Interior Home Renovations: Light Home Remodeling

– When it comes to home renovation, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Mosby Building Arts shows us how it’s all in the details. If you’re not ready to
totally revamp your space but are itching to change things up, Mosby Building Arts senior designer and consultant Jake Spurgeon says to consider a light remodel. – Light remodeling usually consists of updating a space just with some smaller details. – [Narrator] Mosby designers
will often take customers to showrooms so they can
see ideas come to life. – It’s different than looking at a catalog and just looking at a picture, or even something online. – [Narrator] Arnold Stove
and Fireplace Center has options for indoor
and outdoor fireplaces plus so much more. – With Mosby, we’re dealing
with a seasoned team of designers and architects that can actually help fulfill projects to the very end. – [Narrator] The most popular trend is taking a wood-burning fireplace and turning it over to gas. – That’s where the gas
inserts come into play. No tearing out, no knocking down walls. It’s a one-day project. – [Narrator] While you’re
changing up your fireplace, it might be time to revamp your mantel, and Mosby considers every detail. – I recently worked with a client that, she planned to have her Christmas village on the top of the mantel, so we made sure that there was electric up there to plug in her fixtures, for hanging stockings
during the holiday times. – [Narrator] You can also
add built-in bookcases which are great for displaying trinkets and for storage. – [Jake] I always tell clients
the taller, the better. Use the space that you have and maximize what’s available. – [Narrator] Speaking of built-ins, cubbies make everyday items look great. – Even if you don’t have
a traditional mud room or laundry room off the
entrance to your home, we can create one with some cabinetry or furniture pieces and really make that space look great. – [Narrator] If you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking
for in a small remodel, just call Mosby. – They might have some ideas would help them pull it all together, such as the lighting, or bookcases, or even speakers in the
ceiling for their TV or when they entertain. Little things like that can
have a big impact to a space and really make them
love it that much more. – [Narrator] Gosh, their
work is so beautiful. Check them out on Facebook
at Mosby Building Arts. Also online, Go to their website there. Give them a call always at 314-909-1800. – Hi, I’m Mark McClanahan. I’m the president of Mosby Building Arts. Thanks for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, go ahead and click the like button below. If you have any questions, leave those in the comments section and we’ll make sure to
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