimba Group) asked how to plug the key to the Kalimba Here I will plug it right now First, just put the key through the hole. Then you will need a tool like a flat-head screwdriver. This tool here, I took it from my watch strap spring remover. You can take anything you want. Then put it between the iron key and the wooden stick. You need to push the key a little bit higher. The tool you use be tough enough to do this. (don’t use a toothpick). Then you use the hammer (that include with the Kalimba set) hit the key till it on the position. When you hit the key, use your hand to hold the kalimba, if not, it will spring. Keep hitting till you can release your left hand. There, just simple be like that. It is done Now you can use your app to tune it. GLHF

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9 thoughts on “How to repair your Kalimba – How to plug the Tines (Description below)

  1. Hello friend I like your this video and I request you to upload the kalimba 17keys installation process also, please make a video on how to install 17keys on kalimba.. waiting for your good answer

  2. You made it look so easy, i also realised your key is alil bend, mine is completely straight and unable to lift it using the screw as it just pops back out instead of going forward…

  3. My kalimba has this annoying vibration or echo everytime I pluck a tine. What can I do to bring it back to normal, Sir?

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