How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone To Windows Phone 10

hey guy, this is latest Windows Phone 10 on my hand and after you finished watching, you will get this. You can follow my instruction and upgrade your Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 Phone to the latest Windows Phone 10. So watch the tutorial. Make your phone to Windows 10. Hai Youtube welcome back to geeks tutorial and ,today
i will show you how to upgrade your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Technical Preview. Ok, for that
you need to connect Wifi on your Windows 8.1 device or 8. and you need to go to Store. Before that, i will show you the version of this current OS. Yeah, here is it, about. I found
it. Ok, you can see here. About phone information. Name: Windows Phone, model: Nokia lumia 525, Software: windows phone
8.1, thats it, it is Windows 8.1. If you have a Widnows 8, i mean Windows phone 8 you don’t
worry, you can upgare it directly to Windows 10. no need to upgrade windows to 8.1 first
then upgrade to windows 10. you can directly upgrade to windows 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10. So lets start.
Connect you phone to Wifi or Mobile data then. Click the search icon on the store then search
for Windows Insider. Windows insider here we go. It is the Official App from Windows . You
can download it on the link below in the description or you can directly download it on my website, or you can visit my other website, . So
anyway it’s fine you can just download it from your app store. Windows insider or checkout
the link below to directly download . Ok you just click windows insider. after that you
can see this. The Windows insider application provides registered insiders the ability to
receive pre-release OS update on there phones direct. That’s what we are talking about.
directly form Microsoft for more information about registering and becoming a Windows Insider,
visit You can visit that to if nesesory. You Just Click install
, lets take it simple!. It’s Just 1 MB. You can see the app installed. So now let’s View
the app. Ok, then click the, Get preview build. it is really simple. You just follow my instruction. Ok, we have two options, Insider slow, Insider fast. I will explain you, what is the different
between Insider slow and Insider fast. First i will read you insider slow, Windows
10 Technical Preview for phone. You will get pre-release build for Windows 10 but you will
get them a little after inside who install to receive fast updates, This could mean that more
solution are available for issues. That’s insider Slow. You will get the pre-release
a kind of slow. Becouse the fasters get it first and they test it. and they fix the bugs,
then you will get the OS updates. and the second version, insider fast. I mean second
option insider fast. Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. You will get pre-release.
Updates, i mean build for Windows 10 ahead of every one else. This means you will see,
new things sooner, but there may be fewer solution available for issue. You will get
the upgrade, i mean updates fast. But it has the bugs, before they release the OS. i mean
they release the technical preview updates, one by one and you will get that faster. and
without fixing bugs. Most of the bugs. I will suggest you, no i don’t have a recommendation.
that’s your choice, you decide. Ok, let’s go for fast insider. Then Click, then click
the arrow and next. Then they are asking for conform. You are installing experimental and early
pre-release software & service which might not be fully tested. That is the technical preview, you
know that. you may void your warranty, check with your device service provider. You may
lose your warranty. Ok, keep that in mind. not intended as a substitute for your primary needs of
telecommunication. In some circumstances you may not be able to place calls including calls for emergency service. There may be some risk. It may damage your device, causing it to stop working permanently.
That’s a chance. Shit!!. You may experience increase data charges. You might experience
crashes security vulnerability, or data lose. That means bugs… People i’m talking to you
seriously. This is a serious decision about your device. anyway i installed windows 10,
before and it has some bugs, some opening problems, if you open the phone to app, it
will crushes some times there is lot’s of bugs. Or if you are curious about Windows
10 absolutely i will suggest you to do this. i mean , not suggest you to, that’s up to
you. Ok i’m sorry for that. Then you can simply click. accept if you wanna upgrade your windows
8.1 or 8 phone. you can simply reject it by click here, no probes. So this video is about
how to upgrade. So i need to continue. Accept. So your phone is ready to get update from
following previous version insider. you will get pre-release build for ahead of everyone
else. This means you will see new things sooner but they may be fewer solution, available
for … It is ok, lets click yes, i mean that tick. Ok. Then let’s go to, Ho my battery is low,
i need to charge it. Let’s plug it then do it. It is connected. it is charging now let’s
go to updates. I need to tell you something. Before that, i already done that. I mean windows
phone 10 Upgrade on my other phones. i’m… For the testing reasons and for study’s
and this is my second attempt, and first attempt is a success, and….. i’m no longer to register
on windows phone insider app, that’s step i missed. but that is very simple, if you
are after click get preview builds, it will redirect you to register and sign in with
your email id, your Microsoft email id. Then that will redirect you to the other page first
and slow. ok that’s pretty simple. I already sign in with that, so that’s make simple,
you can do it. Ok, Now lets go to the settings, up here. Shit!!. Ok, then go for find phone .. no..
no .. no.. no. let’s go for updates. Phone updates. Check for updates. It’s checking
for updates. It’s installing. Guys the installation is get ready to install. and it’s turn the
screen to, your updated is ready to be installed. It won’t be able to use your phone while,
the update. installing should take up to, take 5 to 10 minutes, but it could take longer.
windows phone 8.1 this update can help, make your phone work even better. You , ok we just
install this update by clicking install. I mean pressing install. it’s restarting your
phone. It’s restarting. It show the logo. it is still windows 8, we need to do something. we are getting there. I will be… Migrating your data step 2 of 21. I need to connect
it to the charging slot, because the battery is getting low. Ok now let’s unlock it. Update
successfully. There’s one more step to get your phone ready to update to Windows 10 Technical
Preview for Phones. We’ll handle this for you if you leave your phone plugged into Ac
Power and we’ll notify you when the update is ready. If you ‘d like to start the process
now. Simply launch the Windows insider app then select your preview build again. This
will reboot your phone and initiate the update to WIndows 10 Technical Preview. There we
go. That is the next step. and you need to go to insider app. windows insider then, they will instruct us to, click the get preview build. Upgrade you phone to Windows 10. That’s
what they are saying. Select insider fast. click go, and click accept. It is configuring
your device. Ok, then click ok. It’s Rebooting your device. Leave your Phone pluged in it
will automatically update it for you. It is now 9% completed. stay connected. The final
Update is about 61% and it’s keep going. Now it’s take.. one hour to complete this 61%.
Its depend on your network speed. It is 99%, 100% complete now it’s preparing to install. Guys at last we completed the downloading process and now let’s install Windows 10. Just click install. It is restarting. It’s completely done. Now let’s look. Ok Now it’s
Windows 10. You can see here it is windows 10. And i will.. You can expend the menu. Just a minute. Now i will show you the version. You can see the menu, it’s different. let’s go to system. and you can see about. Yes, Software Windows 10 Mobile Insider. So it’s Windows 10, not
Technical Preview. So all new latest Windows 10. So let me change something. The..
let’s add a wallpaper to it. Ok now look, it is fully customized. Now it’s looking more pretty. So, Do it this way follow my instruction. If you wanna watch more videos Subscribe to
my channel. If you like my video give me thumbs up. Share my video, thank you for watching
good bye.

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