IKEA MALM dresser hack | How to

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Today we’ll cover how to add hardware to an IKEA dresser using a few tools and some math. We’ll take it from a “I got this for my first apartment look, to an “I’m an adult who can buy fancy things look.” So let’s get started! Maybe tone it down a little. So let’s get started. We have these two IKEA dressers that were looking kind of plain. But getting new dressers is expensivvvve so we did the next best thing; upgrading the hardware. For materials, you just need knobs and/or pulls. We like a mix of both. Ours are from amazon and they came with their own screws. For tools you’ll need a drill, the right bit, and a screwdriver. We like having a drill guide to make drilling straight down easier but it’s optional. We ended up also needing bolt cutters, a wrench, and the spare nut to fix the snag we hit along the way, but we’ll get into that later. Before you start, carefully remove everything from your drawers. The next part is really important. Measure the width and height of your drawer front so you can correctly place your hardware. Next measure how far apart the screws need to be for your pulls. Our pulls are six and three-quarter inches wide, but the holes for the screws are only six and one quarter inches apart. Distance between holes. Hahaha. If you subtract that measurement from the drawer width and divide it by 2 that’s the distance you need to measure in from both sides of the drawer. Mark these two points, centered vertically. Double check your marks by holding a pull up to them. The knobs are a lot easier because the spacing between them is really up to you. we thought seven inches in from each side of the drawer looked good. Make marks at these two points, centered vertically. Now that you’ve measured and marked, you can drill holes through your drawer. To choose the right drill bit, hold the screws that came with your hardware up to different sized bits and pick one that’s just a hair bigger than your screw. Our particular hardware came with a short screw and a long screw, but neither worked. We didn’t want to go buy more, so we use this hack instead. Place a nut on the screw that’s too long and use the bolt cutter to trim the screw down to size. The cut damages the threads, but removing the nut over those threads will reshape them. Now everything’s ready just screw the hardware in and reassemble your dresser. Yeah! So for about thirty-five dollars each, we were able to upgrade our dressers without dishing out hundreds on something new. This project doesn’t take much time and requires just a few basic tools, so it’s really great for DIY beginners. Thanks for watching our video y’all! Check out the links below for a more detailed tutorial, and links to all of our sources. And subscribe for more DIY videos! Boop! So you do this to do this to do that and then you’re done, duh.

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66 thoughts on “IKEA MALM dresser hack | How to

  1. Funnily enough, I had this exact same dresser a few years ago before it fell apart on me. Great design and would probably last forever if it was made with hardwood. Your hack sure classes it up, though. Good work.

  2. Saw you all comment on Modern Builds and took a peak. FYI tip – when you are measuring the center to center distance of the pulls it would easier to start at 1" on the tape measure. The tip moves in and out a 32nd" and the angle you had it on will introduce some error too. The carpenters call it "burning a inch" to start at the 1" mark. Looks like you had fun and they do look much better.

  3. how do you guys only have 659 subs? I mean… 660 😉 good luck on youtube, this video was awesome! keep it up!

  4. I'm glad I found this channel.! I have some really nice antique handles and hinges – nabbed before the wrecking ball hit the old southern mansion destroyed by fire – that had soot on them, but cleaned off real easy.
    I've been wanting to put them on my cabinets, but hesitant about how to do it.
    DIY tomorrow. Wish me luck… yikes!

  5. I was just talking to my husband about how we should hack our Malm dressers we've had since before we even met (it's been 7+ years…) and this is exactly what we decided on. Thanks for this easy guide!

  6. Hey guys , just subbed. We have the same 2 dressers on our bedroom. Does that make us friends? I was happy to see a couple making , making videos together. Now we a re best friends (dresser coincident mentioned earlier) don't forget to stop by to my channel .

  7. I love your guy's Chanel and how you love what you're doing. Please don't change anytime soon. I can't wait to see your channel grow!!!!

  8. you guys are too cute… love that you make it fun and not to serious!!  Can't wait to see more videos.  Good luck with your channel

  9. Why does that dresser look familiar? Why does "ikea malm" sound so familiar? FROM THE SIMS 2 IKEA PACK. Yeah I still play the 2

  10. Month ago i was buying a dresser to my first flat and i was thinking about exactly those (my gf have it in her rental apartment) but for me they were more like your first rental apartment/college time dresser and i went with something other…if i only saw that video earlier i would definitly go with those :).

  11. Just binged all your videos, and left a comment on most of em hehe, great work, keep up the good work! Love ya channel ^-^

  12. Heyo! I noticed that you were using Copic Sketches to draw out your design. As an artist, I know that these markers are $7 each! If you like the brush tip, try Blick Studio brush markers, they're a good bit cheaper!

  13. I enjoyed the video (and all of your other videos that I have watched).
    My workaround for being between the two sizes of screws was to countersink the hole on the inside of the drawer with a forsner bit just a little and add a small washer. The bonus is that my clothes don't get snagged on the screw heads inside of the drawer. The downside is that it involves more drilling. I already had the washers.

  14. I love your videos they are truly inspiring hope you guys continue to show us all your crazy and creative ideas best of luck!

  15. Hey there! Did you guys attach this dresser to your wall as suggested on the ikea site? And does your tv wobble at all, when opening & closing the drawers? I'm considering this dresser & would like to avoid the wall mount! Love your vid & hack!!!

  16. you guys are making this unnecessarily complicated, all that maths doesn't need to so complex, just use a ruler ppl, and ull be good to go.

  17. Yeah, I'm creeping on y'alls first video… I did want to suggest another option that doesn't require bolt cutters (even though that is a great hack). Grab another drill bit that is bigger than the head of the screw and drill a hole with a depth that allows the smaller screw to work with the hardware. I did this when building my cabinets for my tiny house! 🙂

  18. Now that I'm actually posting videos to my channel (big ups to you guys for the constant inspiration!) I've been going back to the beginning of my favorite youtubers channels and watching their first videos to see how far they've come. It's crazy how true to yourselves you guys were even from the very beginning. Even the first video on your channel is very much in the same vain as your latest. So awesome, i hope to work with you guys one day.

  19. You seem like a lovely couple.

    Few points to consider:

    1. Is it really a “hack” ?
    2. If you’re going to measure the gauge of a screw to a drill bit put it against end of the bolt to the end of the bit that is grabbed by the chuck
    3. Drill guides are all well and good, though give the nature of the material of each side of draw would be good to use some scrap timber to back it so as to not ruin or make the exit point. Tape can also help.

    For what it is worth I thought the draws looked fine before the handles. Anyways well produced video , keep them up.

  20. I know this was a long time ago, but WHY WERE THEY DRAWING WITH COPIC MARKERS?!?!? Those are alcohol based brush markers that cost $5-10 each! Totally unnecessary

  21. I think It would look better with just one type of door knob, but it still looks awesome!

  22. Well. Ive officially binged all of your videos. 😭 now i guess ill have to watch other peoples videos between your uploads 🙃

  23. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming youtube.com/evanandkatelyngaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast youtube.com/evanandkatelynpodcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too youtube.com/evanandkatelyn2

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  24. there are actually tools to get the spacing right. i prefer to get something to mark the holes to the right spacing then trust my measuring and marking skills.

  25. I'm starting from the beginning and wow! i'm so surprised your editing style is really great in the beginning as well. ya'll are the coolest!

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