How To Repair Your Own Credit – DIY Credit Repair – How To

hi I’m Joe Chavarria president of the
credit agents and purpose of this video is I want to go ahead and give away the
secrets and how to repair your own credit report so let’s begin so the
first step to improving your own credit report is of course having the
information in front of you and no better way to knowing what’s on your
credit report other than pulling your own credit report now there are a couple
of places where you can go to get your free copy of your credit report the
government mandated site is called annual credit and you can get
a free copy of your credit report once per year per bureau from TransUnion
Experian or Equifax now you’re not going to get your credit scores but you will
get the information that is reporting to your credit report if you would like to
get your credit scores the website that we would recommend you get all three
reports and scores in one is called all three scores com that’s a ll the number
three scores com so in step one you’re gonna want to get the information on how
to pull your own credit report step two once you have the information in front
of you you’re gonna want to go through your entire credit report and inspect it
for inaccurate misleading or any information that’s outdated meaning it’s
seven years or older and it should not be reported on your credit board anymore
look at collection accounts look at charged off accounts look at open credit
cards that you may have and look at the credit limit to verify that they’re
reporting correct information also don’t forget to look at the personal
information on your credit report which is typically the first information you
see when you first get your credit port make sure your name is put correctly
make sure the address history make sure that the address history is correct make
sure your date of birth make sure all that information is accurate because you
want to of course all the information going to the right credit file and you
don’t want anybody else who has a similar name as you to any of their
information end up on your credit report so make sure your credit report is a
hundred percent accurate 100% all these accounts are verified that they belong
to you of course and these items are being a hundred
percent reported within the seven year statute of limitation now if you notice
you have errors any mistakes or any inaccurate information in your credit
report with step three is to actually go ahead and dispute those accounts with
the credit reporting bureaus now the best way to do that is to simply write
them it doesn’t have to be pretty doesn’t
have to be fancy but make sure you have their correct address and usually on the
credit report their address information will be somewhere on that report send
them a letter and put the items that are on there that don’t belong to you or
basically are inaccurate or questionable and just let the credit bureaus know
dear credit bureau I’m so-and-so make sure all your information is on there
these accounts are on my credit report I don’t agree with with what this
information doesn’t belong to me this account is inaccurate whatever your case
may be send that in writing to the credit bureaus and then at this point
step four is just a waiting game once the credit reporting bureaus receive
your dispute letter they have 30 days to investigate the accounts that you
disputed when they investigate these accounts they’re contacting or supposed
to be contacting the items that were or on the the letter you sent over whether
it’s a debt collector an original creditor a courthouse whoever it may be
they’re supposed to contact those companies and basically forward them the
dispute that you sent in and have them respond back to the bureau if there’s no
response or if the information comes back as I’m verifiable then by law they
are required to remove that account from your credit report and of course mail
you the results of the investigations any time you get an account removed from
your credit report and that is good for your credit score because your credit
score was once hindered by that negative account that was on your credit report
now it is no longer hindered by that item because it no longer is there once
the item is removed it’s permanently gone it cannot come back on your credit
report unless the credit report credit bureaus notify you in writing which
doesn’t rarely happen but it can’t happen but we haven’t seen it in eight
years of being a business and doing credit pay ourselves you send a letter
to the credit bureaus you’re waiting from the respond back
the final fifth and final step is basically repeat that process for any
items that came back verifiable belonging to you and continue to be
persistent and follow up with the credit bureaus if the investigation came back
they verify the account is accurate and you know for a fact that that item is
not accurate it didn’t belong to you follow up with the bureau’s again send
them another letter they’ll have another 30 days to respond back to you but stay
on top of them stay persistent I hope this information was helpful if you are
interested in started and repairing your own credit if
you go to our website if you go to credit agency comm forward slash free
kit there is a free kit for you to download to kind of get a couple of
letters a couple of samples a couple of good tippet information in there to help
you start the process of repairing your own credit gladly we’re happy to to
still assist you if you have more questions if you’d like to schedule a
free consultation we’ll do that for for you as well but go and get your free kit
get started try to repair your credit on your own we’re here for you if you need
some additional help again that website credit agents comm forward slash free
kit thank you

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