Hurricane Dorian upgraded to Category 3 storm

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100 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian upgraded to Category 3 storm

  1. All the talk of this hurricane and the preparation on buildings and food Supplys, yet no mention of the help for the homeless and the needy that are facing this crisis…

  2. Hurricane Michael still has the cake for the storm of a generation a few miles off from being a category five..?.. go look at Mexico beach Florida

  3. Fear not, fair Florideans. Our illustrious president is this very minute arranging for federal funding should his beloved Marapoodle be damaged.

  4. Imagine Dorian blew trump's roach infested dump away as a sign from God for blasphemy (I'm the chosen one) his supporters probably go "Nah!"

  5. There is no energy in the Atlantic. The Saharran sands shouldnt give this any substantial Cat anything…..Hmmmm…..This is a distraction……going to go up the coast. Florida will be fine…but just in case…please take all your plastic off your dock so it doesnt float into the already polluted ocean. Empty your trash and store in the garage . PLEASE!!!!!

  6. Johnny Blaster will jerk off to this hurricane and scream is that all u got MTF!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈

  7. Everyone in Miami right now πŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸ‘‹ every rest of Florida πŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸ‘‹πŸ˜€πŸ‘‹πŸ˜―πŸ‘‹

  8. Is that all you got MTF?!!!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  9. i thought ahead as best all be prepared so much as i am wise thinking to mind the warning signs
    as i got my boots and rian coat on and now sitting down at the beach in Florida
    well anchored to by to a chair with a case of beers BRING IT ON CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Dorian downgraded to category 3 storm? You know the sick, sick dems are disapointed.Bad news for President Trump and our country, is good news to them. SICK!!!

  12. Jacksonville area?…or more northern. Deeper water, overlay.. better at 1:38, nice! Would you not pull the vacuum at Cat 2 middle (dual stage ignition) intake to escape, drone Pilot run/next round. May want to test Cat 1 at hot dud {collapse} {flying down hot to swiftly heat cold air vacuum lift/via recycled boosters/useful colateral (gain/loss). Counter spin timing is gonna be very technical to hold center, until light/space pinlined guide.

  13. Trump followers claim trump is the CHOSEN ONE so why the hell are they panicking …just call out trump to go to Florida to calm the seas and walk on water !!!

  14. For all my brothers and sisters who live in florida i wish everyone the best of luck and try to stay safeπŸ’œπŸ’― i live in orlando :/

  15. Apocalyptic weather & heavenly signs are gathering with never before seen natural phenomenon setting records & pointing to apocalyptic disasters of the Last Days Biblical prophecies.

  16. Such an intense storm. – a time for prayer. "Armed with the power of they name, nothing can ever hurt me. And with thy love in my heart all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me." ~ Baha'i Faith

  17. I am praying for God to rain πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜‡ πŸ™ down his awesome power,mercy protection for Florida, not A one to perish, Jesus with them!! Hes Everpresent help in times of trouble, call on him, he loves his children equally and unconditionally ❀️ πŸ™πŸ™Œ.8/31/19.

  18. Funny how Fox & Trump believe scientists some times (hurricane warnings) but ignore them other times (the climate crisis). It’s the SAME scientists doing the calculations, guys!! Based on the SAME science!

  19. It will slow down when it gets closer to landfall. Anybody that swim in the Atlantic Ocean and I have my whole life knows that there is a very cold belt of water. The media is doing nothing but causing Hysteria. I'm in the path or projected cone. Live right on the coast I won't be evacuating and I haven't bought any bottled water LOL I have a generator and a bathtub. I'm sure the local retailers thank all your hysteria though they've made a fortune. My word to all Yankees who live in Florida it's awful down here we have devil storms go back home😁

  20. I hope Hurricane Dorian slams directly into Mar A Largo and then makes its way up the east coast and slam directly into the White House

  21. Watch Disney's 1959 science factual film, Eyes in Outer Space.
    I guess all of the Taxpayer dollars spent on this amazing Weather Manipulation technology was a waste.
    Pay special attention to the opening credits. Why was Disney working with the United States Army,Navy, Air Force and the u.s. department of Development and Research???

  22. Oh, my God! So it's real! I was right, well we'll see if it touch the coasts of the USA – hope for you to not! I dreamed about that on 26th August. I didn't see dead people. I saw "mind-blowing" wind, grey stormy clouds, a man was taken by the wind's force in the sky (he was with bicycle or was a motor – was at distance), I saw also a lot of rain (between rain and hail), hitting windows frames by the force of the wind, I think I saw also broken glasses. I saw also Afro-American family – man, wife and 2 or 3 children (I think there were 3 – girl, boy and I think there was also another boy). They seemed to be good guys, with good education and the man in good social position I mean I think he has a good job. The man was in black costume, he was wearing glasses and they – the family – were hiding temporarily until the storm goes by. The storm was huge. When I woke up I was left with the sensation that there will be huge storm in the USA or close to the USA. I'm not from USA. I'm too far from you.

  23. If my dream is one from those that turn into reality I suggest you people be aware and prepare, hide and don't go outside! It started as a cloudy stormy day but it became worst suddenly after, I'm not saying that it's the hugest storm ever but it suddenly changed – that's all.

  24. How about planting lists of tree in the west coast of Africa that is where hurricanes form yes plant trees In The sahara

  25. yep, it's a hurricane alright, and yeah, it's going to hit (most likely) somewhere on the east coast (it could decide to turn out or it could just fizzle out, it could ramp up to cat5 and plow into the coast and go inland and wreak havoc like hugo and so many others before and after have done in the past, nobody REALLY knows what it's going to do), and yeah it has the potential to be really bad. Get prepared the best we can, is all we can do. Dramatizing it and scaring the crap out of everyone we shouldn't do, be smart ok?

  26. By Living in the US for 20 years now. I have lived in 3 different states and have had vacations in 15 states . One day I was planning on moving to hot weather state like California, Texas, Arizona. Florida etc.. but I have realized that there's no way in the world you can escape from the mother nature's bad weather . Its either SNOW or HURRICANES. And yes. I prefer snow. No Thank you , I'm good here in Indiana.

  27. Live on a volcano, expect lava. Live in the forest, expect forest fires. Live in flood zones, expect floods. Live in the Rockies, expect rock falls. Live on the coast, expect hurricanes, tsunamis. WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND??????

  28. So glad it missed Mara Lago. If it does hit there Trump should use our taxes to rebuild Mara Lago as capitol of America

  29. This information is not correct. Go to the National Hurricane Center or The Real BPEarthwatch You Tube Channel. But THIS IS NOT correct winds etc. Fake News….

  30. Friends amerikantsy, it's flowers, in may, I wrote the problem dramatically will be the year of the horse. How can anyone drive my dog all the truth-telling teeth I understand it, come see and podpisani.

  31. 01.09.2019 | 22:00 GMT
    Hurricane Dorian, Category 5, hit the Bahamas on Sunday (1) and could then head to the United States. With winds of 295 km / h, it is the second largest phenomenon of its kind in Atlantic history.

    According to the NHC, the Dorian had become the "most violent hurricane in modern history in northwestern Bahamas." Its director, Jen Graham, said it was "an extremely dangerous situation."

    In terms of wind speed, Dorian ties as the second largest phenomenon of its kind in Atlantic history, alongside hurricanes Gilbert (1988), Wilma (2005) and Labor Day (1935). Hurricane Allen of 1980, with winds of 306 km / h, occupies the first position.

  32. As per orders from the OPM (OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY) user in chief, AKA "the chosen one", Dorian coming back to hit Alabama before it dissipates. It is ALABAMA or BUST.
    So yeah. Let's start setting those WELCOME TO ALABAMA banners for DORIAN'S welcome party. If Dorian doesn't make it to ALABAMA, then ALABAMA has to retirn the FEMA aid Funds already taken.

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